Top 10 Best Reciprocating Saws Reviews And Buying Guide

A reciprocating saw is a versatile and powerful tool that you can use to cut through different materials like wood, masonry, metal, and fiberglass, among other materials. The tools work where the blade’s cutting action alternates in a pull and push motion to provide faster cuts. With the wide range of tools on the market, it can be hard to choose the best reciprocating saw.

We researched the market and analyzed different models of reciprocating saws to help you make the right choice. The tools come as corded or cordless models so you can choose the right one depending on the portability requirements. They also come with different blades that are suited for various tasks.

Our reviews cover innovative and quality reciprocating saws designed to help you handle your work accurately and effortlessly. All these saws are quality and made of the finest art to suit the buyer’s specifications and needs. This list will help you decide which reciprocating saw best fits you.

Things to consider

Before purchasing a corded reciprocating saw, there are several things every buyer must put into consideration. Here are some of the important aspects to look at when buying a reciprocating saw include the following:


In the growing market today, cordless and corded reciprocating saws are quite popular. It only depends on what the user wants and if they understand the difference between the two types of reciprocating saws. Most people generally prefer cordless saws because of their portability to do tasks anywhere, but it all depends on power.

Most Corded saws have higher power usage than cordless reciprocating saws because of their direct power input, unlike using battery-powered saws. In this industry, today, know the difference between a cheap or expensive reciprocating saw is easy, let me explain to you how.

A cheap reciprocating saw will have cheap plastic covering design while an expensive reciprocating saw will be fitted with a rubber design.

This all matters with the ability for a user to use the saw for a long time, plastic covering grip makes it tiresome for the user; hence, most users prefer using rubber cased reciprocating saws for heavy projects to reduce fatigue of the user. Most expensive saws have shock absorbs for the vibration and also good for handling.


When handling a heavy-duty project, a user must always consider the weight of the saw because of its crucial aspect when operating the saw. Generally, it is said that a heavier reciprocating saw has minimal vibration and can improve the control of the saw in which a user can work for a long time without having to worry about the workload given.

Lightweight reciprocating saws are generally used for small jobs because they vibrate more and don’t have the best controlling options. If you want a comfortable saw that you can handle its weight, look at the type of task you are about to undertake and conclude the following.

For a big project, heavier saw and vice versa. Most reciprocating saws weigh about 5-10 pounds. The average weight a human being can handle for a long time without fatigue. So before getting a saw always look at the weight specifications to know what kind of work the saw can handle. 

Multiple Speed Settings

Do you understand the multiple speed setting when adjusting and which speed is efficient for the right job? This is very important as it will increase the efficiency of the task at hand. Not every job needs a fast speed cutting adjustment control, and not all jobs can take a slow speed cutting adjustment control.

You have to know what kind of work you are doing so that you may adjust the saws speed at the right level. Generally, plastic pipes do well with slow cutting speed. This will enhance the precision of the cuts. For high-speed settings, they can be used in cutting wood and also concrete walls. These are some of the few examples where multiple speed settings are considered.

Strokes per Minute

In general, saws that have more power amperage have more strokes per minute. The corded reciprocating saw can adjust up to 2000 – 3000 strokes per minute while the cordless can perform 2000 – 2500 strokes per minute. This sums up the difference in power. Let’s say more power brings out more strokes per minute.


The quality of the cuts is affected by the vibration intensity the reciprocating saw can handle. Most reciprocating saws are designed to achieve precision and accurate cuts; hence, vibration is an essential aspect to look at.

Heavier saws have minimal vibration suitable for heavy jobs, while lightweight saws have slightly more vibration than the heavy saws. This is why they are designed like this. The grip fitted in the saws also matters, consider a saw that has been fitted with comfortable padding to suit your need and also reduce fatigue to your hands when using it.

Blade Change Mechanism

Corded reciprocating saws have one of the best advantages over cordless saws in that the blade mechanism can be able to perform different cuts. This is made possible by the available different blade change settings, and also most corded saws come with a blade set; hence, you can change the blades at your own will.

Picking a saw that can make blade changing easier is essential; hence, always look out for saws that can have this feature. Key-less clamp mechanisms enhance most modern saws in speeding up the changing of the blades.

Amperage or Voltage

Power is the number one thing to consider when getting a saw. Power will determine what kind of job will best fit the saw you are going to buy. Most saws have an amperage of about 10 – 20 amp motors, but it all depends on the kind of work the user wants the saw to handle. 

You should go for a saw that has a high amount of power. This will enable the saw to perform to its best capacity, and it will also make work easier and faster to perform. The large project needs heavy-duty saws with high power to handle the task, so go for a saw that has very high power for efficient results.

Let’s say you don’t want a high-powered saw and only want a saw that will serve you for a specific small job. I recommend that you get a saw that has less power, let’s say between 5 to 6 amps of power to save your money.

