Portable Tile Saw for DIYers – Comparison Chart w/FAQs

A tile saw is an amazing tool that is used to cut tiles for a variety of home renovations. You should have a portable tool for tile cutting if you need to carry it to your job site frequently. Also, you may need to carry it from your garage to the yard to cut tiles for home renovation and maintenance.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to pick the right tile cutting tool that offers both portability and performance. Here I’ve reviewed some of the best portable tile saws that are easy to use and budget-friendly for DIYers.

Best Portable Tile Saws – Comparison Chart

Features That A Portable Wet Tile Saw Should Have

  • Should be lightweight.
  • Should be easy to carry.
  • Comes with a foldable design.
  • Features a wheel to move easily.
  • Can be detached
  • Battery powered tile saws are ideal for portability.
  • Long power cord if corded.

1. SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw – 3540-02

Portable Tile Saw for DIYers - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Voltage: 120V AC Only
  • No Load RPM: 3,600
  • Blade: 7” diamond blade.
  • Miter Angle: 0-45 Degrees

The Skil 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw is a great tool for tile cutting. Featuring a sturdy steel-made 12×12 tabletop, it is durable enough. It’s a corded electric tool that has an amperage of 4.2 and a no-load rpm (rotation per minute without any load) of 3600. And it features a powerful 120 volt ac motor.

The Skil 3540-02 is equipped with a 7-inches diamond-coated blade that can cut through 1-inch at a 24-degree angle and 1-3/8 inches at a 90-degree angle. It comes with a rip fence that you can adjust depending on your need. Also, it features a miter gauge for various angular cuts. It has a capacity of bevel cut at angles 0-degree and 45-degree.

The saw features a water reservoir to keep the blade cool while cutting tiles. The reservoir constantly flows the water to keep the blade cool and minimize the dust and debris.

Who is this product for?

The Skil 3540-02 is a perfect tile saw for homeowners. As the product is inexpensive, it doesn’t come with a larger blade that a professional requires. Despite being cheap, it comes with a powerful motor and sharp blade. It’s a perfect machine for everyday tile cutting needs.

Can this saw cut rocks in half?

Indeed, you can cut rocks with this wet tile saw. But you may not get high-speed while cutting rocks. It’s really tough to find a heavy rock cutting tool at this price range. Even though it’s not perfect for professional rock cutting, you can perform this task lightly.

What are the special features of this wet saw?

This one has a 7.75-inch of crosscut capacity and a 7.25-inch of diagonal cut capacity. The combination of portability, performance, and affordability make this one widely popular.

2. PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

Portable Tile Saw for DIYers - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Motor: 1 HP
  • No Load Speed: 2850 RPM
  • Blade: 7”
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Table Tilting Range: 0-45°

Featuring sturdy steel construction and a user-friendly design, the PORTER-CABLE PCE980 tile saw is a smart choice for DIY tile cutting. The machine comes with two tables; a sliding table and a stationary table. Despite that, it is still portable enough to carry anywhere.

The PCE980 Wet Tile Saw is fitted with a 6.5-amp powerful motor that generates up to 2,850 RPM. With a wattage of 1300 and a power rating of 120 volts, the machine is powerful enough to cut tiles smoothly. The package incorporates a7 inches blade for porcelain tile, a miter square, and a blade wrench.

Who is this product for?

The tool is mostly perfect for DIYers as it is an economic option. But it also can be used in a small job site, thanks to its portability.

How effectively can this saw cut tiles?

Making rip cuts through the tile, the table can support up to 17” tile. So the PCE980 has a cutting capacity of 12” x 12”, and its blade offers a max thickness of 1-1/4 inches. The tool comes with a dedicated porcelain tile blade that can cut tile effectively and smoothly.

Can this saw provide miter cuts?

Yes, it can. Because this one comes with a miter square. It comes with a standard measurement guide.

Can you install aftermarket blades on this saw?

Yes, you can install blades from different brands on this tool. But the cutting quality will not be the same as the OEM blade offers. So it’s better to use OEM blades.

