How to Use a Table Saw Rip Fence and Cutting Steps

Did you buy a table rip fence saw, and you are wondering how to use it? Are you unsure on how to make a straight line? Working with powered tools such as saw can lead to the rise of such questions, especially working with them for the first time.  Therefore it is best for you to know the answers to such questions. We have taken the time to review on guidelines on how to use table saw rip fence to achieve those straight lines and also be safe. There follow many reasons as to why you need to purchase a table saw rip fence when working on a large project. The device makes a great economic sense as well as adds accuracy when for your wood project. 

#Step-1 Set up your rip saw

Setting up your rip saw is the first thing to do before you start using it. This can be easy as taking out your rip saw from packing box with handheld or hard as setting it up using manual guidelines it comes with. Set up your saw as shown from the guideline and make sure all the parts are firmly intact.  Double-check with the instruction manual and make sure it is operational and all tools are intact. The rip saw may not be attached to the handheld saw. Therefore, you need to make sure it is attached. The table saw usually comes with a rip fence, ensure it is well attached and operational. 

#Step-2 Make sure the rip saw is unplugged

The first safety guideline to observe is to ensure that the saw is unplugged from power or put off. This is important and if you are in doubt whether your saw is plugged out of power or put off, double-check to ensure it is unplugged. Unplugging from power is safer than putting it off as you can accidentally turn on the switch. Trying to attach a rip saw or align it and accidentally turn on the switch can lead you to serious body injuries. The same safety measure applies even when changing the blade or adjusting rip fence. 

#Step-3 Mount or Insert your Rip Fence

The rip fence is used as a guide in achieving width, length and type of cut whether it is inserted in drive saw or mounted on a table saw. The rip fence is made out of metal especially for circular or drives saw. However, most are made of wood for the table saw. Insert the rip fence is a slot on a drive or circular table saw. The space for rip fence in a table saw is located at the front and is easily found when looking at the side of the saw. Mostly, the rip fence is mounted on top of the table saw. 

#Step-4 Align the Rip Fence

This is the step that will determine how long or how much wood you will saw. The process is easy as it involves pushing in and pulling out-rip fence to a length that you desire. There are measurements on the longer end to make it easy to adjust to your desired length.  On the other hand, you will be required to manually measure the length you want to align your rip fence against that measurement. Additionally, raise the protruding from bottom to make sure you cut only what you want. 

#Step-5 Secure the Rip Fence

Securing a rip fence is easy on a table saw. Screw-in the rip fence on to a table or onto foot to secure it. However, other models will make use of a wing nut to secure other than screw. Ensure that the wing nut is tight on top of the table.  Ensuring your rip fence is secure is important as it ensures that you make straight lines. Working with an unsecured rip fence moves around and makes wobbly lines, which lead to ruining your woodworking project.

#Step-6 Use rip fence as a guideline when cutting

When saw is turned on, secure and aligned to your desired measurements, move your handheld saw slowly. Keep your grip on the saw and stand firmly or hold the wood piece tightly to ensure you have a straight line cut. When using the table saw to cut wood, ensure that your figures and arms are kept away from the blade to avoid physical injuries. Ensure that you hold your wood piece tight or have a tight grip on your saw until you finish cutting the wood piece. When going for a different measurement or different wood piece, ensure that the saw is turned off before adjusting the rip fence. 

#Step-7 observe proper safety guidelines

Dealing with table rip fence saw is handling a powered tool with sharp blades. This means you need to ensure safety guidelines to avoid sustaining physical injuries. The safety measure includes wearing safety goggles, and a dust mask to protect your eyes and chest, respectively. Wearing of long-sleeved shirt or coat is risking your safety as it can get caught by saw blade and cause you injuries. Furthermore, be very alert to the sound of the table saw to stop it if something sounds out of the ordinary immediately. Turn off the machine and check on a different part, and if you cannot diagnose the problem, call the experts. Moreover, some problems can be caused by a stuck wood on the blade or inside the table saw. Additionally, it can be as a result of unaligned parts or rusty. Before you start to remove the wood or align the parts, ensure that the table saw is unplugged from power. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a rip fence? A: This refers to the guide for woodworkers that helps them achieve precise cuts. Q: How much rip capacity does a table saw have? A: Basically, table saws can cut infinite long wood pieces

Final Words

Using a table saw rip fence is not a complicated process. All you need is to keenly follow the provided manual guideline to assemble it and follow the critical safety measure to avoid getting hurt. The first safety measure is to ensure that the power cable is unplugged from power before you start to operate it. Never change the part or do any alignment when the power saw switch is on. Read our another topics how to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line with effective process.

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