Best Excalibur Scroll Saw 30 Reviews and Buying Guide

When you think of woodworking, a scroll saw is one of the essential tools that can come to mind. The Excalibur scroll saw 30 is a powerful tool that most would working professionals depend on to get work done. Woodworking, at times, involves working with intricate designs that need something with a small tip to bring out the models well.

In this article, we are going to look at one of the best scroll saw for Woodworking. There are more Excalibur scroll saws for sale, and they vary in size. Aside from reviewing the Excalibur 30, we shall also show you some things to consider before you purchase a scroll saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Better, a Scroll Saw or a Bandsaw?

A: Both of them have got their limitations and what they are best at doing. For example, the scroll saw is excellent for detailed works and making inside cuts. They are Limited in the width and length of the material they can cut.

A bandsaw is powerful and can work on thick material of any length. They are best for massive outside cuts, and table saw like rip cuts. However, they are limited to specific projects. They can only handle some detailed work, depending on the blade.

2. Are Scroll Saws Easy to Use?

A: Yes, they are. Scroll saws are among the essential woodworking tools to use. However, there are some basic practices that you have to observe when working with one.

3. What Materials Can a Scroll Saw Cut?

A: There are several materials a scroll saw can cut. Some of them include plywood, plastic, Corian, bone, various metals, fabric, leather, hardwood, and softwood, among other materials. A scroll saw is capable of cutting materials that are relatively thin and not too long.

3. How Do You Use a Scroll Saw?

A: To use a scroll saw, glue a pattern to a thin piece of wood or any other material. Slide and move that material across the table towards the blade. When the material hits the blade, follow the outline of your pattern, and cut out the design.

2. What is The Best Scroll Saw to Buy?

A: The best scroll saw to buy would be one that will enable you to work on your project efficiently. Scroll saws come in different sizes and types. Therefore, the best choice for you should be reliable and efficient to work on your woodworking projects regardless of the scale.

Things to Consider When Buying a Scroll Saw


The speed of a scroll saw is determined by SPM (strokes per minute). Some saws have higher speeds of about 1200 to 1800 SPM. Others will come with lower speeds of about 400 to 800 pm. You need to choose a scroll saw that would be able to handle the material you intend to cut.

For example, if you are to cut hardwood or metal, you need a saw that will have higher speeds. If you’ll be handling material like softwood, a lower speed scroll saw would be perfect. Als,o a scroll saw with variable speed settings would be a great choice.


When it comes to capacity, think of the size of your project pieces. So basically, a more prominent scroll saw will give you ample space to handle your larger pieces while a smaller scroll saw will be best for small DIYer Project.

Blade Tensioning System

To avoid the frustration that comes with changing and position in the blade, consider a tensioning system with simple controls. This will help you get your project done quickly and easily.

Scroll Saw ARM

Different scroll saw models come with different kinds of arms for holding the material in place. Consider a saw with an arm that will not only keep your work in place while cutting but also help to reduce Vibrations. An adjustable arm will enable you to determine the wood thickness. A scroll saw with a parallel link arm would be a great choice.

Excalibur Scroll Saw 30

Excalibur - EX-21 21

The Excalibur scroll saw 30 is the most prominent scroll saw in the Excalibur series. It comes with a slanting angle of 45° for both left and right. With such a perspective, you get to keep the workpiece level. That’s not all you can get to make accurate cuts and also have better control over all the operations. The scroll saw also comes with a cutting thickness capacity of 2 inches plus a throat capacity of 30 inches. This will enable you to handle large project pieces.

When it comes to changing the blade, it features a finger-operated blade clamp for immediate change. Additionally, you can easily store the blade as it comes with blade storage at the base. The onboard dust blower enables you to make clean cuts.

Ex 30 comes with reliable and durable construction. You will be able to handle all your woodworking projects without any frustration from the saw. If you are a creative woodworking professional, then this 30-inch scroll saw will give you enough space to bring out your creativity.


  • Comes with a durable and reliable construction
  • Features of 30-inch throat depth
  • Operations without Vibrations
  • Comes with a 1550SPM
  • Slants at 45° left and right


  • It’s not suitable for small woodworking projects

Buying Guide

If you have ever been in a woodshop class in high school, then you didn’t miss a scroll saw. Although some people dismiss a scroll saw for a bandsaw, you must know they are different in what they are capable of doing. A scroll saw will enable you to make a fine and detailed cut. It will produce superior products which you will not be able to get from a bandsaw.

A scroll saw is not only easy to use, but it is a versatile tool. Most DIY hobbyists adapt to it for other types of projects. Investing in one will not only help you with all of your woodworking projects, but it will also change your life.

Final verdict

We love the Excalibur scroll saw 30. It offers excellent performance and it’s versatile. The other Excalibur scroll saw light that is in the Excalibur series can work on smaller projects.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the Excalibur 30 better. Also, the few tips to consider when buying a scroll saw and buyers guide will help you determine the best scroll saw for you.

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