Handheld Tile Saws – Comparison Chart w/Features

Smaller size, massive power, ability to cut wet or dry, and portability; all these characteristics made a handheld saw a go-to tool for many.

This compact machine offers the same cutting power as a full-blown table wet tile saw, along with more control and versatility than others.

Handheld tile saws are available in a variety of models and can cut dry or wet. Investing in this type of tile saw is a wise decision. You can cut any hard masonry surface easily with a diamond blade, be it glass tile, bricks, or natural stone.

In this article I have prepared a list of 5 best handheld tile saws with enough variation for you to choose from. Without any further ado, let’s get to the in-depth reviews and comparative analysis.

Best Handheld Tile Saws In-Depth Reviews

Best handheld tile saw for homework or professional uses, I’m going to share my thoughts on some great tile saws and review them.

1. HYCHIKA Compact Circular Saw Tile Saw with 3 Saw Blades

Handheld Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/Features


  • Blade Length: 8 Inches
  • Max. Cutting Depth: 25mm
  • Rated Voltage: 120 V
  • Cutting speed: 4500 RPM
  • Laser Beam Color: Red
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Switch Style: ‎Push Button

Featuring a 4 amp copper motor, this compact circular saw can reach a maximum cutting speed of 4500 RPM. It can cut tile, plastic, wood, and plasterboard etc.

It comes with 1x36T HS for metal cuts/ 1x30T HW for wood cuts/ 1pcs grit diamond blade for tile cuts as well. (1″ for Wood; 3/8″ for Tile; 3/16″ for Aluminum).

The saw dust pipe and dust port are also included. There is a double protection switch for added safety.

Using the laser guide, the mini circular saw keeps the cutting line straight. You can quickly and easily make precise cuts with the guide attachment. The saw has an adjustable cutting depth from 0 to 25mm.


  • This power tool is ideal for cutting wood, plastic, and soft metal with its powerful motor.
  • It is easy to store in narrow corners due to its compact design.
  • Ergonomic handles and safety features make it easy to handle.
  • It has a rubber handle for a more comfortable one-handed grip.
  • The Laser Guide and 7 Scale Ruler make it easy to cut a straight line with precision.
  • This knife has a left-side blade design that provides an excellent view of the cutting line.


  • These compact circular saws offer amazing value for the cost
  • Laser cutting guide
  • 3 different types of blade included.
  • Durable and safe to use.


  • Changing the blade can be a bit of work.

2. Ryobi 4 in. Tile Saw

Handheld Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/Features


  • Blade Length: 4 Inches
  • Voltage: 120
  • Maximum Speed (rpm): 13700
  • Motor Power: 2 HP
  • Power Source: Electric, Corded

With Ryobi’s 4-inch tile saw, both cutting miter capacity and cutting height are adjustable. Water tubes and cutting tools are provided for an effective water system.

If you’re looking for a cheap but reliable tool to cut tile, glass, and stone, the saw is the answer.

It is ideally suited to homeowners and DIY projects that require a few installations. Not for professionals who deal with daily tasks because this saw isn’t designed to hold up to continuous use.

The Ryobi 4-inch tile saw weighs quite a bit. If you’re only cutting a few materials, you may not feel the weight. When you work continuously with this saw, you’ll feel the over weight.


  • A 12 amp motor can cut through granite, ceramics, marble, and masonry.
  • It has bevel adjustment ranges from 0° to 45°.
  • With this saw at 90 degrees it can cut 1.16″ deep and at 45 degrees 0.75” deep.
  • With the 12ft water supply hose and tap adaptor, the water flow can be easily maintained.
  • GRIPZONE over-mold technology with micro-texture ensures more comfort during lengthy use.


  • The best option for DIY and homeowners
  • Used for both wet and dry cuts.
  • Controls water flow during use with brass water regulator
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty


  • Not for professional users

3. DEWALT Wet Tile Saw, Masonry, 4-3/8-Inch (DWC860W)

Handheld Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/Features


  • Blade Length: 8 Inches
  • Speed: 13000 RPM
  • Switch Style: ‎Lock-On Switch
  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

A powerful 10.8-amp motor is included with the DEWALT Wet Tile Saw. Granite, porcelain, and concrete can be cut efficiently by this tool. There is a 4-3/8-inch diamond blade included with this exclusive saw.

It can be used to cut ceramic or other stone materials up to 1 3/8′ with smooth operation.

The masonry saw also has a 12-inch water line and it reduces debris and dust. The DEWALT Wet Tile Saw also speeds up the blade’s cutting performance.


