Are Jigsaw Blades Universal | Easy Steps And Clear Idea

There are different types of jigsaw blades available in the market. There is a specific type of blade that is called a universal blade or U-shank blade. This does not mean that all jigsaws blades apply to the power tool. The name only describes the type of shank a particular jigsaw uses.

Different kinds of jigsaws accept various types of shanks that are compatible with them. The shank is a part of a jigsaw blade that clamps onto the tool. You are going to learn that are Jigsaw blades universal and their modes of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of jigsaw blades?

Answer: There are two main types of jigsaw blades, which are T shank and U shank blades.

2. What are the best jigsaw blades?

Answer: A T shank type of jigsaw blade that is made of bi-metal material is the best kind of jigsaw blade. The blade can be able to fit into most of the tools and does not wear out quickly.

3. How thick of a board can a jigsaw cut?

Answer: Since most of the jigsaw blades are 4 inches long, the sufficient cutting length of a jigsaw will be 3 inches. A jigsaw will easily cut through a 3-inch thick board.

Types of jigsaw blades And Top 3 Jigsaw Blade List

There many types of jigsaw blades that you can acquire for your tool for it to work efficiently. The most important feature one should look into a jigsaw bladé is the type of shank that is manufactured with. The other element that you should look into is the type of material that the blade has been built with.

Down-stroke jigsaw blade

It is a type of a jigsaw blade that the teeth on the blade point downwards other than upwards so that the jigsaw blade cuts on the down-stroke, not the upstroke.

It is a specialist type of blade to make a range of different types of works that other regular jigsaw wouldn’t. Material such as a laminate worktop uses this particular type of jigsaw blade so that it avoids splintering the work surface. Down-stroke jigsaw blades are also known as Reverse tooth blades.

Another specialist type of jigsaw blade is the plunge cut blade. The plunge cut blades have a sharp tip on the end that allows the blade to pierce a work pieces at the beginning of plunge cutting. This type of blade is used in cutting soft materials.

U-Shank Jigsaw Blades with Hole

It is a type of blade that is made by U shaped cut to the top of their shank. Some of the U shank blades are designed with a hole, just the U shape cutout. It is the first type of shank that was made on a jigsaw blade.

They are also known as a universal jigsaw blade. Other than the U shank type of jigsaw blade, there is the T shank type of blade. These are the most used type of jigsaw blade and are compatible with most of the modern jigsaws.

The T shank blade is designed with a tang on top of the shank, this makes it easy to fit into a tool-less blade of a tool. The T shank is very easy to use and change on the jigsaw, thus making it a popular type of blade.

Blade material

The jigsaw blades are manufacture by four types of metals which are:

  1. High-speed steel

It is a type of steel that is harder and durable compared to a regular kind of steel. They are prone to get damaged by heat. It can cut through plastic and hardwood.

  1. High carbon steel

The blades made by this kind of steel tend to be more flexible; this may lead to them going off course and become dull quicker than other types of blades.

  1. Tungsten carbide

The blades have the most significant heat resistance and more durable than any type of blades. They are used in cutting ceramics

  1. Bi metals

These are types of blades that are made by a combination of both high-speed steel and high carbon steel. It makes the blade to be flexible and more resistant to wear.

Jigsaw Blade Codes

A jigsaw blade can be identified in a different number of ways. One would like to choose a particular type of jigsaw blade to perform a specific function with it. Since there are very many types of jigsaw blades, a code system has been put in place to help the user in selecting blades.

The first method is by identifying the index code on the shank of the jigsaw. A T shank blade code will start with a letter T then a numerical figure to distinguish one from the others while a U shank will have a code that begins with a letter U.

The other code method on jigsaw blades is the type of color they use on the blade. Different manufacturing companies have different color codes to distinguish the blades. These are the most common color codes: The gray color for wood, the color blue for metal, the color white for metal and wood, the color black for unique material such as drywall.


There is no universal jigsaw blade that can be used on all jigsaw tools though the U shank goes by that name. You will have to check on your tool to know the type of blade that it uses.

To differentiate the models, you will have to look at the shape of the shank to know. Other than the shape, it is important also to choose the type that will be long-lasting.

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