Welcome to my blog and it is my great privilege to share some important things that will be covered in this page. Are you not interested to get best Random Orbital Sander? Yes, definitely you do but most of us do not exactly know which one is best and what benefits you will get from it. After end of this article you will be able to know the use of this handy tool.

To get a smooth surface sanding plays vital role. You will learn more about the different types of random orbital sanders and their pros as well as cons. There are different types of sanders and they might be different in size and shapes.

For your easy understanding we have discussed elaborately so that you can figure out which one you actually need. You will also be able to make the comparison for your easy perusal. There is also analysis of frequently asked question that will surely help you to give proper information in a nut shell about the Random Orbital Sander.

Things to Consider When Buying a Random Orbital Sander

There are several things that you should consider while selecting the best random orbit sander. These are as follows: –

Dust Collection System

It is very important to collect dust from sander. The task sanders accomplish is simply great because it takes all the harmful dust that might cause you to get physically sick.

Base Plate

Base plate plays vital role to make the surface smooth. Strong base plate can ensure the quality outcomes.

Motor and OPM

You must check the motor quality of orbital sander as well as the OPM range as per your work load. Different orbital sanders have different OPM so you need to sort it out accordingly.

Power Source

It is important to know the source of power. In most cases the source is corded electric.


There are different model of Random Orbital sander. Once you are able to distinguish the benefits you will be able to select the best model for your own.

10 Best Random Orbital Sander

Best Random Orbital Sander over dozens of competitive models from different brands are listed below:


Festool products are made in Germany. This product is very good and it has very little vibration. It has a speed controlling system that lets you use this very comfortably. It is a one-handed machine that you can use very easily. There is a sanding pad brake that will help you to run this tool smoothly.

There is a 27mm dust extraction port along with a reusable dust bag. The price seems higher but after using it you will surely say this worth spending this price. Quality sandpaper used in this item. Using this Festool lets you work smoothly and you will not get tired as you were before with other tools.


  • It is comfortable in size and easy to handle
  • The weight of the product is comparatively light than others.
  • It is very helpful for users to do the job quickly.
  • It saves time.
  • It has the variability of the step-less speed that assists the users to complete the job.
  • The product has a balanced vibration stop design which helps to run the activities efficiently.


  • Sometimes the size of the product may create disturbances of the user.

2. DEWALT Orbital Sander || 20V MAX

20V max is a cordless and brushless orbital sander that allows you to work very comfortably. You will get the speed control ranging from 8000 to 12000 OPM that lets you do many tasks at once.

To collect dust there is a dust bag attached with this tool in a very well position. To grip this tool there is rubber molded that helps you perform your job very easily. There is an option to change the paper for your sanding pad. The battery used in it is very small in size so the overall weight is very light.


  • The product is convenient to use for its low price.
  • The variability speed of the product helps to adjust completes the job following the user’s expectations.
  • The height of the product is small than others that’s why it is easy to control.
  • IT has a brushless motor helps to continue the work for a long time.
  • The battery and charger are available and easy to change User can collect them individually.
  • It has a rubberized speed control grip that manages the overall work nicely.


  • The product sometimes may not able to clean the dust properly.
  • It spends a large power of the battery.

3. Best Orbital Sander || BLACK+DECKER 5-Inch (BDERO100)

There are hook and loop system with this Black and Decker Random Orbit Sander. It is 5 inch having an option that leads it to change the paper smoothly. There is a dust-sealed the switch which helps to keep all dust in and out. Most of the other brands of sandpaper will work on it very nicely.

It works well on all surfaces. It allows a maximum of 12000 RPM. This product will give you a money-back guarantee. This model lets to remove paint, wood varnish, metals, plastics and you can also do finishing work on any surface. You can rotate this product in your comfortable ways. The size is small so you can easily carry this product.


  • It maintains high quality and random orbital action that assists to complete the work perfectly.
  • The system of hook and loop completes the work rapidly and helpful for matching the changes of the papers.
  • It has a dust-sealed switch which collects the entire dust properly.
  • This product contains many useful mechanisms such as proper dust bag, BDERO100 sander and the sheet of sanding.
  • The dust cleaning system of the product is nice.


  • The price of the product is quite high.

4. Makita Orbital Sander || Makita BO5041K 5-Inch​

5 Inch Random Orbit Sander from Makita is good at a speed that varies, gripping is much better and also it has a great controlling system. There is a front handle from where you can adjust the tool easily.

The speed is in between 4000 to 12000 OPM. There are dust bag and disk available with this handy tool. The dust collection system gives you a very neat and clean environment.


