Best Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

A miter saw, or a chop saw, is one of the better varieties of saws out there. This is because it allows the user to make angled cuts compared to the regular saw which can only be used to make 90-degree angle cuts. This makes for very versatile use of woods, whether to make picture frames or window casings.

However, miter saws are not small and as such, they require a good stand to withstand the weight of both the timber and the saw. In this article, we will look at some of the best mitre saw stands with wheels out there, weighing the pros and cons of each so that you can make a guided decision when buying a miter saw stand.

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1. Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand

Best Miter Saw Stand With WheelsBosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand

On top of our list of the best mitre saw stands with wheels is the Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand from Bosch. Using the company’s patented and highly awarded technology, this miter saw stand uses the Gravity-Rise technology that allows easy layout and dismantling for storage. 

Laying a miter saw stand for work has never been easier: all you need to do is turn the release lever and carefully guide the stand until it eases out into working position.

Dismantling it requires a turn of the same lever so that the stand folds up into a push-cart design and can be wheeled to storage. Setting it up and dismantling it takes less than two minutes, it is that simple.

The stand is made of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum, making it strong and durable, capable of holding a lot of weight. It can also hold up to 18 feet of material to be sawed, making it one of the miter saw stands capable of holding such weights. The stand can be elevated up to 12 feet off the ground in order to best suit the user’s needs.

The wheels of the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand are fitted with rubber that prevents scratching of surfaces it is put on, e.g. tables or workbenches.

It is also suited for rough terrains and uneven grounds due to its easy lever design, pushcart design, and durable rubber-covered wheels. It also has a leveling leg that can be easily adjusted to account for the terrain.

It has flawless rail extension capabilities to allow the extension to suit the size of material being handled. It also has material stops along the rails that allow the user to cut multiple levels of materials.

Best of all, this miter saw sand is not just biased towards Bosch miter saws alone. This stand can work with most of the different brands of miter saws in the market, making it one of the most pocket-friendly choices out there.


  • It can work with many non-Bosch miter saws.
  • It is suitable for use even over rough terrain.
  • Easy to set up and dismantle.
  • Rubber-fitted tires to prevent scratching of surfaces.
  • Has an adjustable leveling leg.


  • It is heavy.
  • It is expensive compared to other miter saw stands.

2. DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand

This miter saw stand with wheels promises portability and stability, that is why it appears on top of our list of the best mitre saw stands with wheels. It is lighter compared to other mitre saw stands with wheels, weighing only 33 pounds. This makes it 20% lighter than other miter saw stands and easy to transport. 

Dewalt did not sacrifice stability and durability by making this stand light. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum which makes it strong and able to carry material weights of up to 200 pounds.

Its leg stands have a wide base that helps the stand remain steady no matter the amount of weight placed on it. The heavy-duty kickstand also keeps the stand upright and stable.

The Rolling Saw Stand is easy to install for work, with quick release levers that allow quick setup and dismantling for storage. The stand also has brackets that make it simple to attach your saw and detach it after use.

The stand is positioned at a suitable height that makes work easier during sawing and reduces strain on arms and back.

The handles on this stand are retractable and have a soft grip so that the user can pull the stand behind them without hurting their arms of the back. The Dewalt Rolling Saw Stand has heavy-duty wheels making it suitable for pushing over rough terrain and over work station debris.

Furthermore, the wheels are encased in rubber so that it will not scratch the surfaces on which it is placed, and will also not slide on smooth floors.

Dewalt provides a one-year warranty and free service for the whole first year of purchase. There is also a 3-year limited warranty to cater for any repairs that might be needed during the course of use.


  • One-year warranty promising free service for all the repair needs.
  • It has soft-grip handles that make it easy to pull the stand.
  • It is 20% lighter compared to other saw stands.
  • Rubber-covered wheels to prevent scratching and slipping.
  • Can carry material weights of up to 200 pounds.


  • The height of the stand might not be high enough for some users.
  • Replacement parts are expensive.

3. DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand

Another miter saw stand from Dewalt is the DWX726 that is designed with all carpentry professions in mind, from framers to cabinet makers. It is made so that it is easy to install at any job site, with three-positions at which it can be set up for work.

The saw stand is made of steel, making it strong and capable of handling material of up to 300 pounds for sawing. It can also hold material of lengths up to 8 feet, making it versatile for many workplaces uses with its infeed and outfeed supports that are easy to adjust.

It has a width of 59.5 inches and can be extended up to 98 inches. The mounting rails are easy to adjust and can fit any miter saw, even if it is not from Dewalt.

This miter saw stand weighs 67 pounds, which is a good weight for transporting to different work stations with different terrains. It is not too wide and folds vertically for economic use of space. The grips are soft to withstand the weight and distribute it evenly to prevent the user from straining their arms and back.

