Do you love making paper crafts? Are you planning on starting embossing soon? Then one thing you will need is the best embossing heat tool you can get on the market. But the market is full of so many options with high-performance records! How will you know which one you should go for?

Fear not! It is our pleasure to help you find the embossing heat tool best suited to your needs. We’ve done extensive research on the trending embossing heat tools on the 2021’s market. We have selected the top ten embossing heat tools, keeping a keen eye on price, quality and features that they provide. . All you’ll need to do is follow our buying guide, and you are bound to go home with a great craft heat gun.

Embossing heat tools are popular amongst crafters for a reason. Despite the options for alternatives, these machines are the best at melting embossing powder without damaging the paper and the craft. There is an overabundance of these gadgets on the market. Although many of them are of above-average quality, it is still hard to find a suitable heat gun among the sea of products.

It is best to gather as much information as possible about the products to avoid the possibility of making the wrong choice. To save you from tedious and time consuming product research we have put together all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

1.American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun

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The American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun is a multipurpose embossing heat gun of great value. At a low price, this heat gun is capable of generating a maximum temperature of 650F or 350°C.

The tool has an attractive pink outer shell made of durable, heat-resistant plastic. It is also very lightweight at 0.88lbs. That means you will be able to immerse yourself in your embossing frenzy without worrying about hand pain.

Key Features of the American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun

Versatility of Application

Usually, the optimum acceptance point of the heat range in a budget-friendly best gun for crafts is around 200°C-500°C. In that sense, the American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun’s max heat of 350°C is decent enough.

This 350°C heat is capable of melting more than embossing powders. Whether you need to melt candles, crayons, or plastic wrappers, you will be able to do it with this tool.

Plastic Protective Tip and Kickstand

This embossing heat tool generates an extremely high heat of 350°C. Therefore, to ensure that you remain safe from burning your hands, American Crafts has covered the nozzle with a heat-resistant plastic cap. This gun also comes with a kickstand to make usage easy and stress-free.

Affordable Price

Despite being feature-packed, the American Crafts heater comes at  an extremely affordable price.

Technical Features of the American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun

Although the American Crafts Embossing Heater has no adjustable heat-setting, it is a solvable issue. The significant advantage of this tool is that it offers a plethora of valuable features at a really low price. Due to this reason, we consider it as our best budget choice.

2. UCHIDA 2500 Embossing Heat Tool

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Looking for  a professional grade best embossing heat gun of small size that won’t tire your hands? ThenUCHIDA 2500 Embossing Heat Tool is the one for you. Although there is a concern for overheating, this gadget’s eight-inch lightweight body is a delight to use. You won’t get tired of holding it even for hours.

Furthermore, this marvelous heating tool is not designed solely for embossing. You will be able to use it to do much more than that. So the next time you need to do any heat-related work like removing paint, re-melting adhesives, or heating shrink-wraps, all you’ll need is this gun.

Key Features of the UCHIDA 2500 Embossing Heat Tool

High-Quality Material

UCHIDA 2500 Heat Tool is made of high-quality heat-resistant materials to prevent any mechanical damage. Its entire body, including the sides of its nozzle tip, is covered with high-quality heat proof plastic. This plastic covering makes the product look good and helps you hold the product with ease by mitigating heat.

Even Wind Flow

When plugged in, the airflow UCHIDA 2500 Heat Tool generates is gentle enough not to stir away any embossing powder. Within this gentle airflow remains a tremendous heat capable of melting embossing powder, plastic, and more. Your hair dryer won’t be able to do such a thing. So simply get this fantastic tool  and have a great time embossing. User Friendly Design.

The heater has a lightweight body weighing only 0.7lbs so that you won’t get tired quickly. The designers at UCHIDA haven’t stopped there. They have also attached a foldable stand with the tool to rest your hands when needed.

Technical Features of the UCHIDA 2500 Embossing Heat Tool

3. Chandler Tool CTHG150D Embossing Heat Gun

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When it comes to professional and top quality embossing heat guns, the Chandler Tool CTHG150D Embossing Heat Gun is an excellent choice. This dual-speed heat gadget is perfect for embossing. It also comes handy in  DIY crafting projects like candle making and shrink-wrapping.

