best miter saw blade for fine cuts

You are about to know the best miter saw blade for fine cuts which you can buy and use for your all woodworking projects. It is essential for you to select the right miter saw blade if you want to get fine miter cutting and trimming for all your woodworking projects.

For you to have fine cuts, you’ll need miter saw blade with many teeth but at times, a miter saw blade with many teeth can cause give rough cuts. I have selected the best miter saw blade for fine woodworking of proper tooth count which you can choose the one best for you and use in all your projects.

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Hitachi Miter saw Blade

The Hitachi 725206 is a good miter saw blade from Hitachi (a good manufacturer that produces top-notch products). The 725206 cuts with precision and ease. It makes smooth and precise cuts with its 72 teeth, making it one of the best miter saw blade for trim.

The Hitachi 725206 is well designed, and it is made up of solid materials which can withstand years of repeated use. This 10-inch miter saw blade is also attached with 3 metals which deliver best cutting performance. This blade is ideal for veneer, soft and hardwood floors, laminates, and cross-cutting ultra-fine and smooth finishes.

The Hitachi 725206 at times dulls faster than other blades. At times I make use of a 40-tooth blade and only brings out the 725206 72 teeth tungsten carbide blade when I want to use it for precise and fine cuts.

Makita Miter saw blade

Makita the producer of quality saws and miter saw blades. If you are in need of a quality blade for smaller miter saws, the Makita A-93681 10-inch is the best for it. It is an 80-tooth micro-polished miter saw blade that is ideal for cutting materials like softwood, plywood, and hardwood. It is a fully well-tensioned and hardened steel blade that provides fine and precise cuts.

The Makita A-93681 10-inch blade features an ultra-thin kerf carbide tipped design that offers the smoothest cuts. This miter saw blade works with little drag on the motor and this leads to minimum material wastage. It has a micro-grain carbide tooth that is perfectly honed with about 600 grit to provide a mirror finish for all your woodworking projects. Aside from the teeth design, this miter saw blade also has an alternative top and alternative design that provides precise cuts.

3. DEWALT Parent Title Miter saw Blade​

The Dewalt DW3128P5 12-inch blade comes in a 2 set. The set is quite popular and can be used to make accurate, fast, and smooth cuts on different materials such as plywood, softwood, and hardwood. It is a pair of blades, one with 80 teeth for extra fine cuts, while the other a 32-tooth blade, suitable for rip cutting. The set is both thin kerf blades easy to spin. With these blades, you won’t end up with a large amount of wasted material.

The tips of the blades are made of tungsten and carbide which makes them stay sharp for a long period of time. The miter saw blades feature a plate precisely balanced by a computer thus providing you with a better finish for your cuts and also, the precision of your cuts doesn’t suffer.

The set of blades has more steel behind the tips because of the wedge shoulder design. And with the steel behind the tips, the miter saw blades are less likely to break, and you will get a lot of accuracies too.

INGTERCO Miter Saw Blade

The INGTERCO 8-1/4-inch miter saw blade is a heavy-duty production blade that features an increased thickness of kerf and plate for quick and smooth cutting action. It has titanium carbide tips that give razor-sharp cuts and can last for a long period of time.

If you are looking for a circular saw, table saw, miter saw for ripping and crosscutting, this blade is the ideal one. The INGTERCO 8-1/4-inch is best used on natural wood, veneered plywood, softwood, hardwood, and abrasive wood. The only disadvantage of this blade is that it seldom produces clean and precise cuts.

Diablo Miter Saw Blade

Are you looking for a quality miter saw blade for fine woodworking that is ideal for ripping and crosscutting? If yes, try the Diablo D1050X blade. This saw blade works well on wood and wood composites giving you quality and smooth finishes.

Diablo D1050X 10-inch combination saw blade is easy to use and makes your cutting task faster. This blade features a large gullet which provides you with enough space for effective ripping. The teeth are also closely-grouped which will help you achieve smooth cuts.

This miter saw blade is durable. Its tips are made up of a tough steel plate and high-density carbide tip that is strong and long-lasting. It has a cleaning cutting design that offers a smooth and comfortable performance. It provides fine cuts, and the laser cut kerf gives more control which can enable one to complete his task quickly.

The blade’s 50 teeth are resistant to wear and tear and can keep the blade sharp for a very long time. Another key feature of this blade is the laser cut heat expansion slots which allows the effective expansion of the miter saw due to heat build-up thus providing you with fine and precise cuts.


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Things To Consider

There are so many things to consider before choosing the best miter saw blade for 2×4. If you are a new woodworker, you probably may select any blade as long as its design is nice. It doesn’t really work like that. It is very important to select the best different situations.

This Blade is also important you choose the right size of miter saw blade. The miter saw blades founds in different sizes, abilities, and value ranges.

Blade Types

The first and most important thing you need to know before buying a miter saw blade is the size. The miter saw blade sizes differs and the type of saw you will select will depend on the type of project you want to do. Here are a few common types of miter saw blades available;

  • Circular saw blades- Circular saw blades are ideal for titling work and it also uses to cut through metal, wood, and masonry.
  • Reciprocating saw blade – This blade is perfect if you already have a reciprocating saw. The blades are perfect for cutting wood, drywall, metal, etc.
  • Course cut blade– This blade is ideal for softwood, boards, and hardwood.
  • Fine cut blades – These blades are ideal for laminated plywood, chip boards, wood core plywood and many more.
  • Very course cut blade- This blade is best pick for hand materials such as metal and masonry.

Blade Material

Miter saw blades are available in different materials. Most of them are making up of steel which are expensive but gets dull quickly. It is advisable to go for carbide tipped blades or industrial diamond finish though expensive but can last for a very long time. The carbide blades and industrial diamond finish are ideal for cutting aluminium and are also perfect for ceramic and masonry tiling.

Blade Size and Thickness

It is also good to consider the size and thickness of the blade you want to purchase for your project. If you want to cut faster and sharper go for a thinner blade. If you need a durable blade that can cut through metal, then consider a thicker blade. The sizes of miter saw blades are 5 inches to 12 inches and each of the sizes is fit for a particular saw. So check the manual that comes with your miter saw to know the right size to select.

Number of Teeth

Consider blades with fewer teeth if you prefer larger cuts. Blades with more teeth gives you fine and smooth finish on the edges of the wood so if you want to have finer and smooth finish, go for blades with more teeth. The type of blade teeth varies, they have flat top which is best for ripping hardwood, while top bevel teeth and combination teeth are perfect for ripping and crosscutting.

Types of Saw you have

It is also important you know the type of saw you have.  Though you can use the blade in more than one saw, it does not always apply. What type of saw do you have? Is it a circular saw or a table saw? Each saw has a particular type of blade recommended for it. Always check the packaging or the blade to know which one works well for you.

Final Verdict

By reading our review of the best miter saw blades for fine cuts, I strongly believe you will select the right saw blade for your project. Choosing the right saw blade gives you success when handling all your woodworking projects.

It doesn’t matter if you are cutting plywood, hardboard, plastic etc, you can easily choose the right miter saw blade for any specific task. It is always advisable to buy quality and long-lasting saw blades than buying cheap and less quality saw blade which will dull quickly.

If you buy high-quality miter saw blades like HITACHI 115435, it will save you from wear and tear and you won’t replace the blade frequently. All the miter saw mentioned above are well-designed and will get your job done as long as you use them correctly.