Best Hand Saw for Cutting Tree Trunks Reviews For Beginners 2021

Sometimes when you want to cut small to medium-sized trees or tree branches , using hand saws should get the job done perfectly. After all, you don’t want to disturb neighbors with a chainsaw when doing small cutting jobs. There are several benefits that you will get from using a hand saw. This tool is lightweight, durable, affordable, and easy to store. But how do you pick the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks?

This is where we come in. Our expert team researched the market and compared the features of different hand saws. They tested various models from different brands and selected the top best products that are safe and comfortable to use. We have given you best hand saw for cutting logs that you can check.

These are incredible hand saws that are easy to use and don’t require too much effort. Let us have a look at some buying tips and reviews so that you can get a better understanding.


Types of Hand Saws:

There are different types of hand saws when it comes to cutting trees or tree brunches. For example, pole saw, bow saw, pruning saw etc. Different types of hand saws are useful for variety ranges of works. Some are good for pruning trees, some are better for cutting thick trees or tree branches, and some are for shaping or trimming trees in your garden. Your final verdict on which one to buy should be based on your intended use.

Bow Saw:

Bow saws are a useful hand tool when it comes to cutting trees. It has all around use, from trimming to cutting logs. It is a type of framed hand saw used for straight of curved cuts through push and pull motion.

Pole saw:

Pole saws have a completely different build form compared to bow saws. A Pole saw is mainly used to cut tree branches that are hard to reach by hand. This type of hand saw is attached to a pole for trimming branches that are hard to reach. They can either be manual or power tool.

Pruning Saw:

Pruning saws are usually efficient for trimming branches or even cutting medium sized branches or logs depending on the size of the blade. The blades of a pruning saw can be fixed or adjustable or curved blades depending on the model.

Recommended Best Hand Saw For Cutting Tree Trunks Reviews

In the market, it’s obvious that there are always the products to be considered before purchasing. This relies on the needs of the user. The following are some of the examples of the best hand saws to use in cutting trees.

Our Top 5 Hand Saw Collections


Product Name

Editor Rating


Comes weighing 1.7 pounds, light enough to be held comfortably. This hand saw contains both bow saw and hacksaw blades. It is designed with a high frequency welded frame which will offer you excellent stability, quick cuts, and no flex.

This is a durable and safe hand saw that you could rely on for metal and wood cutting tasks. The Irwin 218HP-300 comes with a 12-inch blade that can cut both wood and metal effortlessly. It also features a knuckle guard, an anti-slip grip and a protective sheath. All these safety features are designed to keep your hand safe when using this bow saw.

Furthermore, this hand saw features a well-built handle made out of tubular steel which makes the tool light and extremely strong to handle all your wood and metal cutting.

Overall, this bow saw is well designed to enable you to easily replace the blade. Its awesome design also lets you use both hands comfortably when cutting tree trunks or thick branches. Additionally, this cutting tool features a deep throat which enables it perform heavy duty task like cutting larger metal as well as plastic diameter pipes.


  • Designed with premium tubular steel
  • Makes quick cuts.
  • Easy blade replacement feature.
  • Comes with safety handling features.
  • Comes with both a wood cutting blade and a hacksaw blade.


  • Not good for people with big hands.
  • Can only cut medium-sized tree trunks and branches.

Truper is a Mexican company which has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over 40 years. It manufactures high-quality tools relying on the most efficient and advanced technology to create excellent quality hand tools.

With such popularity, you can only expect the best from the Truper 30255 bow saw to satisfy your sewing needs. This hand saw is ideal for professional and beginner. It has excellent features that make it easy to handle.

The Truper 30255 comes with a well-built sturdy frame which is lightweight for comfort when cutting tree trunks or tree branches. Its tensioning mechanism is of top quality, giving you high-quality cuts throughout all your cutting tasks. Any high-quality bow saw should feature a knuckle guard or knuckle protector, and the Truper 30255 has just that to ensure your knuckles and the hand, in general, is well protected.

If you are looking for the best bow saw to cut Greenwood, then this bow saw is the perfect option you will get on the market. The hand saw can handle various heavy-duty greenwood cutting without any hassle thanks to the strong blade. This bow saw comes in green and dry wood models, and it’s up to you to choose which one will work for you.


  • You can get it in green and dry wood models.
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds, makes sawing less exhausting.
  • It is made of the high-quality tensioning system.
  • Features a knuckle guard
  • Comfortable to use
  • Designed with quality materials


  • Tends to get stuck in wood at times.
  • Blade teeth don’t cut efficiently.

Fiskars 7029 is the best bow saw for cutting trees that was designed for clearing and cutting thick bushes as it features a well-built steel blade with the hardened precision ground. Also, you will get a lightweight bow saw that is easy to hold and carry around.

The 21inch blade maintains sharpness used for a while. This helps you to cut tree limbs or tree branches without having to use much force on the tool. As a result, you can finish your cutting jobs pretty fast. It features a lifetime warranty and hardened high carbon steel blade with rust inhibitor which makes it resistant to rust.

Furthermore, it is designed with a tubular steel frame. This tubular design makes the hand saw strong enough for cutting trees or pruning trees while being light weighted. You don’t have to worry about safety as it comes with a tension lever which can adjust the blade for the proper hand grip. This adjustable blade placement ensures both comfort and safety.

The compact design with properly spaced teeth on this cutting tool makes it a great hand saw for cutting cutting trees. Aside from working without exhausting your hand, this bow saw also comes with super sharp carbon steel blade, and it will maintain its sharpness for a while after great service. Because of the durable and sharp blades cutting both thin and thick trees or tree branches in your garden will take much lesser time.