This heat gun has a small, lightweight body of ergonomic design. Thus, you will have a a satisfying time using it.

Key Features of the CTHG150D Heat Gun

Dual Heat-Settings

Most  of the budget-friendly embossing heat guns on the market has one-speed heat-setting. The CTHG150D Heat Gun, however, has a dual heat-setting feature at 200°C and 300°C. It  increases the heat gun’s versatility and allows you to do various types of craft projects without issues.

Long- lasting​

It can be pretty annoying when your new heat gun goes ‘bad’ only after a few uses. But be rest assured! The CTHG150D Heat Gun is different. This american heat tool is made of top quality materials. Therefore it is bound to last you a long while.

Superb Safety Features​

Chandler Tool is famous for its strict safety measures regulation. The heat gun is covered up with an insulated rubbery plastic covering, minus the nozzle. This nozzle is covered with a heat-resistant plastic cap keeping only the tip free. As a result, there is no risk of you having any accidental heat-related injuries.

Technical Features of the CTHG150D Heat Gun​

Overall, the CTHG150D Heat Gun is packed  with user-friendly features and strict safety measures at an affordable price. Although the user manual could be better, even a beginner can use the gadget by watching YouTube videos. That is why the CTHG150D is our editor’s pick.

4. Crafter’s Companion Embossing Tool​

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Crafter’s Companion Embossing Tool is another dual-speed embossing heat gun with cool features. The designers included a built-in handle that stays far from the heated body, so that you can use the heat gun with ease and comfort.

 And that includes the heat excluded through vents as well. The handle is positioned lower from the main body while the vents are on the sides. So the ejected air won’t affect you while working.. This feature makes it one of the best guns for crafts indeed!

Key Features of the Crafter’s Companion Embossing Tool​

Compact Design​

The Crafter’s Companion has a small, lightweight body that is 10.5 inches long. It has a foldable handle, so it won’t take much storage space. You can simply tuck it somewhere safe when you’re done working.

Plastic Protective Cap​

As a heat gun for embossing generates a high heat, it is natural that its metal nozzle will get extremely hot while in use. Even after the machine is unplugged, the nozzle will remain hot for a while. Thus,there is a high possibility for accidental burns and bruises.. That’s why the manufacturers have covered the sides around the metal nozzle with heat proof plastic to prevent any accident.

Comes with a 2 Pin Plug​

This heat gun features a standard 2 pin plug with its charging cord to make it easier for you to connect with the power source regardless of the socket type. It is a 120V plug, which means it should be compatible with all the power sources found in most households.

Technical Features of the Crafter’s Companion Embossing Tool​

5. ChingCo Mini Embossing Heat Gun​

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If you are looking for a mini heat gun that is portable and easy to use, the ChingCo Mini Embossing Heat Gun is a great choice for you. It is capable of generating heat around 200°C, despite having a single heat setting. So you should be able to do most of your crafting projects with this machine.

This ChingCo Mini is relatively small and lightweight  compared to most embossing heat guns. Its body length is six inches, and its weight is only 0.5lbs. This gadget is a godsend if you need to carry it around in your handbag.

Key Features of the the ChingCo Mini Embossing Heat Gun​

Features a Longer Cable

Despite its small body, the ChingCo Mini Embossing Heat Gun features a longer  cord length than the average. It has an extra 0.56ft compared to others, so it’ll  provide you with more freedom without any accidental tangles

Built-In Stand

Like the previous embossing heat tools, ChingCo Mini has a built-in kickstand near its nozzle. The stand is quite helpful when you are mass embossing as it lessens the strain upon your hand.

Super-Fast Heating

This heat gun also has super-fast heating capability. It will heat up within seconds and generate a gentle airflow when plugged in. All you’ll need to do is point the nozzle near the powder coating at a 45-degree angle, and your embossing powders will melt before you know it!

