Best Bridge Tile Saws – Comparison Chart w/FAQs

Where most saws fail, bridge tile saws rip perfectly through most rigid stones using diamond blades. Bridge Tile saws are prominent for preciseness and accuracy. Bridge saws are mainly a powerful variant of wet tile saws that have diamond blade integrated circular saws attached with rails or bridges on top of the structure.

Bridge saws are dedicated power tools to cut straight through hard materials like ceramic, bone china, porcelain, granite, marble, and other stones for large redesigning or construction works.

But the main reason why people hesitate to use bridge saws is that they are comparatively expensive and hard to identify the right one with maximum cutting compatibility. So, how do you find the best bridge tile saws? Things you should be looking for are capacity, angular cuttings, water supply, blade guiding, etc.

I have prepared a bunch of 5 best bridge tile saws keeping all the above mentioned features in mind. After a deep research and analysing the user reviews a refined list of best bridge saws is presented below.

Bridge Tile Saws Comparison Charts –

1. DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, High Capacity, 10-Inch (D36000S) Best Overall

Best Bridge Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Tool type: Corded power
  • RPM: 4200
  • Horsepower: 1.5
  • Blade length: 10”

DEWALT never disappoints in producing the finest power cutting tools. The D36000S is one of those bridge saws that are easy to use for beginners, yet a perfect option to include in jobsite works.

Being adjustable, the saw allows you to execute different cut methods using the same blade. It has top notch accuracy of around 1/32” that makes the cut job more precise and accurate. You get to plunge and bring out any design from the porcelain or ceramic surface of your choice.

Apart, the whole mechanism works pretty smoothly. The water supply chain easily catches up with the blade. So, consistently, the bridge tile saw lets you rip through even the thickest hard material without any splintering.

People looking for something with a larger cutting surface can pick this option as the construction keeps 18″ open space for the blade. It also allows to rip through 36×36″ tiles without slowing down. Indeed, a good product for professional jobsite tasks.

What Are The Materials That You Can Cut With It?

Materials like ceramic, porcelain, and bone china easily get cut by the DEWALT blade. It gives very thin and precise pierces. But you can’t cut through 5″ or thicker bricks using the tool.

Is There Any Saw Guide?

There are two types of guide you can find in this saw. The first one, edge guide, has two angles; 45 degrees and 90 degrees. And the second, cut line indicator, shows where the balde ends cutting. Both these guides or marks add more precision in your saw work.

Does The Saw Stay Steady?

The saw stand has spread feet that regulate the weight and eliminate vibration. Moreover, there are mounts on the top that show firmness in holding the saw. And most importantly, this saw comes with wrenches that help to tighten joints even if something gets loosened by shaking.

Which Trays Are Included?

D36000S comes with different types of trays. Users also get a water pan along with the trays. There are side water trays that need to be attached with the rear ones when you are plunging or ripping over larger dimensions.

Is It Portable?

The bridge tool package includes a Dewalt 24″ stand, one of the best table saw stands. You can remove the stand, trays, and some other components to carry the setup from one place to another. The whole setup only weighs 91 lbs, which makes it quite portable.

2. Grizzly Industrial T28360-7″ Overhead Wet-Cutting Tile Saw

Best Bridge Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Tool type: Battery power
  • RPM: 3450
  • Horsepower: 1
  • Blade length: 7”

T28360 has a medium-sized blade yet it’s a very effective saw that increases your working speed. A user can work with this power tool with full comfort. This machine is compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

The capacity of this product is moderate. But it has shown great potential in cutting ceramics without splinters or shakes. Unlike some other products at the same price, it doesn’t damage the materials while ripping through at full speed.

The powerful motor makes the saw one of the best options to work at home. It stays quiet, consumes less energy and produces more than enough in decorating or designing your house.

Any DIY enthusiasts can use this saw for tile cutting jobs. It has very easy functions with all the required features to make things look easier. Though it is highly recommended for DIY works, some small industrial works can also be done with it. Because it is easily portable for weighing less and being compact in size.