  • DEWALT Wet Tile Saw’s dust-sealed switch protects the unit from dirt and extends unit life.
  • The 12-foot long water line is really a good touch by Dewalt. Shorter water pipes can be a pain if you have to frequently work in different environments.
  • Enhanced user comfort and ergonomics are provided by rubber overmolded grip.
  • DEWALT saw cutting angles quickly and precisely with 45-degree bevels.
  • The locking button minimizes user fatigue during production cuts.
  • It’s depth-of-cut adjustment allows the user to set the depth of cut as needed.


  • It provides Bevel cuts to 45 degrees.
  • Compact unit.
  • Lightweight saw
  • Great cutting ability.
  • Easy to use.


  • The water valve is of poor quality.

4. Makita 4101RH Masonry Saw

Handheld Tile Saws - Comparison Chart w/Features


  • Style: Wet
  • Sound Level: 109 dB
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Speed: 13800 RPM

Makita’s 4101RH Masonry Saw offers premium quality and is the perfect saw for tiles, glass, concrete, stone, and many other materials. You will be amazed at its bevel capacity. It can cut up to 1-1/2 inches and 1-5/8 inches at angles of 90-degree and 45-degree, respectively.

Furthermore, the Makita 4101RH Saw is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plug. Due to this special feature, the tool can automatically shut off in case of an emergency, ensuring the safety of users. In this way, operators will not be electrocuted.

Through its 7.9 Amp power motor and 12,000 RPM speed, the Makita saw offers good cutting performance. Additionally, a special cover prevents water from passing into the motor housing.

Both the water pressure regulation and water valve ensure constant water flow and reduce dust pollution. A water line of 15 feet promotes the cooling system of the machine and keeps the blade from overheating.


  • Makita’s 4101RH Masonry Saw allows for easy continuous operation with the lock-on button.
  • The machine is double insulated and is capable of cutting tile, stone, concrete, and more.
  • The motor housing is protected by an engineered cover that prevents water from entering.
  • Makita’s 4101RH Masonry Saw Includes 15 feet of tubing, a water pressure regulator and a water valve.It’s plugged with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for maximum safety.


  • 15 feet long water tube
  • A lock-on button allows continuous operation.
  • Great protective and safety tool with GFCI.
  • Precision cutting is easy with the depth gauge.
  • Great use for both wet and dry cutting.
  • Good coverage against water flow to the motor.
  • The design of the top handle provides greater comfort.


  • Poor quality of water connection
  • Weakest power motor in comparison to others.

What Should You Look for before buying a Handheld Tile Saws

To achieve the required accuracy and efficiency in tile cutting, handheld tile saws can be the best option. Every tile has its own unique characteristics that contribute to its functionality. There are a few factors you should consider before purchasing a handheld tile saw.

Cutting Capacity

Choosing the right one will save you time and money. Any saw used beyond its capacity will break down. However, you’ll get the best performance when the capacity matches the cutting demands.


During the cutting process, tiles are always broken or cracked without the right horsepower. To drive through materials easily, the tool must have the right speed and torque. Therefore, you should always select a tool with a powerful motor.

Portability And Flexibility

The operator faces a setback when using a tile saw that can’t be operated easily. It takes less time to complete the work with a portable saw. Working with a handheld saw that requires an assistant will slow down your progress.

Versatility and Accuracy

It is true that all tiles tend to produce accurate cuts, but the accuracy varies. Depending on the tile saw, some can cut through 3 inches of tile, while others cannot. When choosing your tile saw, consider the material and the cutting directions.

Accessories Availability

You can improve your tool’s visibility, accuracy, and precision by adding accessories. It is best to have an accessory adapter tool. This allows you to use one tool to do several tasks.

Blade Capacity

You can easily cut through materials with little effort and high precision with a good sharp blade. This is a quick, efficient, professional way to cut through materials. When purchasing circular blades, diamond-tipped tools are the best option. If you select a tool with a cooling system, your blade will perform better.

Beveling Capacity

You will be able to cut different shapes and sizes with ease if your tools have good beveling capacity. Additionally, it is crucial when cutting several tile materials. Select the correct one prior to cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Handheld Tile Saw?

Handheld tile saws are small electrical saws similar in design to circular saws but much smaller and designed to be operated one-handed. During a cut, this allows you to easily control the saw since your hand is forced downward and not sideways.

Do I Need a Wet Saw to Cut Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tiles are generally very hard. Cutting porcelain tiles requires a powerful wet saw with a diamond blade. There are some tile saws that come with different blade sizes than advertised.

Final Words

When you are cutting tile, brick, stone, or anything else, the handheld Tile Saw is an ideal tool. Small, lightweight, and comfortable to use, this saw is easily moved around and transported to the job site. A durable circular saw that can be used for cutting wet or dry tiles.

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