Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

Different types of saws are used for different purposes and they are must in workshops and construction sites. To work comfortably with a table saw, let it be for cutting woods or metal or any other material, one should posses a table saw stand. It ensures ease and work stability of the power tools.

They have better designs and high quality. Today, you will come across the best table saw stand in the market and what to look out for before buying them. The new table saw stands which scatter the market today are very durable and portable.

They can be easily transported from one place to another. This is one of the things that make them a must-have tool for handymen of this age. They are good enough for projects in the house and those outside the house.

The jobsite table saws have sturdy designs and are made available for anyone who needs them. The reason why people buy a table saw stand along with a table saw is so that they can move the table saw from one place to another easily.

The modern age table saw stands are more developed than the former ones. They have better designs and high quality. Today, you will come across the best table saw stand in the market and what to look out for before buying them.

Top 10 Table Saw Stands

Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

DEWALT Table Saw Stand for Jobsite

  • Power Source: Ac/dc
  • Number of Teeth: 30
  • Certification: Certified frustration-free
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

DEWALT Mobile/Rolling Table Saw Stand

  • Power Source: Ac/dc
  • Dimensions: 29.88 x 29.5 x 8.63 inches
  • Included Components: Bare-Tool
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

Milwaukee Electric Folding Table Saw Stand

  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Number of Teeth: 50
  • Number of Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

POWERTEC MT4009 Rolling Foldable Table Saw Stand

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 38 x 26 x 7 inches
  • Number of Teeth: 30
  • Item Weight: 41 Pounds
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

DEWALT (DW7440RS) Mobile/Rolling Table Saw Stand

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9 x 20 x 34 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Number of Teeth: 30
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 25 x 4 x 23.9 inches
  • Number of Teeth: 50
  • Item Weight: 14 Pounds
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand

  • Compitable with: Dewalt DWE 7480, DW745, Bosch GTS1031, Skil SPT70WT-22, Makita 2703
  • Increase rip capacity to 27”
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

BOSCH GTA500 Folding Table Saw Stand

  • Exclusive compatibility with GTS1031
  • Attach and detach saw stand in seconds without tools
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

BOSCH TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

  • Height: 22-Inch
  • Length: 48-Inch
  • Material: Heavy-Gauge Steel Tubing
Top 10 Best Table Saw Stands [Reviews and Buying Guide]​

Makita 194093-8 Adjustable Portable Table Saw Stand

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Pressure assisted cylinders on both sides
  • Hard Rubber Wheels will not go flat

1. DEWALT Table Saw Stand for Jobsite – 10-Inch (DW7451)

The DEWALT DW7451 Compact Table Saw Stand offers the best of both worlds: solid construction for a safe work environment and a compact, foldable design for easy transport and storage. The rugged steel-tube construction of this DEWALT table saw stand provides the strength you need for safe operation.

Hardware holes integrated into the support bar to secure the saw to the support. This support is light; It is folded to facilitate handling, storage, and transport. This stand is designed to be used with the DEWALT products like the compact DW7480 table saw, the Dcs7485 60V table saw and the DW745 compact table saw. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty


  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage​
  • Ideal for simpler and light-duty jobs
  • It occupies less floor or table space
  • It comes with a 3 year warranty


  • As the unit is small there is no on-board blade storage.
  • The rip capacity is small.

2. DEWALT Table Saw Stand – Mobile/Rolling (DWE74911) ​

The saw stands for rotary tables DEWALT DWE74911 is designed for easy installation and decomposition with excellent stability. This support is lightweight for improved mobility and portability.

It has durable steel construction and is designed for easy loading and unloading inside and outside the vehicle. It can be used with DEWALT products like DWE7490X, DWE7491RS, DWE7499GD, DWE7480 and DW745.


  • Easy installation and decomposition​.
  • Durable steel construction​.
  • Portable for easy mobility​.
  • 3years warranty.​


  • The table is not that portable.​
  • It’s heavy.​

3. Milwaukee Electric Tools 48-08-0561 Folding Table Saw Stand

Milwaukee 48-08-0561 comes with a simple yet sturdy construction. The model works fine to hold the most types although it is made specially for the M18 table saw.

The X-shaped stand has a good locking system that keeps the whole structure steady having any amount of weight. Most importantly, the adjustable feet of this product let you work with your saw on uneven surfaces.

