Bosch Glide Miter Saw Problems With Best Solution

Unplug it, grab the blade, push and pull on it to see if it moves. Is the blade still spinning? This might be a challenging situation if your Bosch glide miter saw problems. The Bosch miter saw troubleshooting can pose a challenge when ill-maintained. Thinking of a good Bosch miter saw dust collection work tool, a Bosch miter saw zero clearance should be put into considerable factor. The Bosch glide miter saw is super adjustable and leans to both sides for cuts. It helps you to get a smooth cut, preventing tear-out on the underside of your workpiece. The Bosch miter saw also helps you precisely line up your cuts. Additionally, it prevents small cutoff pieces from dropping through the slot, which can be highly dangerous. A zero clearance insert reduces tear-out and helps workman get a cleaner miter saw cuts.

Bosch Miter Saw Troubleshooting

Though a tool or machine ought to work properly, it is undeniable that a machine must have some minor issues. So, what is the Bosch miter saw troubleshooting possible problems?
  • A Possible Poor Dust Collection Design. – A possible poor dust collection design is could prompt a troubleshooting problem. When the dust shut does nothing to channel the dust in it away. Not just this but most of the dust ends up on the sliding rails, and obviously start to work itself into the rail housing and bearings.
  • An example from a Dewalt SCMS. As far as dust collection is involved, it is really efficient. It does not gather sawdust at all. In some situation, the case might be different.
  • Cutting Issues. – Talking about runoff, the blade wobbles during the cut and you do not get a flat cut from top to bottom. This does not happen on every cut anyway. The Dewalt 705 saw is an example from a user confession. Apparently, Bosch has had issues manufacturing sufficient saws for the demand since these problems arise.

Bosch Miter Saw Dust Collection

Build your own Miter Saw Dust Collection An excellent machine is the Axial Glide saw with great engineering and buildup quality that delivers clean accurate cuts.  One feature of the saw that did leave me a bit disappointed though was the dust collection capability. A lot of the sawdust appeared to escape and end up stored behind the saw and around it.  So in true DP style, I will wish to modify the saw with my own dust collection upgrades ideas, it will make a collective difference. Miter saw dust collection is not so simple because it spews sawdust in any undirected direction, making it hard to contain. The dust ports found on most miter saws are not particularly helpful. Even when hooked up to a shop vice, it still leaves a huge mess. # Build your own Miter Saw Dust Collection This miter saw hood plan on the Build Something site is a good method to use up all those oddly shaped plywood scraps. Sad enough, this one would not work for my sliding compound miter saw unless I made it a foot deeper. # Miter Saw Dust Collection Tents Tent-like domes like this one get great ratings but come with a hefty price tag. I would prefer a model that has 4″ vacuum port in the bottom to connect to any dust collector. Other miter saw tents like this one funnel the dust down to a container under the working machine for later disposal.

Bosch Miter Saw Zero Clearance Insert

Bosch Miter Saw Zero Clearance Insert A zero clearance insert reduces worn out and helps users make a cleaner miter saw cuts. A tear often happens because the fibers of the wood are not fully supported. Despite using great brands like DeWALT, Bosch, Rigid, Makita, Hitachi or any other brand of miter saw In manually making a zero-miter clearance insert, some tools are required, which includes:
  1. Scrap Wood
  2. Tape Measure
  3. Drill
  4. Miter Saw
  5. Table Saw
  6. Jigsaw
  7. Thickness Planer
  8. Forester Bits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of Bosch glide miter saw? The Bosch glide miter saw is super adjustable and leans to both sides for cuts. It helps you to get a smooth cut, preventing tear-out on the underside of your workpiece. 2. What is a Zero Clearance Insert? A zero clearance insert replaces the stock miter saw throat plate. The insert reduces the gap between the edges of the insert and blade. Providing support for working boards and reducing the chances for tear-out. 3. What is Tear-Out? Imagine making a cut on a board with a miter saw and then flipping the board over, the bottom of the boards looking jagged is the tear-out section. 4. Is the Botch Miter Glide saw Dangerous? Though this might be a troubling issue to many, it certainly possesses great danger to anyone who misuses it

Practical Steps for Bosch Miter Zero Clearance

Measuring the Throat Plate:

Firstly, have the width and height of the stock throat plate in my miter saw measured. The used insert measured 2” wide by 3/8” high. Using a given thickness planer to plane the oak to 3/8” and then ripped to width on a table saw. Understanding everyone might not have a thickness planer. What you might be able to do in that case is glue up pieces of different thicknesses to get the height you need for your insert. Alternatively, for A zero clearance insert, I could have glued a piece of 1/8” plywood to a piece of 1/4” plywood to get the ⅜” thickness I wished.

Cutting the Insert to Length:

Having my stock inserted to determine the length of my zero clearance insert by tracing the stock insert onto the oak. Then cut the oak to length with a jigsaw and sanded it smooth.

Drilling the Mounting Holes:

Assumed I used my stock insert to determine the location of the screw holes on my zero clearance insert. First, I will use a 5/8″ Forstner bit to make a recessed area for the screws. Then, I will use a drill bit to make a hole for each screw. That solves it.

Install the Zero Clearance Insert:

next, it is to install the zero clearance insert upside down in my miter saw and make a cut in the insert. Then removed the insert, flipped it from front to back, and reinstalled in a miter saw. Then make another cut in the insert. Now you are ready to make pretty clean cuts.


Reading of some possible Bosch glide miter saw problems is still undeniable that a good machine will obviously have no issues at all. A good Bosch machine helps you get cleaner cuts, preventing tear-out on the underside of your workpiece. It dusts collection method is really effective and efficient that it gives a smooth working environment and sensation. Collecting the dust at the source makes the workplace a healthier workspace and also saves cleanup time. So, when choosing a Bosch machine to acquire, a lot of factors need to be considered out of which Bosch glide miter saw problems must never be left out Importantly, always get your hands off the blades, put on a proper working dress and you’re all set with your Bosch glide miter saw. Other related reviews for our readers:

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