  • The 3.0 AMP sanding motor is soft and speedy.
  • It has an economic rubberized palm grip that is better controllable to the users.
  • To maintain the pad speed it has a pad speed control system.
  • The users always feel relieved to utilize the product because it has a large two-finger trigger switch which set on the lock-on button. So, users can continue their work constantly.
  • The large inches random orbital action is so effective that it helps to do the work rapidly and ensures well finish.
  • This product maintains a variable speed control dial that is capable to connect the sanding speed according to the users’ expectations.
  • It maintains a high capacity dust collection system. So, the cleanliness system is controllable very efficiently.
  • The adjustable front handle is amazing. By using it the activities will easy to finish rapidly and also comfortable to handle.


  • It takes more time to complete the heavy work.

5. Bosch Random Orbital Sander || Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch

There is a pad dampening braking system that eliminates swirl marks on a finished piece of work. This handy tool allows you to smoothen your work. It is very effective for carpenters and those who are involved a lot in household works related to furnishing the wood items.

The speed is also controllably ranging from 4500 to 12000 OPM. The tool is very soft to grip and it is comfortable for users. There is a very nice system for dust filtering. 3.3-amp motor is used in this item. You can use this for multi-tasks. There is a dust canister for your safety and security purposes.


  • The design of the sander with pad that has orbits and rotates which ensures better exterior cleaning system.
  • To stop the swirl marks the integral pad dampening system is used that assists to complete the job nicely.
  • It contains a micro filter dust system and it is small in size.
  • The variable speed dial carries out the job for managing the sander and the work of the user.
  • This product is convenient and safe for users.


  • The price of the product is quite high for some users.

6. Bosch Random Orbital Sander || Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Bosch ROS20VSC is a 5-inch Random Orbit sander and it has 2.5 Amp that helps to control the variable speed. With this handy tool, you can easily complete the work with smooth finishing. Quick task completion is the ultimate aim of this tool.

The system is set in such a way that end users can easily do their job. There is an excellent filter system for dust. A dust collector works well. You can replace the pads anytime you want. It has an adapter that is required for the powering system.


  • It has a smooth finishing system that ensures the entire activities fast.
  • The disc attachment system is easy for the users.
  • It has a 2.5 Amp variable speed control motor that controls the different working patterns.
  •  To collect the dust perfectly it maintains a microfilter system. The dust level will see by the dust canister.
  •  It has many facilities such as sanding disc, sanding pad, dust canister, vacuum adapter, carrying case, dampening ring, etc.
  •  The swirl marks will remove by using this product.


  • This sander has a slow start.
  • Without the vacuum hose connected, it is difficult to control the sander.

7. Random Orbital Sander || SKIL 5” Papers and Dust Box – SR211601​

To apply to sand more comfortably this tool is very much handy. It works well, especially on wood, metal and plastic items. It has 7000 to 13000 OPM of variable speed as control. Apart from this, it has a nice vibration control and dust collection system. This model requires three discs.

It is very simple to adjust and change the sanding sheets. It is capable to provide swirl-free finishing of the work. The variable sanding control system is amazing. But sometimes, the technical problem may create a disturbance of the product. The soft rubber grip helps the users to manage the product.


  • The product has a 2.8 Amp motor and provides 13000 orbits per minute that allow doing the work smoothly. ​
  • It can render different sanding applications. ​
  • The cleaning dust container applies cyclone force for expertly gathering the dust. ​
  • The variable speed control system renders extreme power and controls efficiently. ​
  • It maintains an ergonomic design with a soft rubber grip that is easily manageable in users’ hands. ​
  • It collects sand in strict places with its compact size.​
  • It has a dust-sealed on/off useful switch. ​


  • Sometimes the dust collector switch may occur problems. ​

8. Tacklife Orbital Sander || 3.0A 5-Inch Ideal for DIY – PRS01A​

The random orbit sander affords the better task within a moment. The powerful 3.0-amp motor operates the activities very easily. To collect the entire dust the dust collection system works continuously. The paddle switch assists to control the task.

It is a nice tool that is manageable without any pressure. The users can utilize a high-quality surface cleaning system. The product always designs fashionable and innovative systems. The rubberized palm grip ensures better cleaning for a long period. The indoor functions are easily done by it.


  • This product has 3.0A OPM motor and provides 13000 orbits per minute that allow doing various categories to work efficiently.
  • The dust collection performance is excellent. It cleans the tough places and ensures maximum cleanliness.
  • It has a rubberized palm grip that assists the user to clean for a long period.
  • To clean the indoor activities this type of product is perfect.
  • It creates low vibration and low noise.


  • This type of product is not perfect for the wall sanding and dust of the wall. Because dust may spread during the cleaning period. ​
  • It may impossible to clean restricted areas. ​

9. PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander​

This is a 6-inch random orbit sander and it has variable speed. It includes polishing pad, PSA pad, sanding disk to polish and sanding automotive and project related to marine. To control the overload protection, it has 4.5-amp motor as well as random orbit. The electric variable speed operates from 2500 to 6800 OMP. There is a side handle that is removable also and it makes your use more comfortably.

