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Have you bought a reciprocating saw and you are having problems with cutting straight? How to Cut straight with a reciprocating saw can be very challenging. Reciprocating saw is very helpful when it comes to cutting straight lines.

The blade is thin and has cuts on the short surface. There are a few tips and technique you need to learn that will help you cut straight lines using a reciprocating saw. Reciprocating saw is also known as Sawzall or jigsaw.

The motion of saw is made with a motor and is similar to using a hand saw. The difference is that you do not use your arm to push or pull the saw to cut. The following is a guideline on how to cut straight using a reciprocating saw.

Straight cutting prank horizontal

A clean and straight line cut can be made on a prank of wood by use of reciprocating saw. The following point needs to be kept in mind when cutting prank of wood horizontally;

  • When measuring the mounting of the fence rail, put into account the foot measurements as well.
  • Clamp the fence rail down the edge using the C clamp firmly to reduce vibration and avoid creation of rough cuts. 
  • The side of the fence rail should be kept resting on the foot of the saw.
  • The foot with a flat edge is the most suitable as it can maintain the pressure on the fence rail without the blade veering out and in.

Ensuring a straight cut, you need to lock down the fence rail along the edge of the wood that you are cutting through. Hold the piece very firmly using the C-clamp to ensure that no movement can cause rough cuts. C-clamp ensures that the piece is firm as it is held tightly to the surface.

If you measure half an inch to mount the fence rail, be sure also to measure half an inch for the foot of reciprocating saw. Between the blade and the fence rail, you will be cutting this distance out from rail into the wood.

Ensure that the fence rail is clamped firmly and does not move to avoid vibration to enable the saw cut through smooth and straight. When cutting, if the piece moves, you will cut the piece with uneven line and move outside the cut line. 

The foot of the saw is the piece at the head of a blade on your saw that rests at the cutting edge. This is what people refer to as a guide, and in most cases, it is interchanged or removed with others. When cutting through a piece, ensure that it is resting along the fence rail. 

Using a flat edge is advantageous as it is even and allows you to keep straight pressure on the fence rail as you cut through. Moreover, working on a flat foot enables you to work without being concerned about blade veering out or in.

Straight cut a vertical surface

The concept of horizontal cut can also be applied on a vertical straight line cut as well. However, there is a need for choosing the right blade to use. The following points should be kept in mind when cutting through a vertical surface.

  • That you can make the measurement of the wall and fit the rail fence on wood screw rather than mounding the C-clamp on the surface. 
  • The method allows the cutting of any vertical surface material.
  • The fence rail is supposed to be thick enough so that the wood of the saw does not slip out from the holding surface. 

Where you need to do a straight line or a box holes, you can apply the same concept or technique of mounding the fence rail on the wall using screws. The fence rail can be made from a two by four stand or from other material with flat stand and edges. The stand ensures it is thick enough on the edges so that the foot of the saw will follow without slipping out.

Safety measures: Tips How to Cut Straight With a Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is a very crude tool that involves hazardous injuries and requires preventive measures. You cannot just go playing around with reciprocating saw. You need to make a note of the following safety tips on how to cut straight using a reciprocating saw.

  • Ensure that the saw is unplugged from power off or put off before starting changing the blade or any accessory. Unplugging is the safest way to ensure the saw is not accidentally switched on and physically cause you injuries.
  • The blade of saw not being razor-sharp does not mean they cannot cut you. Actually, they are capable of causing you to severe physical injuries.
  • Before you start to operate on reciprocating saw make sure you have worn safety glasses, a dust mask, and gloves. Do not wear a long-sleeved dust coat as it can be caught by saw bald and physically injure you.
  • Ensure you start slow to ensure that you do not damage the piece you are cutting through. After you have made a cut line, then you can go full blast.
  • When changing the blade, do not do it immediately or with bare hands as they are very hot after sawing. Ensure that you take some time before you start to change them. 

Safety is the first thing to ensure if you want to cut straight using a reciprocating saw. 

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FAQ Section

1. Is a reciprocating saw dangerous?

A: This is a type of saw that is used to cut wood and metal and requires to be handled with care.

2. How deep can the saw cut?

A: A reciprocating saw can cut a depth of 3-12 inches.

Final Words

As you have learned how to cut straight with a reciprocating saw, Reciprocating saw is very easy if you follow the procedure outlined carefully. Using the saw effectively, you can cut a straight line of any piece either vertically or horizontally.

Choosing the right blade is also an important concept when you want to cut straight. Following the above outline procedure carefully, you will never wonder how to cut a piece of wood straight. Before operating reciprocating saw, ensure you are in right safety gear and never change blade while the tool is plugged in power. 

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