Best 6 Inch Angle Grinder in 2022| In depth Reviews With Buying Guide

Cutting, polishing, and sanding metals, tiles, stones have never been easier with the help of a tool that is widely known as an angle grinder or a disc grinder, In search of best 6 inch angle grinder we’ve handpicked this 7 best models currently available in the market.

Angle grinder is a versatile tool, the application of which we frequently observe in construction sites first appeared in 1954, made by a German company named Ackermann + Schmitt. Although the tool was originally invented for abrasive cutting with the use of abrasive cutting discs, the technological development of these tools and the interchangeable power source functionalities have made it possible to use it with a wide range of cutters, thus increasing its versatility.

The tool comes in various sizes, and in the US, the sizes of the angle grinders are 4, 4.5, 6, 7, 9, and 12 inches. Here, we are only going to cover the eight best 6-inch angle grinders hand-picked from the current market and has the most consumer demand.

1. Dewalt 6” DWE43144, Paddle Switch, Angle Grinder

Dewalt is a well-known American worldwide manufacturer of angle grinders. Their reputation in the industry hails from their ability to create sturdy and powerful construction and manufacturing machinery, and it’s no different for their angle grinders either. The Dewalt 6” Paddle Switch Angle Grinder DWE43144 model comes at a moderate price on Amazon.

For the price that it comes at, you are getting a 13-amp motor for more powerful grinding than some of its alternatives on our list. The motor is able to tank that 13-amp power for an indefinite amount of time before it starts

The metal disc spins at a moderate speed of 9000 rpm for a 6″ angle grinder, which is more than enough speed for slicing, through rigid metals, stones, and other materials. For polishing or smoothening metal surfaces you can always use orbital sander instead of a angle grinder.

The tool has an Anti-Rotation E-CLUTCH technology that activates in less than 10 seconds when the tool detects a pinch or a stall and shuts itself down.

The angle grinder also comes with a dust ejection system. Dust and debris can be troublesome when operating a tool like this and especially when they start getting sucked through the air vents into the tool itself. Dewalt’s dust ejection system stops the dust and debris of the materials that are being cut from getting into the tool and prevents damage to the motor from dust.

It has an integrated power loss reset that prevents restarting after an occurrence of power disruption when left “turned on.” Thus ensuring maximum safety of the operator. This feature is otherwise known as kickback brake.

Technical Features of Dewalt 6” DWE43144, Paddle Switch, Angle Grinder

  • Amperage: 13 amp
  • RPM: 9000
  • Weight: Approximately 6.2 pounds
  • Dimension: 13 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Wheel Diameter: 6-inch
  • Voltage: 130 volts
  • Switch type: Paddle
  • Flange system: Tool-free

Package  Components

  • A grinder wheel.
  • A side handle, and inner-outer flange.
  • A 6″ type 27 guard


  • Good power delivery.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Decent wheel rotation speed.
  • E-CLUTCH technology.
  • Power loss reset.
  • Dust ejection system.


  • Heavier than some alternatives.
  • No battery for portability.

2. Bosch 6” GWS13-60, High-Performance, Angle Grinder

Robert Bosch or more commonly known as Bosch is a famous German home appliance and multinational engineering company. It was founded by Robert Bosch, and it is operating in four sectors. From the company comes the GWS13-60 High-Performance 6-inch angle grinder. But this one provides some functionalities better than Dewalt’s DWE43144 model.

Bosch GWS13-60 is a corded grinder with a powerful 13-amp motor that powers a slightly faster 9300 rpm grinder disc than the previous product on our list. The 9300 rpm blade is one of the fastest on our list and can effectively work at a faster rate than some of the products on our list.

The tool has an integrated acceleration sensor which provides a reduced risk of inadvertent recoil. The grinder also has a two-position vibration control for more user comfort. 

Although it does not have the dust ejection system of Dewalt, it has its directed airflow design, which ensures the device’s safety from external specks of dust and debris particles. This grinder has a toolless adjustable burst protection guard. The operator of this machine can comfortably control the burst-protection guard according to their necessity. It also has a large spindle lock which provides additional convenience of accessorial changes.

The most distinctive feature of this angle grinder is its motor cooling mechanism which makes the motor give better service and better output force. Angle grinder motors can get hot and melt depending on the work pressure. The power tool can tolerate continuous operation because of it. This angle grinder has a functional component of heat dissipation, making it one of the best 6-inch angle grinders.

