How to Cut Steel Pipe with Sawzall | Ultimate Tips

Sawzall is also known as a reciprocating saw. Have you bought a Sawzall recently and you are wondering how to cut a steel pipe with Sawzall? Have you been wondering what to use to cut pipes? Sawzall is a very handy tool. The saw is not particularly heavy and has no blade guard.  

Therefore, when working with this tool you need to be extra cautious and on safety measures to avoid physical injuries. We have taken the time to review the guidelines on how to use a Sawzall to cut steel pipes. The Sawzall can handle various types of steel pipes with ease.

Additionally, the Sawzall is used where a fine cut is needed. If you need to tear a steel pipe quickly, Sawzall will be a perfect tool to use. The toll is best for use in construction site and demolition site as they are versatile. 

Step by step instructions on how to cut steel pipe with Sawzall

The saw can be a little rough if you are a beginner. We are going to review the guidelines on how to use Sawzall step by step as follows;

Step #1 Set the Orbital action

This is a particular motion mode made by the blade. The motion of the blade is in and out a pattern which allows them to slice through a steel pipe. The orbital action is different as it adds a wiggle to things. The motion allows the blade to move in a circular motion and quickly gets chips out of steel pipe. This allows you to cut fast while applying less effort.

Steel is a tough material which needs a particular skill when cutting it. Do you want your Sawzall to wiggle as you try to cut through a steel pipe? We thought no, it is not a good idea to us orbital motion when you what to make precise cuts. However, it depends on the model. Some allow fine cut with orbital motion while others do not. 

Step #2 Install the Blade

Blades vary with the material you need to cut. You need to install a blade that can cut through a steel metal. Thankfully, changing blades in Sawzall is very easy. There are no screws or nuts to deal with, and no special tools required either.

Before installing a blade, you need to ensure that the saw is put off or unplugged from power. Unplugging from power is much safer when installing the blade because you can accidentally switch on the blade without knowing.

When you are in doubt on which is the right blade to use, the blade is labeled, metal to use when cutting through metal. Using the wrong blade will not tear up your saw, but it can damage the blade or the material you are cutting through.

Installing the blade is very easy; you need to insert it behind the shoe slot. The shoe is the little piece of metal that sits between the opening and blade at the end of the saw. You need to lift the key, and insert the blade and bush it back to lock it in place. Ensure that the blade is inserted correctly and properly locked.

Step #3 adjusting the settings

This is the step where things such as circular motion and speed come into play. The model of a tool in question will vary, but basically, the measurements are the same. Some of the Sawzall has one speed while other speeds are adjustable.

When adjusting the speed, you need to keep your arms and figures away from the blade to avoid physical damage. There is a lock to help your figures from getting in contact with the blade. 

When the Sawzall has no speed trigger, you need to set it before you switch it on. Before setting the trigger ensures that the power is off or the saw is plugged out of power. Changing the speed ensures that you work faster and cut steel pipe much easier. For a beginner, it is recommended to use slow speed to avoid wrong cut or injuries.

Step #4 How to cut Steel Pipe

First, you need to ensure that you have the metal blade installed and properly inserted. After double-checking this, you need to put the shoe on the steel pipe and ensure it is firmly attached. When cutting, ensure the blade is gently resting on the steel pipe and not away from it. 

When starting, ensure you start slow. Starting slow to ensure that the saw does not start by jumping, which is not as safe as it can cause you injuries. After you have a good start, you can now go full blast. The saw works while vibrating, so you need to hold the pipe tight and have a strong grip on the saw. Safety is the first measure to take when operating with Sawzall.

Step #5 Sawzall safety tips

Before operating the Sawzall, you need to ensure that you have a safety measure put on. Ensure that your figures and arms are kept away from the blade. Before doing any maintenance or want to change the blade, ensure that the saw in unplugged from power and double-check. Just because the blade is not razor-sharp, does not mean that they won’t cut you.

Ensure you have goggles and a dust mask to ensure you have protected your eyes and body from dust, respectively. Do not use Sawzall while you are wearing a long-sleeved as it can get caught by the blade and get you physical injuries. Always ensure that your hand are protected and at a safe distance

Always ensure that the safety measures are on top and adhered to. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a Sawzall to cut metal?

A: Yes you can. It can cut steel, aluminum, copper and cast iron.

2. Can a Sawzall cut galvanized pipe?

A: Yes. Provided you use the right type of blade.

Final Words

Now that you know how to cut steel pipe with Sawzall, you can see they are very easy to assemble and easy to maintain. The machines are nasty, so safety is something to consider before operating them crucially. Nevertheless, before purchasing the Sawzall ensure that their safety measures are of the latest technology and they meet the standard you require. Never try to maintain Sawzall when power is on or is plugged in power.

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