Top 5 Best Drywall T Square Reviews in 2021

Looking for the best drywall t square for your next project? You have come to the exact right place!

A t square is essential for measuring both the length and the angle for cutting boards and wall panels. Thus, the robust utility of this device has resulted in its widespread availability in the market regardless of quality.

But finding the best Drywall t Square can be tiresome as there are so many brands available at the market. That is why through extensive research, we have narrowed the trending product options down to the five best prospects in the 2021’s market.

We have also included a buying guide for you so that you can truly understand what you are going to buy. All you’ll need to do is to read and choose the one most suitable for your needs.

What is Drywall T Square?

When it comes to installing drywall panels and cutting them, proper measurements can make all the difference. And for correctly measuring a drywall panel, it is mandatory to have the best drywall t square in your toolbox.

So, what exactly a drywall t square is? In short, it is a measuring tool used to place straight cut-marks on a board or a panel to fit the wall.

The tool is primarily made of two lightweight rulers made of metal. The rulers are connected at a 90-degree angle to create a T-shape. That is where its name comes from. The standard size of the tool is 48 inches, as per most of the wall panel’s size. But there is also another larger version available in the market, the 54-inch one.

In the present-day market, the most sought out t square is of the flexible variety. With an adjustable scale, you will be able to measure more effectively. In fact, some flexible scales can even support other angles aside from the most important 90-degree one. Their versatility makes them the best help when it comes to fitting a wall panel on a wall.

Top 5 Best Drywall T Square Reviews

Using a drywall square is a must for having a seamless fitting of the panels on the wall surface. Therefore they are pretty popular in the market, and many have taken advantage of this factor. The retail is now full of a wide variety of high-quality and low-quality products. Naturally, finding a suitable instrument of a good standard can be challenging in this situation.

Don’t worry. It is our pleasure to help you out here. We have already done all the necessary research in your place to help you make an informed decision. Below, you will find the five Best Drywall t Square options we have picked out for you. Just see their features and pick out the one you like the best.

1. Johnson Level and Tool JTS48 Drywall T-Square

Technical Features

  • Material- Aluminum
  • Thickness- 0.125 inches
  • Measuring range- 48 inches
  • Graduation’s size- 0.125 and 0.25 inches
  • Colour- Light Silver
  • Dimensions – 0.56 x 22 x 49.38 inches
  • Weight – 1.53lbs

Does your work need you to make square cut-marks on a frequent basis? Then Johnson Level and Tool JTS48 Lightweight Drywall T-Square is the one for you. Its 4-rivet construction will keep its head and scale at a 90-degree angle for the rest of its life. All you’ll have to do is place it on the board’s surface needing the cut and use a marker to mark the necessary areas.

To make it easier for you, the manufacturers have used lightweight aluminum alloy for its construction. Over the metal construction, they have applied a coat of rust-resistant materials. Adding on to its 0.125-inch thickness, the gadget is durable yet light in weight. 

Key Features

4-rivet Construction

A defining feature of the JTS48 is its fixed t-shaped square head. In order to make sure that you will not make a mistake in doing 90-degree angles, four rivets are used to attach the blade with its head permanently. As a result, no matter how much of a hurry you are in, you won’t make mistakes when drawing your straight lines and square angles.

Anodized Protective Covering

One issue everyone faces while using metal gadgets is rust and corrosion. Although aluminum is not prone to rusting too much, there is still a risk of deterioration. 

To combat future degradation, the builders have applied a smooth, anodized protective covering over the entire scaling tool. This makes the t square rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Thermal-bonded Graduations

It can be disturbing if you can’t read your scale markings properly. But don’t worry. With the JTS48’s clear, bold black markings printed with thermal technology, you’ll not only see them clearly but also for a long, long time.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant smooth surface
  • Permanent square-shaped head
  • Easy-to-read black markings
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Affordable price


  • The packaging needs to be improved
  • Can take up decent amount of space for storing

Although the Johnson Level and Tool JTS48 has its minor flaws, its price more than makes up for it. That is why we deem it as our best budget choice.