Technical Features of the the ChingCo Mini Embossing Heat Gun

6. Sizzix 663706 Heat Tool​

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What makes a heat gun versatile? In our opinion, a heat gun with multiple heat-settings is the perfect candidate for that label. It does not mean that you can’t do a lot with one-heat setting heat guns found in the market. But having multiple heat settings will obviously open up more options for you. And that’s why we considered Sizzix 663706 a multipurpose tool with its dual heat-settings feature to be on our list.

This heat gun is loaded with noteworthy characteristics to help you in your crafting venture. The manufacturers have truly not spared any effort to make it one of the best embossing heat tool options in the market.

Key Features of the Sizzix 663706

Allows Dual Speed

The Sizzix 663706 Heat Tool can generate two types of heated airflow with its dual heat-setting. Its high heat-setting can produce an airflow of  below 500°C temperature, enough for melting embossing powder. On the other hand, its low heat-setting is perfect for drying paint.

Provides Pin-Point Accuracy

The air direction system is designed to direct the airflow at a straight line. The lining is so accurate that even the plastic nozzle covering will remain the same while being used. This proper direction system will make it easier for you  to direct the airflow without any chance of hurting yourself.

Ergonomic Design

The heater has a lightweight body weighing only 0.69lbs so you won’t get easily tired. Its plastic body won’t get heated too fast either. But the makers haven’t stopped at only these features. They have also attached a foldable stand with the tool to rest your hands when needed.

Technical Features of the Sizzix 663706

All in all, Sizzix 663706 Heat Tool has a user-friendly design with super helpful professional quality features. That is why amongst all these products featured in this article of craft heat gun reviews, we consider it to be the best for professionals.

7. Rnow Mini Heat Gun​

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Rnow Mini Heat Gun is a single-speed compact heat gun with some great portable features. It generates enough heat for drying up paint, melting wax, and embossing powder.

It is pretty easy to use too. As it has a standard 110V 2-pin plug system, you won’t  face any problem plugging it to a power source.

Key Features of the Rnow Mini Heat Gun

Small, Lightweight Body

As a minigun, the heat tool has a small and lightweight body compared to the usual embossing heat guns. It’s a bit longer than nine inches, and weighs only 0.66lbs. Being a lightweight and small sized heat gun,this model is easy to carry around with you.

Allows Fast Heating

The gun heats up pretty fast. It heats up in seconds after being plugged in  and generates a  gentle airflow. Simply keep pointing the nozzle near the powder coating at a 45-degree angle, and it will melt in no time!

Comes with a Helpful Instructions Manual

It can be dangerous to use a heating gun without proper instructions, no matter how easy it may seem. That is why the Rnow Mini Heat Gun’s package contains helpful instructions with the tool. The guide will show you how to use the device in detailed step-by-step guidelines.

Technical Features of the Rnow Mini Heat Gun

8. Floweryocean Mini Heat Gun​

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The Floweryocean Mini Heat Gun is another handy tool on our list with user friendly features. Floweryocean Mini Heat Gun is a single-speed heat gun with a max heat of 200°C. It can deal comfortably with various types of DIY projects despite having a single-speed feature. 

You will only need to control the distance l to be able to emboss, shrink film, and dry paint. You can even use it for defrosting meat and toast bread!

Key Features of the Floweryocean Mini Heat Gun

Air Vents for Temperature Control

There are five linear air vents on both sides of Floweryocean’s body. These vents prevent overheating by letting some of the heated air out of the machine while in use. Thus it saves you from any possibility of device malfunctioning. To add more to your safety, the vents are positioned in such a way that the escaping heat won’t affect your hand.

Operates with a Standard 2-pin Plug

To make sure that you will be able to connect the tool with a power source regardless of the place, its charging cord features a standard 120V 2-pin plug. So you shouldn’t face any issues finding a power source irrespective of your location.

Great Safety Features

The manufacturers of the Floweryocean have also paid much attention to safety features. It’s body is covered up with a heat and electricity-resistant ABS plastic covering. Its nozzle is covered with a heat-resistant plastic cap keeping only the tip free. As a result, there is no risk of you suffering from any accidental heat or electrical malfunction.

Technical Features of the Floweryocean Mini Heat Gun

9. iCom Mini Heat Tool​

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Another prime example of a dual-speed mini embossing heat gun is the iCom Mini Heat Tool. Its dual heat-setting makes it pretty useful for multiple types of projects.