The bigger the project, the more power you will have to use; the smaller the project, the less power you will have. Consider looking at that logic when looking at the power options.

Bare Tool

The bare tool is essential in that most reciprocating saws have one that will rotate to give the user more comfortable will sawing in different angles. Hence this will enable the user to perform better and lessen instances of fatigue

Power Is Everything

Your budget will determine what kind of saw you will buy. Power is everything in saws. Generally, cordless saws consume less power than corded saws making them more suitable for lightweight jobs than heavy jobs which corded saws can handle perfectly because of their power output.

The precision of cuts also is determined by the power output of the saws. Most corded saws have precise cuts than cordless saws due to their power output. Corded reciprocating saws consume way more power than cordless reciprocating saws. The choice is yours, depending on the type of work you want to undertake.

Our Top Picks

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Selecting a quality reciprocating saw can be tough if you don’t have the right information. We have narrowed down options to help you pick a quality tool that will serve you well. Check our reviews and guide and compare the unique aspects of every saw so that you can make the right purchase decision.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX DCS387P1Cordless Reciprocating Saw

 When you are searching for the best reciprocating saws, it is great if you consider a machine that can handle the task at hand. After all, why would you spend your money purchasing a product that doesn’t meet your needs? The DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Reciprocating Saw is designed for all needs.

The DeWalt Company has been known throughout the years to be one of the most popular brands across different countries internationally. Its impressive 20V Max Cordless Reciprocating Saw has amazing features suited perfectly for the buyer’s specification. This 4-position blade holder allows the user to read a spot that is hard to reach. Its power is enough to cut through lots of surfaces.

Highlighted Features



2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

What makes the best reciprocating saw durable? The most important thing that you should bear in mind when buying a reciprocating saw is its ability to keep its durability. If you will be using it very often, you need a machine that can withstand the workload and give you the best results of what you are working on. You need a most durable saw. This is exactly what makes the BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Reciprocating saw absolutely the best for this feature.

The reciprocating saw has user-friendly basic features like a pivoting shoe, variable speed triggers than can be used easily by experts and even beginners.  Online reviews about the product show its ease of use and its simplicity in changing out its blades backed up by a 2-year warranty, what more could you want.

Highlighted Features



3. SKIL 9216-01 9 Amp Reciprocating Saw

SKIL 9216-01 9 Amp Reciprocating Saw providing quality services to its users. If you are willing to spend a little more to acquire a reciprocating saw that will serve you for many years, the SKIL 9216-01 9 Amp reciprocating saw is the best choice as per this category.

The saw is amazing, with is whole metallic housing makes it more durable and fitted for the job. It is also equipped with a padded grip to allow for a firm grip when handling the sawing machine. Its incredible retention system includes a pivoting foot to keep the balance of the saw.

You will appreciate the seamless rotation-ally molded make of the saw that gives it a long life. Again, its leading high-efficiency motor minimizes working hours and faster task completions.

Highlighted Features



4. DEWALT Reciprocating saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)

This is one of the most powerful saws in the market, built explicitly for heavy-duty projects. Fitted with a 4-blade clamp unit, it has increased flush cutting and versatility in facilitating blade changes.

The beast of a machine operates at a speed of 800 strokes per minute with a 1/8 inches stroke length making it one of the fastest cutters in the market. It also has a variable speed trigger, which can allow you to control its speed with ease.

The saw is user-friendly as it can be maneuvered to cut in different directions without any difficulties. Its weight is also not heavy; hence, a user can use it for bigger and more time taking projects on hand. Its Price is pocket-friendly, and you are assured of using the item for a long time because of its solid built mechanism.  

Highlighted Features



5. Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK 1-1/8-Inch 11-Amp Reciprocating Saw and 10-Piece General Purpose Blade Set

When you want to focus on a specific point of cutting. The Bosch RS7 has dual-Led lights that help in illuminating the cutting zone for accuracy and great result, how cool is that? This is the best corded reciprocating saw that can handle a wide range of applications.

You can use the tool to cut materials like drywall, cement board, plywood, sheet metal, rough lumbar and metal piping just to mention a few. This 11-Amp reciprocating saw can improve cutting control through its variable-speed trigger, which can cut various materials.

This saw stands out from the rest with its unique lightweight structure and its long sharp blade, which is found in high-grade saws. It has a set of 10 blades that make the tool general purpose and can take on any project at hand. When you are working with any power tool, comfort and control are important for successful cuts.

This reciprocating saw features a variable speed trigger that allows you to achieve excellent performance when cutting through different materials. It is also designed with a soft ergonomic handle that gives you a better grip to keep you comfortable when working for many hours.

Highlighted Features



6. Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

The Consistency of having any tool that can serve all your daily requirements and doesn’t wear and tear is an essential aspect when it comes to most people. The Hitachi brand introduces a combination of unique features that can produce innovation and precision in its art of work.