The stand has a folded height of 17 inches and can be extended to almost double that height, at 32.5 inches, for ease of use and reducing strain on the back.

The Dewalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand is supported by wide rubber wheels that make it easy to transport over different terrains and job sites, whether inside a garage or the driveway or over rougher construction sites.

The rubber-encased wheels also prevent scratches on surfaces like wooden floors and slipping over smooth surfaces. The saw stand is also affordable and good use of money for a comfortable and smooth experience while using a miter saw.


  • Rubber-encased tires to prevent scratches on surfaces on which the stand is placed.
  • It extends up to 32.5 inches high to prevent back strain during use.
  • The wheels are wide and rubber-encased for ease of rolling over different terrains.
  • It is wide and allows adjustment to fit many brands of miter saws.
  • It has a wide stand for stability.


  • Directions might be difficult to understand.
  • It might be expensive for some people.

4. Hico UWC4000 Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand with Machine Mounts and Material Roller Supports by HICO

This miter saw stand from Hico is light and compact, coming in at only 24 pounds. This makes it easy to handle and transport over different work grounds, whether in your own driveway or in a construction site with a lot of debris.

It also makes for easy storage and can be fitted into tight spaces. This makes for a saw stand that is both rugged and useful for less-rugged uses.

The stand is on the smaller side but has a carrying capacity that exceeds many of the miter saw stands that are bigger than it.

It is made of tubular steel and can handle material loads of up to 500 pounds. This miter saw stand comes with specialized hardware to install the mounts and supports. It can hold a variety of saws of up to 12 inches wide.

It is also easy to set up at the start of a work day due to its snap pin design and folding legs. A simple button holds the legs in place and keeps the stand steady through various operations. These legs are also simple to wrap up after the end of a workday.

It has a 20-inch material ramp with a mount fitted with rails to hold different widths of materials. The material supports are easy to adjust by unscrewing the clamp and widening the ramp to the desired length. This miter saw stand is geared towards safety and comfort.

It can be adjusted to reach a height of up to 26 inches, suitable to prevent arm and back strain. It also comes with anti-slip leg pads where a user can put their leg to keep the stand stable and improve the precision of their angled cuts. The anti-slip quality of the leg pads also keeps the worker safe in case of any saw accidents.


  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Small and can fit in tight storage spaces.
  • Easy to install due to its folding legs design.
  • Can handle the material weight of up to 500 pounds.
  • Anti-slip leg pads to improve stability.


  • Board supports have plastic guides that are easy to break.
  • The legs might be too short for some users.

5. Portamate HTC PM-4000 Folding Miter Saw Stand, Quick Attach Mount 13-Inch Material Support

Best Miter Saw Stand With WheelsPortamate HTC PM-4000

The PM-4000 Folding Miter Saw Stand was designed to be used by a variety of miter saws and works perfectly with many of the miter saw brands in the market.

It is light, weighing just over 12 kilograms, making it suitable for use over a variety of surfaces, including workbenches. This miter stand saw is also very affordable, designed for the pocket-conscious constructor.

The stand is very strong, made of tubular steel with a design that can support up to 116 inches length of material. It can handle materials of up to 13 inches in width and up to 500 pounds in weight, which is quite a steal for a miter saw stand at this price. The material supports can be adjusted through a simple built-in mechanism.

The PM-4000 height can be adjusted up to 36 inches of height to suit different height preferences of the worker.

This prevents the user from straining their back when sawing the material and increases the accuracy of cutting. It has material mounts that are designed for quick attaching and detaching to increase the saw’s versatility.

They can be used with a variety of tools. The user can purchase additional mounts in order to increase the use of this miter saw stand.

It is easy to set up and dismantle the PM-4000 miter saw stand. This is because of its handy foldable legs that have to be kicked out during set up and are secured by pins for stability.

Dismantling the PM-400 requires a quick push of the foldable legs that fold-in under the center portion to make it into an almost flat stand for portability. It is supported by dual 6-inch wide wheels that can navigate through different job sites easily and without hurting the user.


  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Can handle the material weight of up to 500 pounds.
  • Allows height adjustment up to 36 inches for comfort.
  • It has foldable legs for easy setup and dismantling.
  • It can handle lengths of up to 116 inches.


  • It does not work with all saws.

6. Tomax Miter Saw Stand Quick Attach Tool Mounting Lightweight Portable

Best Miter Saw Stand With Wheels Tomax Miter Saw

The last miter saw stand with wheels on our list is the one from Tomax. This is one of the few miter saw stands that comes in a variety of colors to suit users’ aesthetic values.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it has features that make it versatile for various uses. For one, this saw stand is made to work together with many miter saws out in the market, even the ones not made by Tomax.