2. Empire Level 419-48 Adjustable Heavy Duty Drywall T-Square

Technical Features

  • Material- Aluminum
  • Thickness- 0.25 inches
  • Width- 2 inches
  • Base length- 20 inches
  • Measuring range- 48 inches
  • Graduation’s size- 0.125 and 0.25 inches
  • Colour- Deep Silver
  • Dimensions- 1.46 x 2.03 x 50 inches
  • Weight – 3.06lbs

What if you don’t need a fixed wallboard t-square but an adjustable one? Don’t worry as the product we are going to discuss at this moment is an adjustable aluminum drywall t square.

That means when you use the Empire Level 419-48 Adjustable Heavy Duty Drywall T-Square, you will be able to move its longer blade by its headline freely. You will even be able to rotate it to get multiple angles aside from the 90° of the fixed blade squares. With just this one tool, you’ll simultaneously be able to create any angle with a lock on 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90° . Cool, right?

Key Features

A Durable, Heavy Build

The Empire Level 419-48 Adjustable Heavy Duty Drywall T-Square’s name itself carries the word indicating its durability. Unlike the first product of our list, the Empire Level 419-48 is thicker and weighs more. As a result, despite being made of the same material, it can handle more strains and won’t get bent easily due to accidental bumps.

Pin-point Accuracy

A remarkable feature of the Empire Level 419-48 is its detailed scaling system. Seriously, you won’t face any issues with this adjustable measure system when it comes to measurement accuracy. Every inch is correctly measured and painted in bold numbers.

More interesting is its angle numberings. They are not painted but engraved! Thus they will have a lesser probability of getting blurred. After all, the angle head comes in more contact with hands compared to the scale.

Smooth Finish

A smoother finishing is an essential feature for an adjustable drywall t square. Without a smooth finish, your blade will experience a greater level of frictions during length-adjustment and in worst cases, it will get stuck.  

This measuring system’s body has been smoothened to a perfect finish, especially the sliding part of the blade and the head. This means that you won’t feel any bumps or  it won’t get stuck when you slide it along the bar for measurements.

Moreover, the manufacturers have paid great attention in smoothening the edges of the scale as well. Therefore, you face a lesser risk of accidental injuries while you handle it.


  • Adjustable to any angles with a lock on 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°
  • A heavier build than the usual t scales
  • Can be stored in compact spaces
  • Suitable for general carpentry use
  • Long-lasting painted numbers
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Five-year warranty


  • Some products are stamped with a sticker
  • The heavier weight is tiring for long-term continuous use

The Empire Level 419-48 Adjustable Drywall T-Square is indeed a gadget of design and even finer proficiency. Its versatility and focus on precision, combined with the affordable price, is the reason why we take it as our editor’s top pick.

3. OX Tools OX-P501348 Adjustable Drywall T-Square

Technical Features

  • Material- Aluminum
  • Width-  2 inches
  • Measuring range- 48 inches
  • Colour- Deep Silver
  • Dimensions- 50 x 2.05 x 0.79 inches
  • Weight – 2.07lbs

Imagine you are trying to cut a board’s edge on a table, and your t-square keeps falling down or flipping over. How infuriating! Don’t you think it would have been wonderful having a drywall t square capable of staying firmly in place without your help?

The OX Tools also share your thoughts. That is why they have brought the OX Tools OX-P501348 Adjustable Drywall T-Square to market. This cool tool has all you can ask for in an adjustable drywall t square and more.

Key Features

ABS End-caps

The OX Tools OX-P501348 features a very handy feature named the ABS end-cap, a plastic-made cap with a ledge of a certain weight. The two end parts of the OX-P501348 ‘s short ruler feature this contraption. Their addition puts some weight and support at the end of the scale. Thus, when you place the t square on the table’s edge, it stays put.