The lightweight and compact design of this product makes it very easy to carry to job sites or workstations. Also, it takes fairly less space to store. This one’s ideal option for those who need to go to work in different locations frequently.


  • Folds and unfolds quickly without easily.
  • Solid steel construction allows regular rough uses.
  • Capable of holding any table saw with the help of latching systems to attach.
  • The bottom of the legs lets the stand stay steady.


  • The height is unadjustable

4. POWERTEC MT4009 Rolling Foldable Table Saw Stand

POWERTEC MT4009 is a good choice for versatile use. It is an all-in-one type stand that makes your saw-works more comfortable and accurate using any cutting machine you prefer.

The main reason why I prefer this foldable table saw stand is its sturdy steel construction. This portable model can hold up more than 300 lbs of power tools.

Undoubtedly, slim folding and rubber wheels make this model pretty easy to carry. Despite featuring a wider surface, it doesn’t seem heavy. The tubular build equally distributes the pressure and weight.


  • Any type of table saw can be mounted by adjusting the upper surfaces
  • Locking levers make the product well-folded while moving around
  • Several bolt holes for tool placements
  • The sturdy build makes it quite durable enough
  • Two padded legs in the front part to prevent any movement or vibration while working


  • Though the model is adjustable, it doesn’t come with extra bolts for modification or change.

5. DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DW7440RS)

Unlike other models, it has a different design that might seem hard to adjust with saws. But actually, DW7440RS can do better in some cases.

The aluminum frame here is easy to carry because of its compact size after folding. But it might be heavier than other folding saw stands. Still, very few models can allow you to fold all the legs behind the mounting surface as this one can do.

But that’s not the only feature that eases your work. There are two mounting brackets that you can move sideways. They are steady and don’t vibrate when you’re working.


  • Movable brackets on top make the upper surface capable of holding table saws of every size
  • The back legs create a larger angle with the surface for steady work
  • Wheels on top help to move the stand along with saws attached
  • Weight capacity is around 200 lbs, which seems fine


  • Rubber covers on the bottom of legs wear off after some use
  • Weighs more than 30 lbs, and it might be heavy for some people

6. SKILSAW SPTA70WT-ST Table Saw Stand with Tool-Less Latches

For people who need to keep their SPT70WT-01 worm drive saw a bit higher to work well, this stand is the best option.

Specially designed for worm drive saws, the product eliminates vibration and any unwanted movement while you are working. The main reason behind it might be the pure steel construction. Legs, rails, and even bolts are made of high-grade steel.

There are only two clamps for mounting a saw. You don’t need any bolts or screws for mounting. You can save your time by using this stand with your tool in workplaces.


  • A wide spacing in the frame helps to put something for collecting sawdust
  • Simple assembly and mounting saves time and effort


  • Only for a specific SKILSAW model. Can’t work for other brands or models

7. Rousseau 2780 Table Saw Stand for Smaller Portable Saws

Among all the models in the market, Rousseau 2780 is the best table saw stand for smaller table saws.

Though it is not for heavy industrial use, it can take an immense amount of pressure. The support beams between legs hold the main structure strong. They distribute the weight put on top and do the job of keeping the whole thing stable.

The coated finish also adds some extra durability to the frame. You can carry and use this model in any location you are working.


  • Simple functioning makes working easier
  • Brackets of the legs also work like support beams
  • Thick coating on the frame prevents rust
  • Integrated scales with side rails makes cutting more accurate


  • Setup takes some extra time
  • The coating at the bottom of the legs doesn’t seem sustainable

8. BOSCH GTA500 Folding Stand for 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

This is another good option with easy installation and quick saw mounting. GTA500 does the work without any tool.

The alignment of the legs makes every corner take an equal amount of weight. Which also keeps the stand stable and absorbs a little bit of saw vibration.

The top railing is also foldable. So, you can make the stand flat and easily carry it elsewhere after working.


  • Ergonomic spread legs reduce pressure from the upper frame
  • The lightweight stand is easy to carry
  • Saw mounting system is clipped
  • Perfect for using in narrow workspaces


  • Not a budget-friendly option
  • Tall people can suffer from back pain by using this product

9. BOSCH TS2100 Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

Bosch TS2100 is a good table saw stand for outdoor works. It has sturdy construction with great mobility to help workers move easily.