It is a stable piece of machinery, an impressive feat considering that it only weighs 22 pounds. Despite the weight, it is made of tubular steel material that is fit to handle up to 330 pounds of material weight.

It is designed to handle such large weights with sturdiness and stability even when sawing. It can be used as more than a miter saw sand, capable of acting like a workbench, a vice among other things.

This miter saw stand is designed for portability and ease of use. In addition to being lightweight, it is supported by foldable legs that can be kicked out to set them up or kicked in so that they fold under the centerpiece and are held together by pins to keep them in place.

Its wheels are designed in a way that makes the stand easy to roll over various work terrains, and suitable to place on workbenches and countertops without scratching these surfaces.

The Tomax Miter Saw Stand is designed with supports that provide the user with the hands-free option so that he does not have to hold the material or other tools down when using the miter saw.

The stand can be extended up to a height that will prevent the user from straining and generally making him uncomfortable. Furthermore, there are anti-slip footholds that the user can put their foot on to improve the stand’s stability and still remain safe from harm.


  • It is versatile and can be used as more than a miter saw stand.
  • Adjustable height for comfort.
  • Easy to mount and dismantle.
  • Anti-slip footholds to increase stability.
  • Foldable legs to improve its portability.


  • It is heavy compared to the aluminum miter saw stands.
  • The adjustable extensions are not very precise.

Things to Consider when Buying a Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

To help you pick the best miter saw stand, we have included some important buying tips. B294f77″]The choice of a miter saw stand you pick will depend on the project you are undertaking. There are a variety of miter saw stands, from self-made DIY stands which might be cheaper but probably less safe compared to reliably-manufactured stands. 

There are also lightweight and portable stands which are easy to move from site to site. Then there are rolliefore you make your purchase, make sure you go through these tips.


Material Capacity

Material Capacity
Miter saw stands have different load carrying capacities. In this article we have covered a variety of stands with different load capacities, ranging from 200 pounds to 500 pounds. Before purchasing a miter saw stand, then one has to consider what kind of loads they normally handle. 

It is also important to consider the length of material you are handling and how often you use your miter saw.

It is important to consider these three factors and weighing them in order to achieve a balanced view of the type of stand you need. It is not economical to buy a large stand if you are only going to use the stand a few times for just a few pieces of wood.


Miter saw stands, like many other commodities, come in a variety of prices. Many stands are affordable but there is quite a number that are a bit on the expensive side.

Your pocket may not afford stands that fall on the higher side of the price spectrum, but this does not mean that you should buy the cheapest miter saw stand in the market.

It is important to balance the stand’s durability with the price. Many of the stands highlighted in this article are super affordable, with good specifications and good user reviews.

Nobody wants to spend time setting up a stand before getting down to actual sawing. A good stand is one that is easy to set up and assures stability and sturdiness despite the operations conducted on it.

Modern stands are created with many different features to ease setup and dismantling, for example, foldable legs. 

It is also important that a miter saw stand can be used over a variety of terrains. It should be able to be used as well on a driveway or a home garage as it can be used in a rugged construction site.

In order to make sure that the range of use is wide, a user has to consider the type of tires or rollers a stand is equipped with. 

Wide wheels are good over a number of grounds. Rubber protection around the wheels is also important so that the stand remains stable even on smooth surfaces, for example on wet floors or muddy terrain. Rubber tires are also good to prevent scratching of surfaces on which the stand is placed.

A good stand that is well-constructed and fitted to the user’s work demands should last for a long time.

It is thus important to consider the features of the stand you are considering for purchase, for example, the types of pins and holdings for the different components. Plastic holders tend not to work as well and tend to break after several uses. 

The type of metal the stand is made from also adds to its durability. Many of the miters saw stands highlighted in this article are made of tubular steel and some from high-grade aluminum.

It is important to consider other users’ experiences in utilizing the stand you are considering. Also, consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer: the shorter the length of the warranty the more likely the stand is not very durable.

A miter saw stand is an important investment for any workman who wants to comfortably use his miter saw without straining his back and arms.

They are important in ensuring that the workplace is safe and that the miter saw works to its best capacity. Good stands help achieve higher degrees of accuracy when working on wood for better design results. 

This article has highlighted 6 of the best mitre saw stands with wheels out in the market for your consideration. They are all high-quality stands with good specifications and wonderful reviews. Plus, they are highly affordable.

Consider the various aspects laid out for your consideration when picking out a miter saw stand for your work needs, factors like the type of saw, the price, durability, capacity, and usability. 

Considering and balancing these factors is important in order to achieve a proper balance when picking out your stand. After reviewing these factors, go ahead and pick one of the stands highlighted here.

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