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Wood crafting and organic beauty are nowadays celebrated all across the world. Series of amazing wooden materials are seen in all markets today. The wooden craftwork is taking the artistic industry to another level altogether.

For this reasons all woodworker or craftsworkers needs to know how to cut wood slices for centerpieces. 

In sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, ornaments are what attracts quite a lot of tourists. After making visits to various tourist destinations, the tourist would part away with a bunch of ornaments carefully crafted from the woods.

An amazingly crafted woodwork calls for carefully sliced pieces, especially at the center. As a craft man, you need to master how to make centerpieces that are sliced and softened to attract your clientele. 

With a carefully crafted centerpiece, your clients will experience:

  • The absolute beauty of the organic nature of the trees. 
  • Some perfectly designed ornaments.
  • Unique nature of your craftsmanship artistic skills.

So how exactly do we achieve slicing woods at the center, so that you can have some round like shapes, here are some ways:

1. Assemble the necessary tools and supplies you will need.

As a craft man, attaining round sliced pieces is a procedure, and therefore every procedure requires its own tools. Keeping these procedures in mind can lead you to come up with some nice slices for proper use. A list of these requirements is: 

  • A tape measure.
  • Scrap.
  • Clamps.
  • Band saw.
  • The wood itself that you will be cutting the slices from. 
  • Oven for curing cracks on the wood.
  • Baking sheets.

2. The correct wood is ideal for the best slices.

Not every tree can give you the best results for the centerpieces and therefore a good selection of the correct wood matters. How to cut the circular pieces can also be how to cut the square pieces and so on. 

For instance, you can use the 2 by 4s wood bought from stores to get the rectangular and the square pieces. However, for circular pieces, I recommend you use logs. When you have identified a tree that has been felt, slicing some pieces especially using the band saw. 

3. Have the right saw

To attain the best results of centerpieces of the woods using a band saw would be the best option. In cutting log slices, the saw makes more precise cuts even with the irregular nature of the log. The saw too can afford to produce thicker pieces of the centerpieces.

Is it possible to use other types of saws?

Absolutely yes, other saws like the chain saw, circular saw or a hand saw can be used. However, they tend to make very rough cuts. A band saw has more advantage because it cuts thick and soft pieces. 

1. Safety should be a priority in doing woodwork.

After collecting all the necessary tools, and you have decided on the type of centerpieces, you are now ready for the job. However, you need to consider a few safety precautions.

  • Put on safety glasses when doing log cutting.
  • Wear a dust mask to keep your nostrils safe from the sawdust
  • Have some hand gloves.

2. Cut your wood slices. 

You can begin extracting your centerpieces. Apply the band saw to get the precise desire of the slices. When cutting, your hand should be steady on the log such that as you saw, you should maintain control of the wood, and in the process, you will acquire an even cut.

 It is in this step you would have decided on the thickness, you have drawn the guide, and you have made the cuts.

When cutting also, avoid the limb nodes because the centerpieces may not be even. In attaining the best pieces, you need to avoid areas with resistance around the tree limb. 

3. The log slices should be baked. 

At this stage, the cut slices should be kept in an oven so as to be dried. If this doesn’t happen, the sliced pieces have moisture and can bend over time, and they will end up losing shape. After the oven process allows the slices to cool until they can be touched.

However, when you are handling some old logs that are dry and ready to be crafted, you can skip this step. Otherwise, place them (Moisturized slices) on a baking sheet, they boil for an hour and fifteen minutes at temperatures of about two hundred degrees.

This step will help you completely dry the wood and offer you a surface to apply some other treatments you thought of.

Isn’t that temperature too high?

It sounds too high, yes, but trust me, it is only meant to dry the slices and not to burn them.

1. Decorate your wood slices as you require to know how to cut wood slices for centerpieces

The wood centerpieces are now ready to be used. At this stage, you can apply a little bit of a decorative chemical, or you can as well use them in their natural state. Whatever you want to do at this stage, there is a list of ideas, settle on some. Moreover, you may want to smoothen the woodwork even better, that’s all up to you as long as the centerpieces you have them.

Apart from painting them to look beautiful, you can stain them to stay in that position for good.

How to Cut Wood Slices For Centerpieces info chart


Designing slices for centerpieces is as easy as the procedures above. Remember craft and art projects are so much in demand nowadays and therefore mastering the wood slicing skill can be so much of an idea.

Moreover, after you have the wood slices, you can think of creative ways and fun things to do with them, and it will earn you living at the end of the day.

Woodwork is simply amazing upon acquiring all the necessities for slicing, making the right dimensions, deciding on the thickness, and so on. Remember also not to forget the safety precautions, because of the nature of the tools you are using. Always safety first.

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