How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade with a Dremel

A sharp circular saw blade is essential for you in woodworking. You need to sharpen the tool as regularly as possible depending on the quantity of work and the difficulty of the work that it does. Everyone should to know how to sharpen a circular saw blade with a Dremel.

Because it is a part of maintenance that can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment. Similarly, the sharper it is the more dependable it will be.

Get Your Tools and Paraphernalia Ready

For a successful circular saw blade sharpening activity to be achieved, you need to get everything you need for the process ready beforehand. Plan well for the activity by identifying everything needed for the project completion and gather them before you begin.

This will help make the process more effective and help you avoid time wastage. Some of the tools and things you need for the process include:

  •   Dremel
  •   Blade lubricant oil
  •   Heavy work gloves
  •   Safety goggles
  •   A square slab of wood
  •   A cylinder

Prepare Your Working Area

Prepare Your Working Area

How well you prepare your working area will determine among other things the level of safety of the entire process. A large open area is suitable, especially since this activity might get a little messy.

A good working area must also have adequate lighting so that you can see everything clearly, including the tooth of the blade. Enough light will also help reduce the chances of accidents significantly. Choose a place that is free from dirt, dust, and debris. 

Dress Up In Safety Gear for the Task

Any process involving activities that may cause injuries to the people involved calls for protection of those people. You need to dress up in appropriate safety gear when sharpening the circular saw blade.

This is the time to put on those pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from the debris. Likewise, you need to protect your hands by wearing heavy work gloves.

Unplug the Electric Saw Blade

Unplug the Electric Saw Blade

Never sharpen your circular saw blade while still intact on the wall socket or the saw. Unplugging your blade from the wall socket should be the first thing you do before you begin the sharpening project. By doing so, you will avoid chances of accidents and injuries. 

Remove the Blade

Remove the Blade

You need to detach the saw blade from the saw using a wrench. The circular saw blades vary depending on the model. Therefore, there may not be a standard way of removing them. Most importantly, you need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on this.

There is no information regarding the tool that you can ever get that is better than what the manufacturers can provide. All in all, remember to follow any safety precautions provided by the manufacturer keeping in mind that you are dealing with a sharp tool. 

Create a Mechanism That Holds the Blade in Place

Create a Mechanism That Holds the Blade in Place

Get a square slab of wood and then attach a cylinder to its center. The cylinder should have a diameter that is equal to that of the hole in the middle of the circular saw blade. After the attachment is done, you secure the slab in place by adding a strip of wood to its bottom.

Complete this step by taking an additional slab of wood then chiseling a strip that goes all the way down of it. Make sure the strip is large enough to hold the strip on the base of the slab with the cylinder.   

When you follow these processes to the latter, you will be able to comfortably sharpen the blades with your Dremel since the slab with the cylinder will have been steadfastly held in place.

Consequently, you can get better results with the sharpening. You can also use a vice fixed to the strip of wood beneath the slab to serve the same purpose as the one described above. 

Make the Blades Accessible

This is the perfect time to slide the blade down the cylinder to make it rest upon the slab. You need to make sure that the tips of the blade hang conveniently over the edges of the slab for better access.

Otherwise, the blades will not be reachable for sharpening. And since without better access you may not be able to sharpen them well, you m need to be keen on how you set it up. 

Prepare the Dremel

Prepare the Dremel

Attach the tiny round cutting head of the Dremel and secure this sharpening device at a ninety-degree angle to your saw blade on its left-hand side. This process will help make the most out of the work that is about to be done here.

Set up the saw blade in such a way that the longer exterior curve of each of its tooth runs against the Dremel. To avoid double sharpening, you have to mark the tooth that is closest to the Dremel. 

How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade with a Dremel In Right Way

How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade with a Dremel

Begin by activating the Dremel so that it functions while steadfastly secured in place. Afterward, hold the edges of the saw blade and gently brush the outer end of the marked tooth against the functioning Dremel. This may take you about a second or two for each tooth.  

When you are done with one tooth, move the saw blade back and rotate it to bring the next tooth in place for sharpening. Repeat this process until you have gone all the way around the blade and have returned to the marked tooth. This is how you know that every tooth has been sharpened. 

Sharpening the Other Side

When you are done with the left side of the blade, flip the Dremel so that it is on the right-hand side of the blade. Remove the saw blade from the cylinder, flip it around, and sharpen it the same way you sharpened the left-hand side. With that, you should be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can the sharpening process take until completion?

A: It would take you about five minutes if everything is perfectly in place.

Q: Can I DIY or I need a professional for this?

A: If you have never sharpened a blade before, it is better to take it to a professional.

Q: Is there another method for securing the blade in place before sharpening?

A: There may be other methods but this is much safer and more effective.




Once the blade has been sharpened, it should be lubricated by applying oil to it. You should place some plastic tarp or newspaper down to avoid oil from causing a mess in the work area.

Similarly, be careful not to apply too much oil. From there, you can now reattach the blade according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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