Adjustable Sliding Head

Like the Empire Level 419-48, the OX-P501348 is also equipped with a sliding head. The inside part of the head’s sliding section has a super-smooth finishing. Thus, you are unlikely to feel any grinding motions when you need to adjust the length and angle.

A Folding Design

A great characteristic of the adjustable drywall t square is its ability for folding. This ability makes the storing of the product fast and easy. 

The OX-P501348 is no different in this regard. When your use is over for the time being, simply loosen the screw to fold it for storage. So easy!


  • Durable yet lightweight body
  • Made for board-edge cuts
  • No need for continuous hold while marking
  • Capable of adjusting in multiple angles
  • Smooth, safe edges
  • Easy-to-notice printed markings


  • A bit high price
  • Possible replacement requirement of the tightening screw over long-time use

Overall, the OX Tools OX-P501348 is a device made for versatility, utility, and ease of usage. Due to this, we consider it as the best choice for professionals.

4. Johnson Level & Tool RTS24 RockRipper Drywall Scoring Square

Technical Features

  • Material- Foam and Aluminum
  • Thickness- 0.125 inches
  • Head length- 20 inches
  • Measuring range- 24 inches
  • Graduation’s size- 0.125 inches
  • Colour- Orange and Light Silver
  • Dimensions – 2 x 20 x 27.44 inches
  • Weight – 1.3lbs

The Johnson Level & Tool has manufactured some excellent pieces of measuring equipment. We have started our review section with a Johnson Level and Tool product, and here is another one. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is the same as the JTS48.

Well, it does have some similarities. For example, both are made of aluminum, are 0.125-inch in thickness, and feature a fixed-head t-shape design. But from one point, these similarities are quite normal even amongst products made by different companies, right? And here, they belong to the same source anyway.

But enough about similarities. Aside from the similarities, the Johnson Level & Tool RTS24 RockRipper Drywall Scoring Square has its own unique features that set it apart from other similar products.

Key Features

24-inch Scale

All along, we have discussed 48-inch scale-equipped drywall scoring square choices. But this one product is different. Because it has a 24-inch scale instead of the standard 48-inch one. That is half the length smaller here. Though its length makes it incapable of measuring longer than 24 inches, its smaller size makes it more comfortable to handle.

Ergonomic Head

its head also adds to the comfort level of the user. The RTS24 has an ergonomic foam-covered head. The presence of foam helps it glide over the sheetrock quickly, stably, and straightforwardly. 

Scoring Notches

Another unique feature yet to appear in the products mentioned before. In the center area of the blade, amidst the measurement markings, there are tiny engraved notches. With these notches, you will have an easier time marking. And that is the exact function of these tiny notches. 


  • Robust, long-lasting construction
  • Easy-to-handle smaller scale
  • Easy to spot coloring
  • A hand-grip for a stable grip
  • Impact-resistant head
  • Environment-friendly finishing


  • Cannot measure above 24 inches
  • Fixed head incapable of producing angles

Although the Johnson Level and Tool RTS24 RockRipper Drywall Scoring Square can’t produce angles other than 90 degrees, its fixed square head is excellent for drawing squares. In our opinion, its fixation makes this utensil the best choice for beginners in the construction field.

5. Mayes Great Neck 10181 Drywall Square

Technical Features

  • Material- Aluminum
  • Thickness- 0.125 inches
  • Measuring range- 48 inches
  • Colour- Light Silver
  • Dimensions – 49.5 x 0.75 x 22 inches
  • Weight – 2.02lbs

The last product on our list also has a fixed-head item. It is a proud representative of the high-end craft of the Great Neck Company.

Like the previously mentioned fixed-head t squares, Mayes GreatNeck 10181 Drywall Square too features a 4-rivet tightening mechanism to keep its head and scale at a 90-degree angle on a permanent basis. There is no possibility of you making any errors determining the right-angle due to this feature.