Is The Motor Powerful Enough for Consistent Cuts?

1 HP induction motor is not a very powerful option. But the one installed here is efficient enough to make rip cuts or cross cuts in a 24″ tile. The battery-powered construction also stays quiet. It regulates the energy evenly, and so, the battery runs for at least an hour or two consistently.

Does It Come With Any Stand?

No stand is included with the saw. Instead, you can find a clamping plate. It gives some advantages. One can easily mount the tool on any workbench using the plate. The back-stop clamping is capable of bringing steadiness too.

Can The Blade Do Angular Rips?

It’s probably the best tile saw for angular cuts. You get a precise miter gauge with this to place tiles at the preferred angle. Also, the most fascinating part is the top rail duo. It can get tilted along with the saw blade for beveled cuts. Such cuts produce slanted edges to materials. Nevertheless, from any direction, this blade goes following the cut line indicator at the bottom.

How Does The Water Supply Work Here?

Most of the time, cheap saws pour the water onto materials vastly, and users get wet too. But here, the pipes put water straight onto the blade to reduce temperature. The water supply is consistent, so nothing to worry about. This saw’s water pump has a 27 gallon/hour pumping capacity to let DIYers work without any break.

Can This Saw’s Blade Do Deep Cuts?

As said earlier, this model isn’t a saw beast that rips through larger stuff. The cutting depth you can have is not more than 1 1/4″ from any angle.

The pre-installed 7” blade cuts no deeper than 1 ¼” at 90-degree angle. But the depth can decrease to even ¼” when you are giving 45-degree cuts.

Is It Hard to Clean The Saw Blade and Tub?

If you look closely, there’s a drainage pipe right at the corner of the tub that clears the whole tub. The whole construction stays almost clean and people don’t have to work hard on cleaning too much.

3. QEP 83200Q 24″ Bridge Saw – Best Budget Option

Best Bridge Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Tool type: Corded power
  • RPM: 3420
  • Horsepower: 1
  • Blade length: 8”

Isn’t having a compact and powerful bridge saw for indoor cutting works a plus point? QEP 83200Q is the best bridge tile saw when you think of both of those features.

You can use this saw as a general miter saw by dismounting the water supply to cut hardboards. But you can’t expect the diamond blade of this model to rip thicker tile or sheets that have chipping possibility. For example, you must use a rigid blade for getting a shape from porcelain material.

There are some limitations to the saw’s functions. Still, the way it silently works to precisely cut ceramic and marble slates is pleasing. The ball bearings let you adjust the positioning of the head, and the angle meter fixes the line on what the blade would run for plunging.

Like said above, we suggest this model only to DIYers working on small interior projects. The product is very simple to control, allowing a rookie to handle the saw easily. The saw comes with removable tires for optimal portability. If you also look at the size of the surface, it holds mostly 18×18″ to 24×24″ slates that are vastly cut for making bathroom or kitchen walls and floors. Apart from those, 1 Horsepower motor is decently energy efficient.

Can 83200Q fit in a Small Garage?

Normal jobsite or contractor saws take a lot of space, and most of them are hard to move from one place to another. But in this case, size and weight are not any headaches. The main working surface is around 45 inches long and 25 inches wide. The structure is considerably lightweight as well.. We don’t think such dimensions and weight can cause trouble in working in a small area or storing it.

How Silent Is The Motor?

Noises actually come from frictions and shaking of inner parts. The housing of inner parts is sturdy, and ball bearings help the saw run smoothly. Besides, even the locking of materials on top of the surface is pretty accurate. So, there’s no chance of vibration. This saw stays silent and makes itself a perfect power tool to use indoors.

Is the Blade Mount Universal?

You might need to install rigid or thicker diamond blades according to your need. The 83200Q mount supports only 5/8″ arbors that are common these days. You can use any blade of 8-12″ diameter except some models with different dedicated arbor ranges.