On the field, this saw is a beast because of is heavy-duty power output that makes work done efficiently. The most unique saw fitted with the up-to-date vibration technology which most saw lovers have been yearning to have. This decreases fatigue with a wide gap, and it is an added advantage against other competing saws in the market.

This saw is pocket-friendly and has good reviews about it on the current market trends. Its specifications allow it to perform almost any cutting job that requires high attention. Its features re off the chart and also a carrying case which most saw do not come with. Here are some of these specifications and highlighted features below:

Highlighted Features



7. Hitachi CR13VBY 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw

The Consistency of having any tool that can serve all your daily requirements and doesn’t wear and tear is an essential aspect when it comes to most people. The Hitachi brand introduces a combination of unique features that can produce innovation and precision in its art of work.

On the field, this saw is a beast because of is heavy-duty power output that makes work done efficiently. The most unique saw fitted with the up-to-date vibration technology which most saw lovers have been yearning to have. This decreases fatigue with a wide gap, and it is an added advantage against other competing saws in the market.

This saw is pocket-friendly and has good reviews about it on the current market trends. Its specifications allow it to perform almost any cutting job that requires high attention. Its features re off the chart and also a carrying case which most saw do not come with. Here are some of these specifications and highlighted features below:

Highlighted Features



Combining the specifications of a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw is what you get when you work with the WORX WX550L. This is one of the unique saws in the world because it can incorporate both the jigsaw aspect and the reciprocating aspect. This best cordless reciprocating saw provides constant power that provides efficient cuts.

The saw features a built-in blower that gets rid of dust and other debris to give you better visibility when you are cutting. It has a no-load speed of 3000/min meaning you can achieve faster cuts. Another great aspect of this reciprocating saw is that it was compatible with many standard reciprocating saws as well as the t-shank jigsaw blade.

Using this tool is easy because it is lightweight. The tool also accepts many types of blades so you can cut various materials like plastic, PVC pipe, ceramic tile, fiberglass, copper, and aluminum among others.

Highlighted Features



9. Makita JR3070CT AVT 15 Amp Reciprocating Saw

There so many varieties of saws out there to choose from, but which saw can handle the hardest cutting jobs? Have you ever asked yourself such a question? The Makita brand has been known for its resilience in performing hard cutting jobs. The Makita JR3070CT 15 Amp reciprocating saw designed with up to date features.

Most users would opt for this saw because of its high-grade cutting applications, and it also comes with proper ergonomics and low vibration intensity for users to work longer hours without worrying about fatigue.

Apart from all these specifications and features, the saw is fast and accurate in making precise cuts. What more could you ask?

Highlighted Features



10. Ryobi P514 18V Cordless One+ Variable Speed Reciprocating Saws

The Ryobi P514 is one of the most talked-about saw in the market today. If you want a unique saw, this is the pick for you. This saw has backward compatibility, a unique feature that not most saws have. The saw can work with multiple Lithium-ion batteries. This makes it more versatile to use in terms of handling big projects.

 Enhanced with a study pivoting shoe for depth adjustment, the Ryobi P514 design has better gripping handling and makes it easier for the user to use. The saw consumes less power because of its cordless nature hence making it more portable to use.  If you are considering this to purchase this saw, here are some of its highlighted features:

Highlighted Features



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How to use reciprocating saws?

When shopping, look at the description’s category on the saw carefully to know which tool will serve your needs the best way possible. Purchase the right tool that you need and make sure they offer you a warranty for the product purchased in case of any defaults with the tool. Unpack the saw and read the manual with the specification on how to connect it to power.

Make sure you have adequate room for working space to avoid accidents that may injure you. Clean up your working environment. As you are about to get into work with the saw make sure you have worn protective gear that protects your hands and your eyes. Remember, you need to be comfortable to work with the sort of projects.

I recommend having a safety helmet or mask for your head and safety gloves for your hands and last but now least a good overall to avoid getting dirt on your clothes Before cutting, ensure the blade is in check and sharp for the processes. Trust me; you don’t want to end up spending lots of time there cutting with a blunt blade.

Hold the saw in the right posture with a firm grip and get to work. Avoid working in wet areas because it increases the risk of having accidents especially electrical accidents Treat the saw like a car. Take care of it as you are working to avoid dropping it on the ground or putting it in hazardous areas that may damage it.

While working, take a keen interest in the power so as not to damage the power output settings. In case you are not satisfied with the current setting of the saw. Make sure you unplug it from the power to adjust the setting to what suits you best. Handle the saw carefully and make sure you grip it with both hands when operating it.

Be careful of the environment; try always having safety procedures in a place like a fire extinguisher or a safety-first aid kit near incase of an accident.

Q: How does a reciprocating saw work?