Technical Features of Bosch 6” GWS13-60, High-Performance, Angle Grinder

  • Amperage: 13 amp.
  • RPM: 9300.
  • Wheel Diameter: 6-inch.
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds.
  • Dimension: 13.2 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches.
  • Voltage: 120 volts.

  Package Components:  

  1. Backing flange
  2. A vibration control side handle
  3. A lock nut
  4. A spanner wrench
  5. A grinding Guard


  • Good power delivery
  • Decent wheel rotation speed
  • Lighter than most grinders
  • Dust protection guard
  • Motor cooling system for higher overload capabilities
  • Integrated acceleration sensor for limiting recoil


  • No battery for portability

3. Makita GA6010Z, 6” Angle Grinder​

The tool has an AC/DC switch for alternating between power sources. This feature is convenient for switching between circuits. It has a labyrinth construction seal. The labyrinth construction seal is a Makita specialty, and it protects the grinder from dust, debris, and other particles. It also has a zig-zag varnish that protects the armature coil from the particles. The angle grinder has an easily accessible wire brush which provides operators with greater serviceability.

This machine has a rotating gear housing for operator convenience. The operator can freely rotate the gear housing up to 90 degrees to their convenience. The tool has an ergonomic soft grip and side adjustable handlebars that the operator can easily set to their convenience. The grinder also has a trigger design which makes it further comfortable.

Technical Features of Makita GA6010Z, 6” Angle Grinder

  • Amperage: 10.5 amp
  • RPM: 10000
  • Wheel Diameter: 6-inch
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 15.5 x 6.9 x 5.7 inches
  • Switch type: Rear trigger

Package Components

  1. A Super thin cut-off disc
  2. A Wheel guard
  3. A lock nut
  4. A lock nut wrench
  5. An inner flange
  6. A side handle


  • 10000 rpm wheel speed
  • AC/DC switch
  • Labyrinth construction seals
  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Rear trigger switch


  • Heating issues
  • No trigger lock

4. Metabo 6” Lock-on, RAT Tail, Angle Grinder, 1500-150-RT (601242420)

Metabo, abbreviated from Metabowerke GmBH, is a popular German manufacturer company of high-quality professional power tools headquartered in Nurtingen, Germany. The manufacturer is well regarded for its Metabo Longlife. The 6″ RAT Tail is manufactured and shipped by this company all over the world. The angle grinder is pricier than some of the grinders on our list, but it is the easiest to handle and a great choice for beginner operators.

The 6” RAT Tail is a powerful grinder from Metabo that comes with a strong and robust motor with a strong power delivery that spins the metal wheel at a rate of 9600 revolutions per minute. The motor of this grinder has a very good overload capacity. The 13.2-amp motor gives solid power delivery, and it lacks the possibility of burning its motor into crisps.

The angle grinder has tacho-constamatic full-wave electronics that keep the power delivery constant. Thanks to this technology, the grinder can maintain its power delivery and disc speed even on a heavy workload. 

It has a soft handlebar which provides the user with a comfortable grip. The side handlebar has a Metabo VibraTech feature for vibration damping, and operator comfort. The tool has an electronic soft start, and it’s smooth to start it up. They are essentially making it the best for beginners’ angle grinder. It also has restart protection or a kickback brake if the product is unfortunately ever left “on” while connected to a power supply. 

It has an automatic safety clutch. This feature electronically shuts down the device, and it prevents kickback if the disc unfortunately ever gets jammed, which further increases operator safety—one of the features which makes the tool regarded as one of the best 6-inch angle grinders. The grinder automatically turns off the carbon brushes to protect the motor within.

Technical Features of Metabo 6” Lock-on, RAT Tail, Angle Grinder

  • Amperage: 13.2 amp
  • RPM: 9600
  • Wheel Diameter:6- inch
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Dimension: 15.35 x 3.19 x 2.95 inches
  • Voltage: 110-120 volt

Package Components

  1.     Thin metal disc.
  2.     Non-locking pedal.
  3.     RAT Tail dust protector.
  4.     A VibraTech side handlebar.
  5.     Cutting guard.