The iCom Mini Heat has a dual heat-setting capable of generating 100°C and 200°C airflow. As a result, you can use this one tool for various DIY projects, starting from drying paint to melting candles. And its portable features only add to its value.

Key Features of the the iCom Mini Heat Tool

Super Fast Heating

To save you the time waiting for the gun to get hot enough, manufacturers have designed the tool to heat up quickly once plugged in. So you’ll be able to begin your embossing within seconds of switching on the power.

Plastic Protective Cap

The iCom Mini produces up to 200°C of heat, enough to cause severe burns if the user is not cautious enough. That’s why the manufacturers have covered the sides around the metal nozzle with heat proof plastic to prevent any accidental burns.

Extra Long Cable

Having proper cord length makes it easier to use any power tool comfortably around the workspace. Despite its tiny body, the iCom Mini Heat Tool features a cable that is longer than the average ones. The 6.56ft power cable will provide you with more freedom without risking accidental tangles.

Technical Features of the the iCom Mini Heat Tool

Overall, the iCom Mini Heat Tool is a superb heat gun with beginner friendly features with proper safety measures. That is why we chose it as the embossing heat tool best for beginners.

10. Touker Mini Hot Air Gun​

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The last one of our craft heat gun reviews is about the Touker Mini Hot Air Gun. Despite its one heat setting, it can support you in multiple types of crafting projects.

The tool has an attractive black and red outer shell. It is only 8.7 inches in length and 1 lb in weight.  Furthermore, it has a built-in foldable stand to rest your hands when needed. So, you’ll be able to work comfortably without any hand fatigue and even carry it around with you if needed.

Key Features of the Touker Mini Hot Air Gun

High-Quality Material

Touker Mini Hot Air Gun is made of high-quality heat-resistant ABS plastic to prevent any mechanical damage.You’ll be able to hold it with ease as the plastic built will not be much heated while working.  As for its nozzle, it has a clear heat proof plastic cap to prevent any accidental touches.

Allows High Precision

When plugged in, this embossing heat tool generates a linear airflow gentle enough not to stir any embossing powder but heated enough to melt the embossing powder. Due to its precision nozzle, the air will flow at a straight line without touching the nozzle cap making the work easier for you.

To make sure that you will be able to connect the tool with a power source regardless of the place, its charging cord features a standard 2-pin plug. It is a 120V plug, so you shouldn’t face any issues finding a power source.

Technical Features of the Touker Mini Hot Air Gun

Best Embossing Heat Gun Tool Buying Guide

Want to buy the best embossing heat tool? Then we suggest you check whether your choice of embossing heat tool fulfills the following criteria or not.

How Good is the Power System?

The amount of electric power the heat gun uses is measured in watts. The power system also plays a role in determining the tool’s airflow coverage.. The more wattage a gun has, the better it can perform. If you are working on a bigger  project or thick materials, we advise you opt for a high-power embossing heat gun having over 300W range.

Temperature Range and Settings

The more extensive the machine’s heat range is, the more versatile it will be. So, the heat gun with two or more heat settings will be the better choice, as it’ll allow you to extend your working range.

It would be best if your heating tool has a heat range of 300-1000°C. But as most heat guns’ heat range is below 700°C, an instrument with a 200-500°C temperature control range should be good enough for most crafting projects.

The CFM Volume Capacity

The term CFM (Cubic Feet per Meter) indicates the air volume in cubic feet per minute. The more CFM the heating gun has, the better it will perform. Therefore, try to get one with over 100 CFM measures.

What is the Heating Time?

Plug in the machine and start it to check the heating time. If the tool takes too much time to heat up, its quality is probably not up to the mark.

How Well-Crafted is the Control Mechanism?

The machines that immediately start heating after being plugged in are dangerous. Therefore, try to purchase a heat tool having an on/off switch. Make sure that the switch and the temperature control buttons remain within your finger’s reach while you hold the gun.

Is the Size and Weight Appropriate for You?

Larger-sized embossing craft heat guns are heavier and are tiring to hold for more extended periods. They are also more cumbersome to operate. Thus, it would help if you got a compact design heat gun weighing less than 1lb.

