How to Build a Dog Fence with Wood

Being a dog lover or simply owning a dog is not an easy thing. We mostly do not like many aspects when we own or take care of a dog. Fencing for a dog or just enclosing it in a particular perimeter is not an interesting thing to both the dog and the owner. Enclosing a dog in its perimeter is for great for security reasons.

This is because dogs can be a nuisance at times, and so enclosing the dogs will save you a lot of time for example when you have visitors you will not have to leave the house to welcome them. If you are considering to build a wooden dog fence, I will show you how to build a dog fence with wood.

Steps to Follow How to Build a Dog Fence with Wood

If you want to build a dog fence, you need to make sure that you follow some steps so that you will make it into having the appropriate fence for your dog. You first need to plan on where to put up your fence and know where to place the stakes to have a neat fence.

You will also need to do raking especially if the place you want to set up a fence is covered with debris and leaves and smaller leaves, this keeps away ticks, chiggers and other bothering pests. Staking is also another essential thing that you need to do before making any dog fence. You might come upon some solid rocks on the ground you need to secure the stacks in the ground.

With about five or six pounds and make sure that the butterfly stake is underground so that the toes are safe. Netting is vital so that you secure the enclosed dog area. You can consider anchoring your dog fence after you decide to the netting.

Finally, you need to work on your dog fence and set it up in the best way possible you will make sure that you contain your dog. This dog containment will let a dog off-leash, be active, healthy, and safe at all times.

Traditional Dog fence

This fence is sturdy, strong, and protective, whether your dog digs under it or keeps jumping over it. The traditional fence made of wood will add a great touch of elegance and style to your house yard. You, therefore, need to follow steps so that you build a good wood dog fence

Building process

Identify the things that you need to have while building, for instance, fence posts, boards, support boards, and screws. You will determine the height of the dog fence; ensure that your posts are long enough.

Make sure that about 33% of the posts are on the ground so that an 8ft post will be 2.5 on the ground and you will have around 5.5 ft fence. Use a plumb line and a T-square to make sure that you have correct angles and make sure all corners are in line. The next step is to dig holes for the fence posts.

If you have hard ground, you can get the assistance of tools like post-hole diggers. This will make your work easier and reduce the time you spend on digging the holes. You can then fill the holes with concrete and install the posts. Once the concrete is set, you can fill the holes with dirt.

From this step, you can add a plumb line where the support boards run across usually at the top of the fence post and the second line 12 inches off the ground. Then you can now install the support boards and screw fence boards into support boards you can choose to use a saw to refine the width of the edges of the fence boards. After all these steps, you should have a beautiful dog fence; you can make it stylish by polishing it.

Pallet Dog Fences

A pallet dog fence is similar to a traditional wood fence but is this cheaper and easier to make. Pallets make a very good dog fence.

Advantages of using pallets for a dog fence

  • They are inexpensive and save a lot of money for you can get them free or very cheap
  • They are durable
  • They are versatile
  • Easy to build
  • Portable
  • They are sturdy

Disadvantages of a pallet for a dog fence

  • Can be too low for some dogs
  • Can be less attractive compared to a store-bought fence
  • Vulnerable to pests and termites

Build Process

Building a fence using pallets will be similar to building a traditional wood fence. First, make sure that you identify the materials that you need to make a pallet fence. What you will only need to use different is the fence boards; instead, you will use the pallets. Take account of pallet width measurements and use those as your set posts.

Hidden Tips for Cutting Wood

Cutting wood and making a wood fence for dogs is not easy to process. For cutting wood in an easy way, You should use Jigsaw, Band Saw, Circular Saw, and other woodworking tools. Jigsaw makes your work easy and comfortable. If you want to like Jigsaw you visit our other post, Best Jigsaw under 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you measure? 

A: You should first walk the area you wish to enclose, Go ahead and count your steps then finally multiply your steps by 2.5.

Q: How strong is the fence?

A: The wood fence is strong enough and can withstand 550 lbs of pressure per square inch, some falling items, as trees cannot break the fence. The wood fence is effective since the dogs’ canines will not tear, rip, pull or chew the fence.


Whatever type of fence you choose to make will depend entirely on your budget and the space that you have to contain your dog. If you want to enclose your dog, first decide on the type, it will be on your goals, budget, and the timeline.

So, if you were wondering how to build a dog fence with wood at cheap price, I believe you have the right information that will help you do that. After you go through this guide, the building process will be simple and straightforward.

I think this article gives you the best idea for making a dog fence. If you would like to read another interesting post to follow the below items.

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