  • A decent wheel speed of 9600 rpm
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • RAT Tail dust protector
  • Superior power delivery
  • Constant power output on overload
  • Automatic safety clutch


  • Heavier than some alternatives
  • Heating issue

5. Dewalt 6” DWE43066, Trigger Switch, Angle Grinder

Another one of the best angle grinders from Dewalt is the DWE43066 trigger switch, corded model. The angle grinder is the same as the first Dewalt angle grinder on our list. Its specifications are similar to the DWE43144 model, but this model is pricier than the other Dewalt grinder. The similarities are uncanny, and one of the few key differences between that model and this model is the availability of the trigger switch.

Just like the DWE43144, the DWE43066 is a powerful angle grinder with a load capacity of 13-amp, which is a good range for distributing heat that builds up on duty, but this grinder has bad heat management. The motor delivers enough power to rotate the disc at 9000 rpm.

The tool has an Anti-Rotation E-CLUTCH technology similar to the DWE43144 that activates in less than 10 seconds when the tool detects a pinch or a stall and shuts itself down.

The angle grinder also comes with a dust ejection system. The system keeps dust and debris from getting sucked through the air vents into the tool itself. Dewalt’s dust ejection system stops the dust and debris of the materials cut from getting into the tool and prevents the particles from causing technical disruptions.

The tool also comes with an integrated power loss reset that prevents the tool from restarting itself after an occurrence of power disruption when the tool is left “on.” Thus preventing the operator from accidentally cutting themselves all of a sudden.

This model has a trigger switch that helps the operator comfortably handle the product. It is also the first grinder on our list that can run on batteries.

Technical Features of Dewalt 6” DWE43066, Trigger Switch, Angle Grinder

  • Amperage: 13 amp.
  • RPM: 9000.
  • Wheel Diameter: 6-inch.
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds.
  • Dimension: 16.5 x 6 x 5 inches.
  • Voltage: 130 volts.
  • Flange-system: Tool-free.

Package Components

  • A grinder wheel.
  • A side handlebar.
  • An inner-outer flange.
  • A 6” type 27, type 1, and a 5” type 27 guard.
  • A hex key.


  • Trigger switch
  • Powerful motor
  • Decent wheel rotation speed
  • E-CLUTCH technology
  • Power loss reset
  • Dust ejection system


  • Heavier than some alternatives
  • Heating issue

6. Makita 6” 9566CV, Variable Speed, Angle Grinder

We have another powerful angle grinder from Makita in our list of best 6-inch angle grinders. The variable speed control dial of this Makita power tool makes it a good choice of product for professionals. This particular model is pricier than some of the ones on our list. Regardless, Makita angle grinders have a reputation for heating issues. Even with a hefty amount of a price tag, this isn’t any different either.

The 12-amp motor can provide the angle grinder with plenty of power and output. The motor is designed for more compact operations with increased power delivery. It almost feels like overclocking a computer CPU with a bad cooling system.

Makita labyrinth seals are there as usual that protect the motor, the bearing, and some other components from debris materials.

The wheel guard of 9566CV is adjustable without the help of any kind of tools, so it’s easier for an operator to clamp the grinder more easily.

This Makita angle grinder model has an electronic speed control that maintains its speed constantly under a heavy workload similar to that of the Metabo RAT Tail model. The speed control dial is a 5-stage variable, and its range is from 4000 to 9000 rpm. It also has a soft start-up feature for more smooth start-ups. 

The feature that distinguishes this angle grinder model is its Super Joint System or SJS. It keeps the wheel from binding accidentally and prevents gear damage as a result. The company also claims to have implemented an electronic limiter that stops accidental motor override and burnout, but some users claimed it to have burnt out from motor overload.

Technical Features of Makita 6” 9566CV, Variable Speed, Angle Grinder

  • Amperage: 12 amp.
  • RPM: 4000-9000.
  • Wheel Diameter: 6-inch.
  • Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Dimension: 15.25 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches.
  • Voltage: 130 volts.
  • Variable speed dial: Yes.
  • Switch type: Body grip/slide.


  • Super Joint System
  • Lightweight
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Single battery support
  • Labyrinth construction seal
  • Soft start feature


  • No lock-off switch

7. Metabo 18V, 6” Cordless Angle Grinder, WPB 18 LTX BL 150 (613076640)

The last entry of our list and overall the best 6-inch angle grinder is one from Metabo. Metabo is a performance power tool manufacturer from Germany and one of the best in this industry. Metabo 18V 6” WPB 18 LTX BL 150 model 613076640 is a cordless angle grinder, and it is the most expensive power tool on this list. Cordless tools always come without the possibility of cords cluttering, a recurring problem of the corded models. Cordless angle grinders also have the best mobility, and so does this model of Metabo’s angle grinder.