Its aluminum-made body makes it lightweight yet hard to break. As a result, you will be able to use this one product for a long time. Its corrosion-resistant coating only adds more to it.

Simply place it on the board surface, use a marker to mark the necessary areas, remove it, and  you’ll have a perfect right angle ready to cut!

Key Features

A Fixed Right-angle

Courtesy of the use of four sturdy rivets, Mayes GreatNeck 10181 has a fixed right-angled square head. There is hardly any room for making any errors due to this system. As a result, you can afford to be a bit relaxed while drawing lines as your possibility of making mistakes is lower.

Corrosion and Rust-resistant

The Mayes GreatNeck 10181 is made of metal. So there is a risk of rust and corrosion always present despite Aluminum construction. Scientifically though, covering the metal with resistant materials can lessen the rate and risk of damage.

That is why the Mayes GreatNeck 10181 has smooth, anodized protective covering over its metal body. This resulted in the making of a rust and corrosion-resistant instrument you can handle safely without fearing any weather-related damages and accidents.

Durable Printed Graduations

What is the point of getting a piece of measuring equipment if you can’t read your scale markings properly? But don’t worry. With the GreatNeck 10181’s durable ink-printed clear markings, you’ll not only see them clearly, but they will also remain vivid for a very long time.


  • Lightweight and solid build
  • Long-lasting design
  • Beautiful silver outlook
  • Easy-to-read printed scale
  • Smooth finishing for safe usage
  • Economy price


  • Can’t handle too much pressure
  • Can’t be stored in compact spaces

Best Drywall T Square Buying Guide

While you are purchasing a drywall scoring square, you should keep in mind that the item should fit your needs and criteria well. As the market is full of similar products of hard-to-discern differences, it can be tough for one to select the best choice option possible.

That is why we have included a buying guide for you here. In this guideline, we have highlighted every point you need to keep in mind for observation when you buy your dream scaling tool.

The Material

The best-quality drywall scoring square is lightweight yet durable. It should be tough enough not to bend under the slightest pressure. Though steel is more durable, it is heavier and prone to rusting. Thus, aluminum is considered to be the best-suited metal for building plasterboard squares.

The Blade’s Length

Most of the plaster wall panels are 48 inches in length. Therefore, a 48-inch right-angled scale is enough to deal with them.

But that doesn’t mean that 48-inch is the limit. There are also 54-inch long custard boards in the market. Using a 48-inch long blade to deal with them is not feasible. So, before you buy, determine your needs clearly.

Scale Markings and Angle Precision

No matter how well-built your t-shaped ruler is, it won’t of much use to you if the scale markings are inaccurate. Pin-point measurement is crucial in any construction or engineering project. The slightest mistake can cause irreparable damage to a previously perfect design.

This is equally true regarding angle markings. A fixed t square should feature an accurate 90-degree angle. As for the adjustable one, even more, the focus should be paid to their markings to determine angle accuracy. Remember, even the slightest mismarking can cause eternal regret. So be careful.

The Firmness of the Locking Mechanism

A knob capable of firmly positioning the blade is essential for an adjustable right-angle ruler. If the dial is loose, naturally, the blade will move when you are drawing the lines. The result? Inaccurate markings along with the loss of energy and time.

The Smoothness of the Blade-movement

For an adjustable gypsum board t square, the smoothness between the junction of the blade’s head and the horizontal scale is also important. In a rough connection area, there is a high possibility that the blade will have a tendency to get stuck in a position during movement.


Although Aluminum is tough, if a ruler is too thin, there is a high possibility that it will bend easily. Therefore, a thickness level of at least 0.125 or 1/8 inches is preferable for buster board squares.

The Finishing 

And lastly, the finishing. Believe it or not, when it comes to maximizing a ruler’s smoothness, finishing plays a significant role in it. A rough finishing can not only hinder the blade’s movement but also cause accidental injury. Moreover, an anodized finishing can prevent the blade from being damaged due to rust and corrosion.