You can find multiple bolt hole pairs on the upper surface. It makes the product a universal stand that goes well with any table saw you have.

Sturdy tubular steel construction can be collapsed into a small career when you are moving somewhere with tools. Apart, there is a braking system to immediately stop the wheels.


  • Very strong framing to withstand more than 250 lbs
  • Levers are integrated to easily fold and unfold
  • Compatible with any saw brands
  • Has an eligible height when unfolded


  • The product is too heavy. Might be because of the heavy tubular steel construction.
  • Assembly takes a lot of time.

10. Makita 194093-8 Adjustable Portable Table Saw Stand with Wheels

For years of consecutive rough uses, Makita 194093-8 is comparatively a better option. Many might not afford the product due to its price, but this Japanese table saw stand has something exceptional.

Unlike other stands, the framing doesn’t bend by holding a heavy tool. There are pressure-releasing support beams that increase the sturdiness.

Along with that, this model is more robust than solid constructions because of tight screwing in every joint. Despite that, you can easily collapse the stand to fold and carry it elsewhere.


  • Rubber covering on the handle to move the stand with a saw without any pain
  • Ergonomic design to work with every table saw
  • Plenty of support beams to hold the structure firmly


  • Needs to drill holes after purchase for mounting saws
  • Not a budget-friendly option

3 Types of Table saw stand in the market

Fixed Table Saw Stand

Fixed table saw stands are not movable, they are to conduct the job at one place. These saw stands cannot be travelled from jobsite to jobsite. Some of them might have wheels with the stand but they are for moving the table to a shorter distance.

As these stands are not easily movable, you have to work where you set it up, which might be difficult if you have a small workshop or working site. This might create a hindrance in your workshop when not being used.

Portable Table Saw Stand

A portable table saw stand is opposite to fixed table saw stand. Portable table saw stand is the one that you can take anywhere you like. It makes your work with saws easier and it takes less storage place also. Keep in mind the dimension of your saw to get the best portable table saw stand for your work.

This type of stands are usually lightweight, foldable thus easy to carry around. These are perfect for homeowners who don’t want to limit their working space for using power tool.

Adjustable Table Saw Stand

Adjustable ones are those that let you fix the height or other functions according to your table saw model. Like other varieties, adjustable stands are also mostly made of aluminum and steel. Solid construction is not a common feature they have. The latest models are built by integrating several smaller parts, keeping room for customers to customize accordingly.

Rolling/Moveable Table Saw Stand (new)

This type is also like portable stands. But the main difference is the user can move a mobile table saw stand along with the saw from one location to another with the help of integrated large tires.

Movable stands are pretty handy, both indoor and outdoor. A user can even use them to carry saws anywhere, like a trolley bag.

Most rolling stands have precise forming to take extra loads. They are easily foldable and keep the saw attached well.

Things to Consider before Buying a Table Saw Stand

A jobsite table saw stand allows mobility of the table saw thereby making work easier for you. However, before you start buying any kind of table saw stand, there are certain things you must find out in the first place and they are the factors to consider before buying a table saw stand.


The durability of any machinery is always an important factor to consider before making up your mind to buy it. The table saw stand must be durable and long lasting. Since you will be placing your table saw on the stand, it should have enough strength to withstand it and the wood which you will be cutting with it.

A table saw stand with maximum durability is always the best choice. They are very efficient and can be used when cutting strong woods without having issues.

Flat top

Make sure that the top of your table saw stand is flat otherwise the table saw might have difficulty balancing on the table saw stand.

When you purchase your table saw, you can lay a straightedge across the path, edges and every side of the table to make sure there are no contours that may affect the balance of the table saw. A flat top table saw stand makes work easier, smoother and more accurate for you.


Is it easily movable? Can you move it from one place to another with ease and not throw your back out? This is one question that should cross your mind when you want to buy a table saw stand.

The mobility of a table saw stand determines the ease of operation. If you choose a table saw stand that can be moved from inside your house to the open place where it will be used, you will easily complete your work.

It will make it easier for you to switch locations without the help of a third-party. But if you choose a table saw stand that is not well suited to be moved around, you might have difficulty in moving your table saw. If there is nobody there, you might not be able to perform your operation.