This 18V angle grinder has a unique encapsulated, robust and powerful motor from Metabo that takes down the hassle of having a brush in an angle grinder motor. This type of motor gives better output. This product has a powerful motor that provides its metal disc with a 9000 rpm spinnability.

The cordless model has a slim and compact design that gives the operator prolonged comfort, especially when working overhead or in limited space areas. It also has a tool-free adjustable wheel guard.

It has good heat control with its overload protection. The overload protection keeps the motor from overheating itself to combustion. It also comes with an electronic safety shutdown that reduces its motor’s kickback if the disc stops unexpectedly or from unintentional power interruptions.

The most distinct feature of this grinder is its quick braking system with a safety spindle. Just how a motorcycle uses abs for brakes to bring the vehicle to a quick stop without tumbling the vehicle over, the wheel brakes stop the rotating grinding wheel to a full stop within only 2 seconds without damaging itself or the concerning operator.

The tool also comes with Metabo’s two 18V LiHD batteries, which pack a high capacity with an extremely long lifetime and service life. This product’s long battery life makes it a great choice for operators since most of the angle grinder operators want their tools to be long-lasting.    

Technical Features of Metabo 18V, 6” Cordless Angle Grinder

  • Battery voltage: 18V
  • RPM: 9000
  • Wheel Diameter: 6-inch
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Dimension: 15.25 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Power source: Cordless battery
  • Motor type: Brushless encapsulated
  • Switch type: Paddle switch with deadman

Package Components

  • A 6” cutting wheel guard.  
  • A 4 and ½” guard.    
  • Inner flange.    
  • Quick-adjusting nuts.
  • A side handle.
  • A dust filter.
  • A spanner wrench.


  • Portability
  • Brushless motor
  • Overload and electricity protection
  • Comfortable slim design
  • Quick braking system (QBS)
  • Excellent battery life


  • No battery pack or charger comes with the package
  • Super expensive

Complete Buying Buying Guide of Best 6 Inch Angle Grinder

If you’re looking to buy an angle grinder, there are a few things that you should note down first. First, identify the operations that you’re going to use the tool for after which comes the machine’s specifications that you are going to use for the identified operations. Then comes user comfort. Suppose your tool is always keeping you at an edge, and you’re always getting stressed out at a faster than usual rate. In that case, the tool is uncomfortable, and the result is you being unable to work for longer periods with your power tool.

You should consider the following things when buying an angle grinder-

Usage: Angle grinders are mostly used for cutting, polishing, and sanding metals, tiles, stones, and pavers. The versatile tool is also used to clean metals, cut metal bars and rods, and shape the cutting edges of a metal part. So you’re going to have to outline where and how you will use the power tool.

Wattage: The next thing you should consider is the wattage. The more wattage your power tool has, the better power your grinder will deliver.

Speed control: After that, you should want to have a variable speed controller in your power grinder. If you can control the speed of your machine, you’ll have more precision in your work.

Handlebar: Handlebar is another aspect that you should focus on. If you are a left-handed operator, then you’re going to have to use one with a left-handed bar, and if you are a right-handed operator, then you’re going to have to use one with a right-handed bar. Your considerations here should be a grinder with adjustable handlebars. One other thing to consider in a handlebar should be anti-vibration protection features to eliminate unnecessary stress on your arms.

Safety features: It is one of the biggest aspects of consideration when buying the power tool. Angle grinders have many risks involved, with the kickback momentum being the deadliest of them all. To protect yourself from all the possible threats, you’re going to need a bunch of safety features like the anti-kickback, quick wheel brake, and safety clutches in your power tool.

Mobility: Mobility is another aspect operators should consider for easier workflow. A cordless angle grinder naturally has more mobility than a corded model. 

Price: The last aspect to consider should be the price. You have to figure out which angle grinder has the best features at the lowest price, so you don’t waste money on more expensive grinders with fewer features.

Angle Grinder Safety Instructions:

Grinders are as dangerous as it is useful. Without proper safety precautions, operating the tool can be equally threatening as a chainsaw. The discs of this machine can shatter and destroy a part of the body in a kickback event, potentially causing a fatality.  

What safety precautions should you follow?