How to Recognize the Best Drywall T Square?

So now you know what to look out for when buying an adjustable drywall t square. But how will you check if your choice product has these qualities or not?

It is quite simple, actually. All you’ll have to do is to spend some time carefully observing the item’s functionality.

First, pick up the tool and try to feel its weight, thickness, and sturdiness. The appliance should feel solid yet light in weight. Aluminum-made gadgets are the best in these regards. Don’t forget to lightly slide your palm against its edges to feel the finishing. If it has a smooth finishing, then move on to the next part.

After you are done with this part, set the mechanism upon a smooth horizontal surface. Try using the adjustable scale. See watch out for the smoothness of their movement and the firmness of the scale position when the screw is tightened. While you are at it, remember to note the scale markings to find any possible flaws. If necessary, use a measurement application.

Does your choice scale fit all these criteria? Then congratulations! You have gained a perfect t scale!

How to Use Drywall T Square?

Using a wall panel t square is not hard. With a steady head, you can use it to mark your wall board’s surface in no time. Though we must say there are some small differences in usage procedures between the fixed-head and the adjustable t squares.

Using a Fixed-head T Square

Using this type of measuring tool is quite easy. 

  • First, place in on the position of the surface you need to cut
  • After you are done with the position adjustments, gently but firmly hold the ruler in position so that it won’t move.
  • Now use a marker to draw the lines, and you have your markings for cutting the board.

Using an Adjustable T Square

The application procedure of an adjustable t square is also simple. It just needs a few more steps; that’s the difference.

  • First, determine the cutting length and the angle.
  • Then pick up the t square and loosen the tightening knob.
  • Slide the longer blade on the desired scale marking’s position and then rotate it to get the blade on to the required angle position.
  • Don’t forget to tighten the knob again to hold it in position.
  • Done? Now place it on the wall board’s surface where you need to cut.
  • Hold it firmly in position and use a marker to mark the area.
  • Re-disassemble the t square and put it away carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use the drywall t square to make angles rather than 90-degree?

It depends on your t square’s design. If you use an adjustable drywall t square, you should be able to make angles with it. 

The first thing you will have to do is to slide the vertical scale into the desired position of the board. Then move it according to the printed angle-mark to get the right angle. Now tighten the adjustable screw to keep it in place, and you will have your angle. All that is left to do is to use a marker or drywall tape to draw a line for cutting the board.

Can I use this as a saw guide?

Typically, a drywall scoring square is made of metal. Thus, you technically can use this temporarily as a saw guide. What you will have to do is to insert the circular saw into the drywall t square’s arm with the help of a thumbscrew. It will hold it in a straight-cutting position.

What are the types of T Square?

Based on the design, there are primarily two types of t squares. The first one is the fixed-head t square. The second type is the adjustable t square.

  • Fixed-head T Square

No need to say too much; their names show all you need to know about them. A fixed-head t square’s blade is firmly screwed tight with its head at a right-angled position. You can’t move it and use it to make angles other than 90 degrees. 

  • Adjustable T Square

 On the contrary, the adjustable t square’s blade’s one end is attached to a sliding head. You can freely slide the blade within the range. You can also position it as you wish to get different angles.

So, what is the Best Drywall T Square?

Now that we are at the last part of the article, what do you think? Amongst our 5 top picks of the best drywall t square tools, which one is the best?

To be honest, we believe that none can claim to be the absolute best. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. The specialties made the Johnson Level and Tool RTS24 the most suitable for beginners due to its simplistic design. On the contrary, the OX Tools OX-P501348 is best for professionals due to its versatility, focus on precision, and ease of usage. 

Similarly, the all-rounded qualities of the Empire Level 419-48 made it our editor’s top pick. And Johnson Level and Tool JTS48’s affordable price is why we deemed it the best budget-friendly option. No matter which one you pick, you certainly won’t lose out as long as you keep the guidelines in mind.

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