  • It is safe to use
  • The compact design makes it comfortable to use
  • Can cut thick branches and trees.
  • Hardened carbon steel with a rust inhibitor.
  • Comes with a safety tension lever.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Rivets are not durable.
  • Requires one to wear gloves when cutting.

This hand saw from Bahco is specifically designed to cut green wood, although you can also use it on dry wood and lumber. Even though it is a 30 inch ergo bow saw, cutting trees won’t exhaust you because of it’s lightweight build of only 1.9lbs. The bow saw features an oval tube frame of superior strength to make cutting through wood easy and quick.

Bahco 30inch ergo bow saw features a hardened and precision blade which has a triangular set of teeth for aggressive cuts on a pull and push sequence. The advanced tensioning system on the handle of the tool is specifically made to enable the user to make straight cuts effortlessly. Furthermore, its top-class Swedish steel will give you the best hand saw to last you years of great service.

This bow saw also comes with a knuckle guard on the handle to give you great comfort while sawing. The fact that the blade built with tampered teeth will ensure that it stays sharp and very reliable throughout various cuts. The paint on this bow saw also stands out as it is corrosion and rust resistant and the blade will give you the power to handle large cuts.


  • It is great for cutting, and it won’t get stuck in the wood.
  • Advanced tensioning system
  • Comes with a knuckle guard
  • Cuts straight and sharply


  • Blade protector is made of plastic

The Bahco 9 All-purpose Bow Saw has exceptional reviews from customers world-wide. If you buy the saw for purposes within it’s arena, then this saw will never fail you! This hand saw for cutting trees is sure to be a titan in any list of top picks.

This all-purpose bow saw is designed with a steel tubular frame to keep the bow saw light regardless of the 36inch blade. It also comes with hardened steel to reduce the need for sharpening it every now and then. Additionally, this bow saw features an advanced tension lever to give the user a comfortable grip as well as ease when replacing the blade.

It is versatile as you can use it for different tasks like running, framing, gardening, and construction work. It is also designed for cutting green wood effortlessly. The raker toothing design provides aggressive cuts effortlessly. If you are looking for the best hand saw for cutting logs, this all-purpose saw can be a great investment.

Safety should be a major consideration when you are working with the best electric saw for cutting trees, or any hand saw. In this regards, this model comes with a knuckle guard handle to give you a strong and safe grip while sawing. This bow saw is excellent at giving great precision when sawing all thanks to the well-designed thin blade.


  • Comes with a 36inch blade for perfect precision.
  • Features a tension lever.
  • Hardened steel blade.
  • Features tubular frame.
  • Safe to use


  • Extra zip-ties for fastening the knuckle protector is recommended

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Things to Consider Before Buying Hand Saw for Cutting Trees:

Are you a professional carpenter, craftsman or an enthusiast and you are planning to purchase the best hand saw for cutting logs? If yes, then the following features and guidelines will help you get the hand saw of your choice, which will last longer.

A Good Grip

This is all about the handle which is appropriate for precision and the control of the saw. Always make sure it matches and fits your hand to perform the activities you carry out effectively.

As usual, the large handle makes the user lose force and reduce the precision, and this will reduce the speed of work and the performance. It’s advisable to get a rubber handle as it increases the grip even if the hand gets wet by sweating.

The Thickness of the Blade

Here, we shall also talk of precision and good performance. A thicker blade helps the hand saw to perform better and creates more stiffness providing higher precision.

However, at times there may be a need for thinner cuts which may include an example of furniture, and at this point, it requires the equal balance between the geometry of the tooth and the flexibility.

TPI or Teeth Per Inch:

Another important aspect to keep in mind while buying hand saws is the number of TPI or teeth per inch that indicates the tooth count. The higher the tooth count the more delicate cuts can be achieved by that hand saw. On the other hand, lesser tooth count indicates rough edges created by the blade. So, tooth count can determine the type of materials that hand saw can handle and finishing quality the blades can achieve.

Your Needs Should Be Corresponding To the Tooth Geometry

The sharpness of the blade will depend on your needs. Therefore, make sure the teeth of the cutting edge are razor sharp to increase your work efficiency and performance.

To make fine high-precision cuts, the edge should be according to your needs like an example is the 3-phase grinding on the HBX saw which always grounds in three different angles, and this usually requires less force.

Earlier, there was the Ryoba hand saw which had two cutting edges and the teeth cut both along and across the wood that is rip cut and cross-cut. This is an optimal choice for making furniture.

Therefore, to conclude, always make sure your needs match the saw that you purchase to raise your productivity using less force.

Blade Protection

This is mainly for protection and the safety of the user and the surrounding of the hand saw. For more safety, it is advisable to purchase a saw with user-friendly design. Locking mechanism/safety lock is a mention worthy safety feature which most of the modern design hand saws incorporate.

Blade protection also increases the longevity of the saw blade. This serves as bonus protection to the user.

Final Words

In conclusion, I consider the above hand saws to be best and effective for functions like gardening, cutting, and also shaping trees. It’s advisable to have a comparison and to follow the buying guide to know the important aspects while buying hand saws. When you’re not using power tools, perfect selection of hand tool is must to reduce manpower and increase efficiency.

For tasks like cutting trees and tree branches in your garden, out top picks should do the job comfortably. Also, they feature a strong construction making them durable. So, if you are on the lookout for the best hand saw like Thrive Tools 21 inch Bow Saw for cutting tree trunks, you have the right information that will help you land on the best product.

If your prefer hand saw with TPR handles then
CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 15-Inch (CMHT20880)  is a great choice! This is an excellent hand saw for cutting trees !

Compare the unique aspects of the above hand saws so that you can determine which one is suitable for you. We have also included a complete buying guide so that you can know the essential aspects to check when buying a hand saw for cutting trees.

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