  • Different grinders come at different speeds. Check the manufacturer-provided manual to be sure about the speed of the tool you will be operating with.
  • When purchasing a grinder, choose one with adjustable handlebars that can move to suit both left and right-handed operators.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to operate the machine safely.
  • There are few components available as safety measures against the tool. Try to equip all available safety equipment at your arsenal before heading to work. 
  • Do not use the tool on wet floors.
  • Make sure to clean the surfaces surrounding the work area. 
  • Ensure that everything in the machine is working fine before operation.
  • Use welding screens to stop other workers from getting hit by flying particles.
  • Ensure all workers maintain a safe distance from any person who is grinding.

How to Use an Angle Grinder

An angle grinder can come in handy in making a lot of construction and maintenance works easier. If you know your way around with the tool, it can be one of the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal. As we have stated earlier in this list, angle grinders are used for tasks like cutting, polishing, sanding metals, tiles, stones, pavers, etc. However, it is not a tool that everyone can handle without proper knowledge and training.

Get to Know Your Power Tool

To start working with the machine, you’ll have to get to know it first. You must know when and where these tools are needed and how to use them. Assuming you already know where to use these machines, you’ll now have to know how to use them.

Open the user manual provided by the manufacturer of your power tool when you first bought it. It will probably still be in the product’s packaging if you haven’t used it. Open the manual and thoroughly go over it to know the functionalities and features of your grinder. The user manual will also have instructions on how to use the tool, so you’ll get used to it better.

Angle Grinder Safety

You now know how to use an angle grinder, and it’s time for you to throttle your power tool. Before you go into action, you have to protect yourself from your power tool. The grinder is equally as hazardous as it is useful in your tasks.  

A grinder is a noisy tool that could create loud sounds. It is also a tool that keeps throwing debris all around while working. The tool is also prone to frequent kickbacks. To protect yourself from all those dangers, you’ll have to equip a set of gear. You should try to have ear, eye and face protection and cut-resistant gloves, boots, and a PPE in your protection equipment.

Positioning the Tool Properly

Since angle grinders slice materials faster by grinding the disc against them, it can produce a good amount of recoil that can cause kickback. To lower the risks of kickback momentum, position the tool in a comfortable way where you can utilize the best of your physical strength to hold it still until the work is done.

Keep Those Sparks Away

When angle grinder discs are grinding against a material, it produces tons of flaming sparks. Although not thick enough to cause even a tickle, exposure to the flaming sparks for a long period of time can leave burns on your skin. Position your machine in a way where you can keep those sparks away to the opposite side of your body.

Preparing the Workplace

Finally, before you start doing any kind of task with the power tool, you should always prepare your workplace for a safe operation.

Start by cleaning the workplace and the area surrounding it. Since angle grinders create a lot of debris and flying particles, you’re going to have to move anything that you don’t want to be covered in dust away from the workplace.

Look for anything combustible around your workplace. If you find any, keep those materials out of the workplace. As we said earlier, the flaming sparks can leave burn marks on your body, and these particles can also burn anything that is combustible. Beware of that.

Try to let the debris fall downwards while operating. Although you won’t completely be able to, it will reduce the amount of debris flying all around in your workplace and the number of things they will cover.   

Our Take on The Best 6” Angle Grinder 

Our winner for the best 6-inch angle grinder is the Bosch GWS13-60 6″ High-Performance angle grinder. With its affordability also comes features that can save hundreds or thousands of operators from spending extra cash.

Best value for money

For our best budget choice, we have chosen the Bosch 6” GWS13-60 angle grinder. One of the cheapest on our list, the Bosch GWS13-60 angle grinder provides us with many features yet very affordable. 

Best for Beginners

The 6” RAT Tail corded angle grinder from Metabo is the best for beginners. For the specifications that come with it, beginner operators can easily work their way through this grinder.  The motor gives solid power delivery, and it does not have heating issues thanks to its 13.2-amp motor. All of the safety measures make it the perfect angle grinder for beginners.

Best for Professionals

The Makita 6” 9566CV, Variable Speed, Angle Grinder is the best for professionals. The heavily featured grinder with maximum utility makes it the best 6-inch angle grinder for professionals.
Editor’s Pick

The editor’s pick from all of the angle grinders on this list is the Metabo 18V cordless angle grinder. It is the best for beginners and professionals alike. It is expensive but still has a decent price range for the specifications that come with it., The operator can take this grinder to the deepest parts of the Mariana Trench and the highest peak of Mount Everest; and still, be able to operate it without any problem.

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