The size and portability of a table saw stand is one of the few things that makes it very good. You want to be able to carry your table saw out with ease and not take too much space. Many may think smaller table saw stands are less effective than the larger one.

Well, this modern age table saw stands have been made to be very efficient despite their portability or size. You don’t really need to carry the biggest machineries before you can get an accurate result. In fact, these days, most people prefer portability than any other thing.

Portability increases mobility therefore; you can travel from one place to another with your table saw. If you are a handyman that gets job calls for personal home services, you need a portable table stand to make it easier for you to carry about from your house to your client’s.


The size of your table saw stand matters a lot. When you get a table saw stand that carries a lot of space in your house, you might find it difficult adding other equipment’s. Get a sizable table saw stand that does not take a lot of spite space.

One that still offers you a good amount of space to put your table saw and any other equipment you might need will help you to make the best use of space. As a handyman finding a good table saw stand that does not take a lot of space will be a joy to you.


The price is another problem a lot of people face when buying a table saw stand. In fact, when buying anything, the price is always a problem. It is important that you know the price of whatever it is that you want to purchase before you purchase it so that you can budget well for future purposes and unforeseen expenses.

It is best for you to go for an affordable table saw stand that can serve all the purpose you need. Pick one within your budget that way you’ll save a lot of time and money. 

With this review, you should know how to purchase a table saw stand and have no problems with it. Set your budget, know what you need and buy one of the tables saw stand listed for you. Make sure you don’t go beyond your budget because this is a very important warning every buyer must take heed to.


Stability should be a considerable feature of a saw stand. It is important for a table saw stand to be strong and stable. So that it won’t shake or vibrate while cutting the material. Because if the table shakes or vibrates along with the tools then it will hamper your work and the cuts won’t be precise. So to ensure accurate and precise cuts the table stand must be stable.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity should be another concern when you are looking for the right saw stand for your job. Is the one you want to buys is a heavy duty stand? Or an average stand? Or a small one? The weight capacity of the saw stand should be enough to bear the woodworking tools or the power tool you’re working with and any additional equipment. A small and portable stand is great to carry but lacks the strength. An average size stand is moderately portable and a heavy duty stand can bear about 700 pounds of weight. So, consider your workload and maximum weight to be used when looking for the right saw stand.

With these tips and reviews, you should know how to purchase a table saw stand and have no problems with it. Set your budget, know what you need and buy one of the tables saw stand listed for you. Make sure you don’t go beyond your budget because this is a very important warning every buyer must take heed to.

Saw Mount

Without a firm locking system, vibrations and unusual movements of saws can ruin cutting works. These days, manufacturers are putting more effort into providing better mounting facilities.

Usually, bolt and clip closures are reliable types. Most table saws come with extra bolts so that users can mount them on desired stands in the future.

But clips or brackets can make mounting faster. Clipping doesn’t need tools for attaching saws. This type can also be the best choice if a user’s saw doesn’t come with bolts and nuts.

Assembling the Table Stand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best height for table saw stands?

The perfect height is around 25 to 35 inches depending on the mounting.

You need to ensure the stand you have keeps the saw blade not above your wrist. Calculate the height from the floor to your wrist first before putting a table saw on a higher surface.

Can I use a miter saw stand for table saw?

It is possible if the stand is a universal saw stand for all types and models. But never try to mount a table saw on a miter stand.

Will Dewalt table saw stand work with other saws?

Dewalt stand models released after 2017 works with all common table saws. But some models might not fill well with every stand. It would be better if a stand is purchased with the scope of customizing.

Do I need to stand for my table saw?

Working while standing gives good angles to move your hands and focus on blades. But you can cut sitting on the floor if you want, which might slow your pace.

Do table saw stands come with a saw dust collector?

No, they don’t. But some come with an option to collect dust collectors.

Final Words

Putting the table saw on the ground and working gives severe back pain. Miscut possibilities also increase in such cases. Besides, putting saws on any other tables makes work messy and faulty. Thus, purchasing a table saw stand can be the only option for working flawlessly.

Without any doubt, Dewalt’s DW7440RS is the best overall stand. It has fantastic supporting capability along with smooth mobility. Among all of our mentions, this product comes with most of the features in a good price range.

In fine, we suggest picking a stand that can work with your saw efficiently. We have already told you what the best options are. Hope you get the right one as soon as possible through our discussion.

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