A reciprocating saw uses a push and pulls mechanism to pull the blades backward and forward to be able to cut materials in the right precision. Having a similar blade to a jigsaw blade, the blade is connected to a rotating motor that moves the piston mechanism up and down.

The clamp is attached to the piston, which holds the blade, enabling it to be able to cut through the material at hand. All reciprocating saws have a spring-loaded hinge to be able to give it a cushion between the surface being cut and the saw.

Throwback and forth motion of the blade has different ways of transforming the rotary power through a scotch yoke type or a crank type of drive. On difficulty that comes with the scotch yoke type or a crank type of drive is that they require counterweights that provide an offsetting balance on the machine to reduce vibration of the machine.

Swashplate types of drives offer vibrations that make cutting precise and easier to control for the user. How a reciprocating saw works go deeper and deeper in explanation, but the basics are the most important as they help the user to know how to operate the saw and change any compartments or accessories in the saw.

Always try to read the manual to learn everything you need to know about the reciprocating saw. This will help you get a clear picture of how the saw works and how it is built.

Q: Can you use a reciprocating saw like a jigsaw?

A jigsaw can be used as a reciprocating saw and vice versa. The only difference depends on the quality of cuts and the kind of cuts offered by both saws. Jigsaw saws are complex in nature and are designed to make complex shapes and cuts through different materials.

This is one of the basic features that make the Jigsaw saw so different from the reciprocating saw. Both saws have similarities in that both saws offer of the top precision cuts. The only difference comes in that jigsaw blades are manufactured from bimetal, tungsten, and carbon steel.

The blades of both saws differ in that a jigsaws blade is narrower and fragile while a reciprocating saw blade is thicker and stronger. This is because jigsaws are used more in precision cutting, and reciprocating saws are used in demolition works where precision doesn’t really matter.

Jigsaws generally use less power because of its simple, precise design compared to the reciprocating saw, which is compact and heavily design hence it consumes about 10 to 15 Amps of power for heavy-duty projects. Users that use jig-saws mostly indulge in jobs like cutting through plastics and ceramics.

On the other hand, reciprocating saws are heavily and widely used in jobs like electrical, construction, and plumbing works. One of the most common differences which most people find negative is that a jigsaw can only be used on a tabletop. Unlike the reciprocating saw, which is not tied to the table and can be moved from one point to another.

This makes one of the most visible contrasts between the two saws. Last but not least jig-saws need a surface to work on unlike reciprocating saws that can operate anywhere. Both saws are unique and serve the cutting purpose well; it all depends on you, which saw do you think best fits your needs?

Q: Are Reciprocating Saw Blades Universal?

Through standardization of blades, the reciprocating saw blades have been shrunk to meet requirements of all reciprocating saws requirements. The main purpose of making these blades universal is to increase the use of the saws and versatility of the precisions of cuts. Different users want different blades and different cuts.

Making them universal is a big advantage to the user as you can exchange blades in any way you want. And depending on the project you want to undergo, you have to know the correct blade for the work, or you will accidentally damage the saw or rattle your whole working process.

Study the blades you want to use and see if they fit into your saw. This is the only way to make sure you avoid mistakes when undergoing cutting. Blades can be bought from different outlets and the good thing about it they are not expensive and are pocket-friendly. It all depends on you.

I recommend having blades that serve different purposes, but be careful not to overwork the saw. Keep in mind that a machine needs always to be maintained. Other alternatives are looking for other saws that have similarities with your saw and see if the blades used can be used in your saws.

Buying Guide

Depending on price, high prices saws have more features than cheaper saws. This is the main reason they can be price high. Some of the reasons why they are priced high maybe because of the added accessories like a carrying case, a set of blades for the blade adjustment mechanism; the list is endless.

I urge you to get the best saw from our top reviews. You can never go wrong with expensive products because, as the saying goes, ‘cheap is expensive’ for small projects. I would urge you to buy a cordless reciprocating saw, but for heavy projects, I prefer you to go for the corded reciprocating saws because of its power output.

Take your time and figure out what interests you and what you need to do when you get to buy the saw. This will enable you to critically look at all the saws I have listed down for you and make a conclusion on what you want for your needs.

Final Verdict

You can find very many reviews about the best reciprocating saws today. But all in all, from the list above, the companies of the saw keep updating the saws every single day due to the increase in innovation and technology. Choosing the right reciprocating saw should not be a hard task when you have the right information.

We have given you everything that you need to know when buying a reciprocating saw. We have covered quality products from top brands on the market. Depending on the features, specifications, type of budget, I’m sure you can get a quality reciprocating saw that meets your cutting requirements.

Whether you need a corded or cordless model, you have more options to choose from our reviews. We also gave you a detailed buying guide to help you understand some important characteristics that you need to check when buying a reciprocating saw. With that information, you can be sure to choose the right reciprocating saw that works well.

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