4. Raimondi Gladiator 130 51″ Wet Tile Bridge Saw WSGLA130

Best Bridge Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • RPM: 3360
  • Horsepower: 1.5
  • Blade length: 10”

If you are new in saw works, then possibly, you haven’t heard of Raimondi’s Gladiator 130. It’s a bit of a costly product. So, automatically it goes down in the preference list for beginners and homeowners. From our point of view, it’s an eligible all-purpose saw.

The saw head and rail make any 90 degrees cut a piece of cake. Smooth bearings with the rail make the blade movement quite flexible. As the rail can also be tilted, the water pipe is attached with clips. By this, the water pipe won’t distract sawing.

Apart from those, Gladiator 130’s blade stays cool all the time because of water jetting over the teeth consecutively. It means you can work for a long time too. So, without any doubt, this one is one of the best tile saw for DIY or even contractors.

The saw is capable of cutting large rocks. It has a pretty unique cooling system along with proper user protection that lets contractors rip through the hard materials without any hiccup. Apparently, any individual with basic knowledge about power tools can use this model.

Can Wsgla 130 Make Bevel Cuts?

The saw motor holders can tilt to 45 degrees and feature angular cuts on ceramics and concrete. You can also have diagonal cuts using the pre-installed square on the work surface. Only thing needed is to fix the material’s placement and plunge the blade through it, locking the angle.

How Does The Saw Bring Preciseness?

Very few table top tile saws have adjustable trails. There is a scale with a lockable square at the corner of the surface. They show both measurement and angle. You can easily perform angular ripping by moving the scale and locking the square at the bottom of the surface. You can find extensions on both sides to hold larger sheets.

Is Water Jetting Any Better for Cooling Saw Blades?

Spraying rather than pouring is more effective in regulating the temperature. Gladiator 130 comes with two jet sprays along with the water tube. As the product is specialized for cutting through hard stones, the diamond blade heats up faster. That’s why the manufacturer has integrated jet sprays for fast cooling.

Can You Get Portability From This Saw?

Many components of this product are detachable. For example, the water basin is removable for cleaning purposes. But if you need to carry this saw somewhere far, you can dismount the head, aluminum surface, and frame along with the basin. There’s a wrench given with the saw for installing and dismantling those parts. So, you can carry this saw on the go.

5. Rubi DX-250 PLUS 1000 Laser 10″ Bridge Saw

Best Bridge Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Tool type: Battery power
  • RPM: 3400
  • Horsepower: 2
  • Blade length: 10”

Want to turn big rocks into small pieces? Why not try DX 250 that cuts through all types of construction materials such as granite, concrete, porcelain, marble, etc.

As a professional, you can expect your power saw to do most cutting jobs without adding any more money. If so, our current product is exactly the one. It’s a heavy power tool that does all sorts of cutting without any extra add-ons. The cutting base has everything needed to execute the cut as you planned. This model is battery-powered. It keeps the engine on for hours break-free.

It is the best wet tile saw for contractors. The aluminum frame makes it lightweight and allows better portability. And the blade mount offers users to attach any type of blade, which makes sure a saw worker needs no other power tool for cutting jobs in construction sites.

How Powerful Motor Does The DX 250 Plus Have?

DX 250 Plus is a very powerful saw that features a higher 2 HP motor to consistently to keep up nearly 3500 RPM. This is one of the biggest reasons why we and so many other experts suggest this model to professionals.

Is DX 250 Beginner Friendly?

Probably, a beginner can’t control such a powerful saw. But if you look at the functions from a different point of view, you can see the saw allows you to manually change most of the systems. For example, the aluminum surface and water tank are removable for changing working styles. Also, there’s scope to adjust the head for having plunge effects with ease. All these features make sure professionals are comfortable working.

What Is The Cutting Length of Rubi Dx-250 Plus 1000?

The cutting length here is around 112 cm, which seems pretty standard. Though Dx 250 1400 has the higher length (152 cm) than this, we don’t think you need more than 120 cm length.

