How to Cut Porcelain Tile by Hand || 5 Easy Steps

How to Cut Porcelain Tile by Hand

Porcelain tiles remain among the best options for kitchen and bathroom flooring. These are hard and glazed substances that easily decorate and add durability to floors and walls. Besides, they also offer great aesthetic value.

Working with porcelain, from design to implementation, it can be a hassle-free task- as long as you’re familiar with how to cut it.

If you’re a homeowner, cutting porcelain tile can be a challenge, and especially when you need ceramic. Since these smooth substances are fired and glazed clay, you have to consider various factors before cutting. Needless to say, there are various tools you can use to cut porcelain tiles by hand.

5 Different Steps of Cutting Porcelain Tiles

The fascinating fact about porcelain tiles is that the more durable they are, the challenging they’re to cut. In the below, here is how to cut porcelain tile by hand:

Step-1: Wet Saws

Wet saws play a great role when cutting tiles as they’re extremely precise. They have an added advantage of cutting at the exact measurements and giving you a smooth and straight edge.

Moreover, wet saws are also accurate to use and perfect for bulk projects. If you’ve to cut a large amount, then choosing a wet saw is a recommendable investment.

Besides, those wets saws equipped with adjustable blades are usually the best to use to avoid chipping. That is because the slower you’ll feed a porcelain tile into a blade, the accuracy of cutting you can get.

Step-2: Tile Nipper

If you need a perfect tool to cut tile by hand, a tile nipper is another option and especially for short-term projects. This method is ideal for forming arched sections or circular tiles. That is because, the smaller and precise cuts aren’t suitable to cut with a wet saw.

These tile nippers have become popular because they cut smaller pieces of porcelain tiles. Most people working in the construction industry use them.

Moreover, they’re perfect not only to cut arcs or circular sections but also to regular cuts. They offer you ease of functionality in cutting porcelain tiles. But they leave the edges sharp, so you have to be cautious.

Step-3: Drill/Dremel

If you’re still learning how to cut the porcelain tiles, it might be perfect for you to use Dremel. Besides being more affordable, they are easy to use. You can use to cut holes at the porcelain tile This method requires more preparation but is usually a perfect and efficient method.

And after you are used to this process, then cutting porcelain tiles becomes a breeze.  To have an accurate cut using Dremel, also use a diamond drill bit. It will ensure you’re having the best tool for cutting accurate holes.

In case you have a loose square tile, use industry-grade clamps in securing the tile before cutting. But, if already installed, it will be much easier to cut.

Step-4: Wet Wheel (Diamond)

The other method to cut porcelain tile is using a wet wheel which is also referred to as a diamond blade. This is a perfect tool that is preferred in cutting coarse and toughest materials. They’re usually diamonds fixed that have been fixed on the edge of a blade and helps to facilitate the action.

While using this tool to cut stones or tiles, have side support of the tile. If not, for larger tiles more than 500mm side, try to support using plywood. Align the edges using your cutting wheel as you smoothly guide it over the blade until the cut is complete. Remember not to use force, as that may result in chipping.

Step-5: Angle Grinder

Some people don’t accept that an angle grinder can be a perfect tool to cut porcelain tiles. They believe it only does shine, honing, and grinding of the surfaces.

A good reason to use angle grinder is that it does multiple cuts where you can get various sizes and shapes such as circle cuts, L cuts, square cuts, and more.


What's the best way to cut porcelain tile?

The best way to cut a porcelain tile is by using the best quality tile cutter that comes with a higher level of braking pressure. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one but it should have a sharp cutting blade.

How do you cut tile by hand?

There is a process to use to cut tile by hand. You have to score the tile using a meter or square ruler and a glass cutter. Take a wire clothes hanger and place it underneath the scored cut. Use your palms and push on either side of your score line and snap the tile.

How can I cut porcelain tiles without chipping them?

Nothing will frustrate you more when you’ve to throw away tiles because of chipping. That is why cutting porcelain tiles is a challenge especially when you want to avoid chipping. Although, the good thing is that there are techniques to use that will help you prevent breaks and chips such as the use of sharp blades.

Are porcelain tiles easy to cut?

When using a simple tile cutter, it is extremely hard and difficult for you to cut porcelain tile by hand. That is why it would be best to use an electric machine with excellent blades to avoid chipping.

What is the best blade to cut porcelain tile?

There are many types of blades, but the best one’s are diamond blades. That is because they’re among the sharpest blades.

The Final Verdict

Porcelain tiles have the power that can make your room have aesthetic looking. That is why it’s vital to know how to cut porcelain tile by hand and accordingly to make the home look better. It is an act that can be termed as an art.

If you cut porcelain tiles, smoothened, and install at home, it can be a lifetime investment. That is because you’ll have installed functionality, beauty, and aesthetics at home. Therefore, try one of the methods above that suits your needs at the best.

Just remember, before you can start cutting porcelain tiles, safety should come first. So, you should have a great knowledge of how to cut these porcelain tiles.