How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut a Straight Line With Effective Process

As an aspiring woodworker, the first thing one needs to learn is cutting a straight line. On paper doing this seems easy but is opposite when using a jigsaw due to lack of support contrary to the table saw.

A jigsaw is simply a motor powered tool consisting of the reciprocating saw blade and electrical motor. “Bayonet saw” is another commercial name used by some producers to refer to a jigsaw. If you want to make straight lines, I will show you how to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line perfectly when handling your projects.

The Following Is a Guide on How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut a Straight Line 

When you want to achieve a straight cut using a jigsaw, a decent precise line and a jigsaw with a sharp blade to go through the line is all you need. Even though a jigsaw is a perfect choice for curved cuts it does cut the straight line precisely hence can be used to achieve both a curved cut as well as a straight line.

A jigsaw has a broad range of materials that it can be used to cut the straight line. Methods used to achieve straight line cuts using a jigsaw somehow varies subject to the straight line one wants to cut.

Making split cuts, miter cuts, cross and bevel cuts are cuts that a jigsaw can make. When in need of plunge cut a jigsaw has the ability to start a precise straight line from the center of the material.

This article got you covered to help you make your smooth straight line and make your experience of using a jigsaw. This ranges from the blades, drawing apparatus, support and cutting speed.



Various types of blades are obviously there for a jigsaw depending on the several materials and for particular cuts angles, and such. Two things to consider when it is due to choose a blade while in need to cut a straight line.

For certain occasions, one needs to choose an appropriate blade between the rip cut and crosscut blade. There is a possibility one get off scot-free with the combination of the blades but they are much choosey on materials.

Drawing a Straight Line


Rip cut and crosscuts can be done by a jigsaw, therefore, one might prefer using a measuring tape in other than a ruler. By so doing one can easily measure the length and width at a go contrary to using a ruler in case the piece of wood is bigger.

Using grain to draw a straight line might get difficult too. In case of high resistance on a wood surface, one should consider using a tape measure and a fence to provide support.

A square can be useful as well in line drawing together with the tape measure. Also, when pushing the jigsaw on the line the square can be a guide too.

MakeShift Fence

Adding a guide on top of the material to cut is essential. Also, it can be used as a Makeshift fence since it performs the same task as that of a fence in a table saw. There are numerous ways for the installation of this but one way only works perfectly.

Clamps are used for attachment of the fence to the piece of wood. This enables an individual to exert enough pressure thus maintain the guide in place minus any effect on the piece of wood. One may need to cut some pieces of wood from below the fence.

In such a case, the use of other apparatus such as nails for attachment may not only damage the wood but can also incline the fence leading an individual to disarray up a perpendicular straight line.

Keep in mind the choice of wood to use as a guide also need to be perfectly straight on the verge opposite of the saw. A level can be essential in ensuring orderliness and a sander for rectifying any fault made.

Cutting the Wood

Cutting The Wood

After all, those have been done and the equipment assembled. The only remaining part is now in mastering the use of a jigsaw in achieving a straight line cut, is manipulation of the saw in the correct proportions of pressure applied in moving the saw forward and downward.

The thickness of a material is an important consideration in determining the force applied through the jigsaw on the wood. Cutting thin pieces of wood require less force exerted to avoid damaging the wood.

Applying too much force on thin softwood pieces may lead to bending and messing up the cut. Pushing the saw too hard even with the guide attached to the wood might result in the saw sliding away from the fence thus the process requires gentle force.

Practice always makes perfect. With adequate preparation, one will be capable of making small freehand straight cuts on some working materials. Though, working using hardwood material, making rip cut, for example, one needs to at least have a fence for a guide.

It is simple to draw a decent straight line but there is the difference between paper and wood, both won’t give you the same outcome because in the case of the wood the pencil does not always vibrate on the surface but the jigsaw will.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a jigsaw to cut plywood?

A: Yes you can. This tool can be used to cut a wide range of materials which include metal, plastic, wood, plywood and much more.

Q: How can I cut straight lines with a jigsaw?

A: The process is simple. Clamp the wood you want to cut using the G-clamps included. Next, guide the jigsaw foot and you will end up with straight cuts.

Final Verdict

With good manipulation of the saw and maintain the right speed, it can be very easy to make a straight line cut. For particular materials, there are particular essentials and more often a jigsaw is fitted with speed settings tailored towards cutting different sheet types. Now, I believe you know how to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line.

The most complicated part concerning a straight line cut is all material that comes afore the blade rips the wood. With the aspiration to achieve a seamless straight cut, you should draw a straight line and get used to using the measuring tape in conjunction with a square.

Once you are equipped with this, never forget placing a guide on the working board. With these in place, you’ll find out that the sewing work is actually some simple task.

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