Is It Portable?

This bridge saw is not portable. It has wheels attached below the legs to move somewhere nearby. But you can’t carry it comfortably anywhere with a van. It weighs more than 170 pounds, and you can’t even think of carrying it too often.

Can You Adjust The Working Height?

Looking closely, you can find every leg or stand has two mount holes. Generally, the saw body stays mounted on top holes (145 mm from the ground). The secondary mount holes are near the ground (70 mm) that lets you work while sitting. Or even you can cut those things that can’t be brought upwards for cutting.

7 Features You Must Consider Before Buying a Bridge Saw

If you look at the images of bridge saws, you can assume why this type of saw has such a name. There are some specific differences between bridge models and other handheld or tabletop models. To find out the best bridge saw, your first task should be knowing about the features that make them so unique from others. So, without any further delay, let’s discuss those facts that a quality bridge tile saw should have.


The bridge of the saw head’s path needs to be sturdy enough and be able to slide smoothly. . Furthermore, it would be best if the bridge can tilt for angular cuts.


For tile cutting bridge saws, we don’t think any motor less than 1HP can help. Higher and consistent horsepower is required to execute the full potential of the saw’s revolution per minute for ripping through hard and chippable stones.


Normal carbon or steel blades can’t grind or cut through hard rocks. Here, blades need to have teeth with artificial diamond coating. Moreover, blade diameter should be at least 8” for ample cutting depth. For preciseness look for a greater tpi.

Cutting Surface

Generally, a cutting surface is made of plain aluminum sheets. It needs to be at least 24-36” wide for comfortable placement of the rock or tile.

Measurement and Guide

Having a scale at the beginning of the cutting path is essential. It brings accuracy to the work. The better scenario would be having a movable scale making different angles. Along with that, we recommend a lockable measuring square with the scale that keeps an object at a right position for ripping.

Water Pump

Continuous water flow is very essential for cutting rocks and tiles. It keeps the blade cool and provides a better finish. A big volume of water flow is not necessary but a continuous flow is a must. In fact, the water tank should be the main concern here. The tank capacity should be around 10-15 gallons.


During water spouting over the blade, water can split around the cutting surface. It is quite common. That’s why the saw’s structure needs to have a drainage system at any part of the surface. Otherwise, aftercut residues get mixed with water and create mess on top.

In Fine, Which One to be Picked

Overall, Dewalt D36000S is the best option for both professionals and homeowners. The model has very few drawbacks with several features that fill the need of a saw worker. Even so, if you plan to work in your garage or backyard, QEP 83200Q is the best bridge saw for the money.

Still confused? Okay, let’s go straight into a fact; either you are a DIY guy or a contractor/jobsite worker who is looking for a good bridge tile saw.

Here’s a chart as a bonus part that clarifies your confusion. You can find the requirements by judging work type in the chart that can easily lead you to pick one from our list.

#For Jobsite/ContractorFor Homeowner/DIY
Blade TypeDiamond segment added steel bladeDiamond segment added steel blade
Blade Length8-12”7-8”
Working Surface Width24” or aboveMore than 18”
Blade Path≥ 51”≤ 51”
Motor Power1.5 HP1 HP
PowerBattery (most preferable) or CordCord
Cutting DepthBest if presentOkay even if not present
Cutting Angle45°-90°45°-90°
PortabilityBest if presentOkay even if not present
WeightNo fixed rangeLess than 100 lbs
Cutting MethodsMainly Rip cut (at least for 24×24”), Diagonal cut (at least for 16×16”), Plunge effects, and Angular cutMostly Rip cut and Diagonal cut
ScalingMoveable bottom scales with squares and laser (extra feature0Bottom scale and Square (not mandatory)
Surface Height>40” (Better if adjustable)Around 40”
Bridge TiltsRequiredNot mandatory
Best Pick (from our list)Dewalt D36000S 
Rubi DX 250 Plus 1000 (secondary option)
QEP 83200Q

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