How to Use a BandSaw Safely and Advance Tips (with Video and Image)

To a few, the word band saw might be completely strange. Certainly, it is not strange at all to many others as well. Have you ever wondered how to use a bandsaw safely? This band saw is a powerful tool with the ability of reducing stress on the muscles, saving time and little costs.

Let take a gradual study of the band saw, it uses, dangers involved, possible preventive means among many others.

What is a Band Saw?

A band saw a power saw with a long, clean sharp blade consisting of a linking band of toothed metal stretched between two or multiples wheels to cut material. They are used principally in woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering, among many other materials.

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Uses of Band Saw

The band saw is used for many purposes. It is one of the widely used carpentry tools globally. This machine enhances cutting of precise designs. One can easily make out the structure of a classic band saw easily. It is as well used for cutting curves and irregular shapes. Some persons also use it for ripping lumber and simple resawing purposes.

Amazingly, a band saw is used in metal cutting, woodworking, meat cutting, metal fabrication stores/shops, light and residential industry and more. Finding medium and small-sized band saws in the light and residential industries is feasible.

These varying size saw are used for cutting plastic, metal, and wood. Portable cordless models are also being used by carpenters and workers, who have to travel to another city or keep moving from place to place. Even the timber mills use band saws for cutting timber too. Obviously, the band saw has lot of uses.

Band Saw Safety Test

After reading a little about band saw, Below is a survey question for you there –

1. Do you need your instructors permission to operate the band saw machine?

  • Yes, you do and the way you to get the permission is simply by passing the test and the practical test.
  • No, it’s not necessary. I’m already conversant with how to safely operate this machine

2. Can you stop the saw blade by forcing a piece of wood against the blade?

  • Yes it’s possible. Stopping the blade is quick and easy.
  • No, I’m not sure this is possible as stopping the machine makes the blade feel dull

3.What is the closest that your fingers should be to the blade?

  • 6 inches
  • 1 inch
  • 2 inches
  • 10 inches

4. If you need to make adjustments to the saw, you should have the saw turned off.

  • This is false

5. If your wood doesn’t cut easily, you should

  • Speed up the blade
  • Push harder
  • Replace the blade
  • Turn off the machine and tell the teacher

6. If the blade breaks on the bandsaw, what should you do?

  • Read the user manual to be sure you are following the usage specifications.
  • Also check to see if your blade of old and needed to be replaced.

7. Should the blade be oiled, Why?

  • Yes, as this increases its life more than 30%

Possible Band Saw Hazards

Let read through some blade perational hazards involved.Operator contact with moving blade, Operator contact with coasting blade, Operator contact with rotating parts or moving blade.

The major hazard is the contact with the blade. The sharp teeth can cut open the skin and worse can happen. Let us say that the worker is not being able to focus and he starts looking somewhere else.

Another threat is dust. When cutting a wood or metal, the dust flies around and can enter your eyes. What if the wood dust goes into the eyes? This will cause redness and since the eyes are the most delicate part of our body, it can get damaged for life.

Another hazard which comes to our mind is the heavy lifting part. When the worker is lifting a heavy machine, it can cause stress. Although there are portable band saws, some workers do not have the luxury to work with a portable device.

Band Saw Safety Guide

The Make-safe Power Tool Brake is a plug and play braking solution that also includes an anti-restart and emergency stop. All you have to do is plug it in, perform a calibration that takes less than five minutes, and you have added multiple machine safeguards to your band saw.

It is also necessary to operate only with the instructor’s permission and guidance. Also remove objects, secure loose clothing, and tie long hair.

Never underestimate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) proper eye protection. And all materials should be inspected for defects such as warps, knots and
foreign objects.

Firstly, the individual must ensure  wearing the following outfit items: gloves, long trousers, fitted shirt, boots, leg protector, helmet and goggles. The eye protecting goggles are necessary and you must ensure that no ill-fitting clothing is worn during the operation hours.

Secondly, ensure that all the guards are in the proper place. The band wheels should be enclosed. The most important aspect is that the blade should track cautiously.

Thirdly, use tools such as a push stick to remove any suspected cut pieces. Never use your hand because that could lead to an injury or the loss of your finger.

Bandsaw safety Guard

The band saw is one of the most dangerous saws of a carpentry. That’s why this Brett Guard Bandsaw Guard is a great revelation.

Recognized by OSHA and ANSI, this revolutionary safety guard easily mounts to your bandsaw, making it much safer to use.

But safety is just the beginning. This band saw protector comes with a 60-watt battery powered light that illuminates the work area making it much easier to cut (AAA battery sold separately).

The intelligence behind the design is obviously mounted at an angle making sure it stays out of its way and is adjustable, allowing it to be used for almost any size of material.

The clear and acrylic bandsaw protector comes with all mounting accessories and mounts quickly and easily. Coming from the stable of HTC should be enough to assure you of how  high quality the accessory is.

Add security and visibility to your work area today. Increase safety and visibility with these disk protectors that have a built-in light.

Meat Band Saw Safety Rules

Remove any gloves, loose clothing, jewelry or necklaces. Ensure area around equipment is free of hazards. Also use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE):
– Safety glasses
– Hearing protection
– Non-slip safety shoes
– Apron or coat
– Bump capIt must be ensured that the blades are sharp. Lower blade guards as close to the product as practicable. Use push plate to feed meat into the saw blade and do not force the meat through the saw. Then keep your eyes on the meat while cutting it. Ensure not to defeat any safeguarding system.

Clean up any spills on sight, and do not let saw run unattended. Lastly, observe personal hygiene.


With various uses and importance, the bandsaw have proved to be of importance to man. But to maximize this wonderful tool, ensure that your buy your band saw from the right source, and read carefully the user guide before you start using.

This will not only help you to get to best out of your tool, but likewise it will safe you from the possible casualties that may arise from carelessness in operationsmay. And that’s why this article was written to get you informed.

If this piece of information on  how to use a bandsaw safely is helpful to you, then I will encourage you to continue to visit our website for up to date information about your best tools in the market.


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