What is the CordLength?

Although too short cord will hinder your movement, too long cable will also get easily tangled. It might even get in your way while you are working. Thus, your embossing heat gun’s cord length should be of a standard size. Typically, a standard length cord of 5-6ft length should be enough for greater mobility without too much hassle.

Is a Nozzle Cap Present?

Nozzle cap is to cover the hot nozzle to prevent you from accidentally touching it. This is a must-have feature to avoid any accidental burns, especially if there are children at home.

How to Use an Embossing Heat Gun?

An embossing heat gun is a must to melt the embosser powder and to create texture on paper, wood or any similar material. But if you’re a beginner, not knowing about the proper application procedure will only add to your hassle. So, follow the procedure below to avoid any mistakes.

Items You’ll Need

To produce a quality textured papercraft, you will require the following items.

Using a Heat Gun for Embossing: Step-By-Step Procedure

Once you secure everything, it’s time for your DIY paper crafting. Just follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned, and you’ll get a perfect embosser papercraft:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use a Heat Gun for Embossing?

Yes, you can. A heat gun’s function is to emit enough heat to melt something. An embossing heat gun is not much different from regular heat guns. You just need to be careful so that the airflow of the gun does not scatter your embossing powder.

Simply set your heat gun on a low setting. Then position its nozzle above the embossing powder and move in small circles. Keep doing so until the powder melts and transforms.

Can You Emboss Without a Heat Gun?

An embossing heat gun can indeed make your paper embossing project much more fun and faster. But that does not mean that you won’t be able to emboss without an embossing heat tool. However, that does not mean you could use a hair dryer or oven for embossing. That will just result in disaster.

Then what can you use? You can use a heating tool with top-notch precision. Try embossing with an ironing machine, toaster, or curling iron. You should get a satisfactory result.

What Do I Need for Heat Embossing?

Heat embossing is an excellent way of creating unique papercrafts. But without some items, it can become next to impossible to create great finished pieces. We have a list of essential items for your papercraft project. You might be able to use alternatives to some of these items, but proper usage of these will give you results that you won’t get with other options.

How Hot Do Embossing Guns Get?

It depends on your embossing gun’s maximum heat range. For instance, an embossing heat tool with a 300°C max heat, can heat up to the same degree if overheated.

Can You Use a Hairdryer for Embossing?

No, you can’t. The air generated by the hairdryer is too strong to emboss. It will just blow away all the powder and leave you with nothing else.

What Kind of Paper Do You Use for Embossing?

Anything will do as long as it is not too thin. But it is best if you use a thicker, heavier paper like cardstock for your embossing project. The thinner the paper, the more likely it is to curl up under heat.

Are Embossing Heat Guns Dangerous?

Any tool handled carelessly can be dangerous. As embossing heat tools work with high heat, careless handling of these tools can cause accidents. We advise you to not touch thegun’s nozzle after usage to prevent any possibility of burn-related injuries. It would be best to place the tool on a heat proof surface after usage. If the tool comes with a nozzle cap, we suggest you use it to cover the hot nozzle lest you or anyone else accidentally touch it.

Can I Strip Paint With an Embossing Heat Gun?

Yes, you can. The primary function of a heat gun is to heat something. Using a heat gun, you can soften and melt old paint or varnish. Then gently scrape over the surface, and the stain should pull apart pretty easily.

So, What is the Best Embossing Heat Tool?

To make sure your investment comes with a proper return, we’ve reviewed some of the best embossing heat guns in the market.  Each gadget has its own set of strengths. The iCom Mini Heat Tool’s easy-to-use features are why we declared it the most suitable for beginners. On the other hand, the Sizzix 663706 Heat Tool is best for professionals due to its versatility, focus on precision, and ease of usage. 

Similarly, the all-rounded qualities of the Chandler Tool CTHG150D made it our editor’s pick. And American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun’s affordable price is why we declare it as one’s best budget choice. But that doesn’t mean that the other six products don’t have their own charm. In our opinion, all the guns mentioned above are superb and will be a great purchase.