There is also a porter cable tool that has a warranty for three years. This version has both sanding and polisher pad. These pads are very smooth for working. It uses corded electricity as a power source. If you can operate it properly then you will get the maximum output from it for sure. To sand down clear coat to 800 grit level for easy smoothness this is the best tool ever.


  • It has a 4.5 Amp motor.
  • The product provides electronic variable speed dial 2500-6800 OPM that is powerful to complete the job.
  • The design of the product is established by maintaining a lightweight.
  • The random orbit sander with the polishing system is better.
  • It provides two positional accessories that mean left and right side helps to handle perfectly.


  • Back sandpaper is sticky.

10. Skil Random Orbit Sander || 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch

This is a 5-inch orbit sander having pressure control technology. It has 12500 OPM and also filtration dust canister. It has a bad brake, built-in vacuum dust port. Three sanding disks are very simple to use. This product is built-in china. With 40 grit disks, this sander can remove wood easily.

There is a dust port that can extract the dust. You can purchase a dust filter separately. You will find 8 holes in the sanding pad and disk that will cooperate in vacuuming the dust at the time of using. There is one speed available in it. This tool will monitor hand pressure by lighting.

If you see green light then it means it is good. Red indicates more pressures pushing down and red means very hard on the motor. It uses 120 volts to run. You will get 30 days money-back guarantee that means there should not be any confusion about the quality of this product.


  • The product has 5’’ orbit sander
  •  It uses the pressure control system. So, this can manage the activities properly.
  •  This product is constructed in China
  •  It is convenient to utilize for users. 


  • The dust collector may create the problem.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the Difference between a Random Orbital Sander and an Orbital Sander?

The orbital sander moves in a circular motion only and on the other hand, random orbital sander just moves back and forth. A random orbital sander can remove many materials but the orbital sander cannot remove a lot of materials.

A random orbital sander is very powerful compared to orbital sander whereas orbital sander is not so powerful and as to why it cannot remove a lot of materials at the same time.

Is Orbital Sander Better?

This type of sander is tiny and compatible so you can easily use it if you want to do your work in less specious places. It has a square shape that leads you to work perfectly on stairs and floors.

You can find many brands for your choice and options. Apart from this, you can also check online reviews to make your decision easily before buying any orbital sander.

How Does a Random Orbital Sander Work?

A random orbital sander works simultaneously being spun the sanding disk and it moves to the ellipse. Swirl marks are being prevented by random sanding actions. The direction does not matter for grain at the time of sanding. The ultimate size is about 5 inches or 6 inch which is very relevant according to the disk sizes.

What Kind of Sander is Best for Refinishing Furniture?

This choice varies from person to person. Some like Bosch and some like Makita for refinishing furniture. To have a powerful feeling some use Bosch. Some users look for logical designs then they select Makita to complete their task. Black + Decker has a reputation of low price but serves more. So, people, who want to look for cheap ranges they select this.

Apart from this, it has also a higher OPM which is 16000. Some select porter cables to do sufficient works. Apart from this, you can get feedback from previous users. If you go to amazon websites then you can find many reviews that might help you to make your final decision.

What is The Best Sander for Removing Paint?

To complete your work smoothly sanders help a lot. Selecting the best sander is very important to serve the purpose well. Random orbit Sander is very effective for accomplishing the wooden task more accurately. If you select the best orbital sander then your life will be easier.

If you plan to buy one then you can also go through wood magazine random orbit sander review. It will help you to decide easily. There is also the best cordless random orbital sander that you can find.

Also, you may find the best cordless orbital sander. There are Dewalt random orbital sander, best orbital sander, large orbital sander and if you want to have variable speed random orbital sander then you can also find many reviews from online platforms.

Random Orbital Sander Guides

It is really difficult to select the RO amongst many others because most of them are really up to the mark and they are good in quality. Some people find orbital sander as a quite boring one so they feel better when they start using a random orbital sander.

There are many features available on those tools and if you can make the proper comparison of it then you will find the best one for sure. You can check the market requirement and the ranking in terms of the feedback and reviews of the previous users.

You have to look into the AMP of each tool, overall speed in OPM and also you need to consider the ratings given by other users. You need to see the dust collection system, variable speed, base plates, motor power, etc. Apart from this also it is important to check how much comfortable you feel while you grip the tool.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, there are many random orbital sanders in the market and due to rising competition; all of the tools are strongly built with many features that can satisfy the customers’ requirements completely. As a result, you might get confused to find out the best Random orbital sander among them.

Depend on your workload whether you will work heavily or not you should choose the tool. All of the products are made up of many features and those are done keeping in mind that customers’ have different needs and purposes. You have to look into the gripping system and how comfortable the tool is while you are handling it.


It is better to look into the pros and cons before you buy the tool. There is sandpaper disk available in the product and you also need to know whether the disk pads are changeable or not. There is also a warranty given for each tool and you should make sure you get it.

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