Cut a 4×4 with 6 Different Types of Saws – The Ultimate Cutting Guide

A 4X4 is used in a variety of work and is very common among woodworkers. Building table legs, chair legs, fence posts, the structure of a wooden shed, stair support, railing support, or any kind of wooden pillar, 4×4 is a must. Due to a comparatively bigger depth in the cross-sectional area, not all saws can cut a 4×4 at once.

If you are a regular or beginner woodworker and facing challenges in making 4 inches by 4 inches cut, this guide on how to cut a 4×4 precisely with different types of saws should help solve your problem.

What Are the Perfect Saw Blade Sizes for Cutting 4×4?

There are different saw blade sizes out there with which you can make a 4×4 cut. 12” saw blades are the most effective options as it has a 4-inches max cutting depth. So, this is undoubtedly the best for cutting 4 x 4.

With 12” saw blades, you can conveniently cut 4-by-4 with just one pass. Circular saw, miter saw, and table saw have 12” variants. However, you should choose a 12” miter saw if you want high precision.

The saw blades are available in sizes 3-½ to 16”. To make 4×4 cuts, 12”, 10”, 8-¼”, 7-¼” tools are some of the great options. Which one is the best? It depends on the project. In my opinion, the larger model (12”) is better as it has a larger cutting depth.

Normally, you need to make 4-by-4 cuts to make a fence post or something like that. Depending on the project size and time availability. If you need to get your job done quickly, a larger option like a 12” one is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can choose an 8-¼” or 10” one. The 7-¼” is commonly used by most people. And it is also easy to use.

There is a fact that you can cut four by four even using a 3-½” saw. But you have to put in the extra effort. That’s why I recommend you to opt for a larger model to make your job done fastly and efficiently.

Can You Cut a 4×4 with a 10” Saw with a Single Pass?

Even though you can not slice a 4×4 at once, you can cut it by adding a few extra steps with a 10” saw or even the smaller ones like 8-¼”, 7-¼”, and so on.

Usually, you need to cut the material on a surface, and then clamp the cutting material with the surface. After that, you need to remove the clamp and turn it and reattach it after each cut.

However, you can overcome this problem just with a hand saw. With a 10” inches saw, you will get 3-½” cutting depth, and 2-½” cutting depth for a 7-¼” one. So after one pass, instead of removing the clamp and reattaching, use a hand saw to cut the rest.

What is The Most Effective Way of Cutting a 4×4?

First of all, you need a speed square, which will help to guide the pencil. However, you have to ensure the line is as straight as possible.

Cutting a Fence Post 4×4 Step-by-Step

  • After drawing the line, you should use the kerf to line up the square.
  • Rotate the post towards you.
  • Put the blade in the kerf.
  • And put the square against the shoe, and hold tight.
  • Pull the blade from the kerf.
  • Pull the trigger to start the blade.
  • Then the cut will be straight, thanks to the edge of the square.
  • You have to keep repeating the process until you make the desirable post.

Can You Cut 4×4 with a Miter Saw?

When it comes to high-precision cutting, miter saw is the tool that you can choose with confidence. It is amazingly popular for its capability to cut precisely. It can make great angular cuts as well.

Miter saw comes with a miter gauge, which will help you to cut precisely. However, these are available in multiple variants, including compound miter saws, laser miter saws, and many more. A miter saw is beginner-friendly and budget-friendly too.

Can You Cut 4×4 with a Circular Saw?

Circular saws are one of the best tools to cut four-by-four. If you are looking for a beginner and budget-friendly option, then it is an excellent choice for 4×4 cutting. You can make this cut by using any size of circular saw. All the options are good enough for making 4 by 4 cuts. The 12” one is the most perfect as it has a larger cutting depth.

The circular saw is widely popular because it is comparatively affordable and easy to use. It is also popular because of its versatility.

Can You Cut 4×4 with a Table Saw?

The table saw is perfect for professionals as it’s a bit pricey. Of course, it is one of the ideal options for cutting 4 by 4. Most table saws are 10” and 12”. A 12” table saw is more convenient and effective to cut four-by-four than that of its 10” counterpart. With a 12” table saw, you can cut a 4×4 with one pass. In contrast, a 10” table saw requires at least 2 passes as it has 3-¼” cutting depth. Now the choice is yours.

What Are The Other Saws That Can Cut 4×4?

Apart from the options mentioned above, these are some of the popular types of saws that can cut a 4 by 4.

Hand Saws

Hand saws have multiple variants. And some of these are really handy to make a 4 x 4 cut. But since it’s a manual saw, you have to spend a good amount of energy.

Band Saws

Band saws also can perfectly make 4 x 4 cuts. It is used mostly by professionals. Usually DIYers or beginners don’t have a band saw laying in the corner of their garage.

Chain Saws

If you want to thrash the 4×4 into pieces, a chain saw can be fun for the task. But you can get a good enough cut out of a chainsaw but the finishing won’t be as good as other high precision saws.


Do You Need to Use Multiple Saws for a Single 4×4 Cut?

It depends on the size of your saw. If you have a larger saw (12” to be exact), then you don’t need to use any extra saw. But it’s better to use a hand saw in case of cutting 4×4 with a smaller circular saw, miter saw, or something like that.

Can You Cut 4×4 Metal?

Yes, you can. But saws are not the tool to cut 4×4 metal. In this case, you need a water jet cutter to perform this type of heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Is a 7-¼ Blade Good for 4×4 Cuts?

In my opinion, it’s good enough to cut 4×4 wood, and it requires 2 passes. But if you own a hand saw, then you can use it to perform the rest of the cutting.

How to Cut 4×4 Faster?

It’s better to use a large saw such as a 12” miter saw or circular saw to make your job faster. Also, you should have some expertise on using a power tool.

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