3. DEWALT D24000S 10” Wet Tile Saw with Stand

Portable Tile Saw for DIYers - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Motor: 1.5 HP
  • No Load Speed: 4200 RPM
  • Blade: 10” Diamond Blade
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Bevel Capacity: 45°

The DEWALT D24000S is a medium-duty wet tile saw, which is more powerful than a standard model. The 10” model comes with a folding design along with a stand that makes it portable. So it’s perfect for easy transportation and storage.

The machine runs on a 1.5-Horsepower motor that delivers more than enough power to get your tile cutting job done. It features a 10” diamond-coated blade to make sure to accurately cut through the hardest tiles. Thanks to the dual water nozzle, it keeps the blade cool while cutting.

Owing to the adjustable rollers, the model provides 24” rip cuts and 18” diagonal cuts. The integrated 22.5 degree to 45-degree miter feature offers quick and easy angled cuts.

How effectively can the blade of this saw perform?

The machine features a 10” cutting blade that has 3-1/8 inches of cutting depth. And it is effective for long rip cuts and diagonal cuts as well. The water pan of this one can effectively keep the blade cool because of its constant water flow. And the blade itself comes with a splash guard.

Why is this wet tile saw special?

This tile cutting machine will exceed your expectations, thanks to its powerful motor, folding design, and heavy duty cutting blade, and so on. A professional contractor will even get both comfort and high performance with this tool. Also, it features a stand that makes it portable and flexible to work with.

Can you cut glass with this tool?

Of course, you can. But the saw itself comes with a dedicated blade for porcelain tile cutting. So you have to purchase a 10” blade for glass cutting and install the blade on this tool. Then you will be able to cut glass smoothly.

Who is this product for?

DeWalt D24000 is perfect for mid-level contractors. They can get their professional job done with this handy tool. DIYers also can use this one, but I do not recommend it if you don’t want to spend too much buck for purchasing a tile saw.

4. Leegol Electric 7-Inch Bench Wet Tile Saw

Portable Tile Saw for DIYers - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Motor: 120V/60Hz/5A
  • No Load Speed: 3550 RPM
  • Blade: 7” Diamond Blade
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Table Tilting Range: 0-45°

Leegol Electric Wet Saw is a budget-friendly tool that is equipped with a powerful induction motor that generates up to 3,550 RPM. It is robust and powerful enough to perform the most demanding jobs.

With a 7” diamond blade and the bevel angle cut capacity of 0 to 45 degrees, this one is a useful machine to cut tiles for your DIY tasks. It also features an adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge to make the high precision cuts.

Like other models, this one also comes with a blade cooling water reservoir to prevent the blade from getting hot. It also handles dust and debris. With this one, you will get a spanner wrench, a nut driver, and an instruction manual.

Can you cut 24” tile with this portable wet saw?

Yes, it’s possible to cut 24” tiles with this saw. You just need to remove the guide. Then you have to draw a line on the tile you want to cut and make the cut straight to the line. With this method, you can make most of the cuts. It’s even faster than setting up the fence unless you have multiple cuts of the same dimensions.

Can you cut rocks and wood with this one?

No, you can’t. The machine is mainly designed to cut porcelain tile.

Who should choose this tile saw?

This saw is mostly suitable for those who are looking for a portable and economic option. And it is mainly perfect for DIY projects, and everyday simple tile cutting needs. This one is not suitable for professional contractors.

5. VIYUKI 7” Portable Porcelain Tile Cutter Saw

Portable Tile Saw for DIYers - Comparison Chart w/FAQs


  • Motor: 120V/60Hz/5A
  • No Load Speed: 3565 RPM
  • Blade: 7” Diamond Blade
  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Tilting Head: 45° for Bevels

The VIYUKI 7” portable wet tile saw is another affordable option. It’s the only battery-powered tool on our list. This battery-operated model is equipped with a professional-grade induction motor, which comes with a power rating of 120 Volt AC. The motor can generate up to 3560 RPM.

With a 7” sharp diamond blade, it can productively cut the tiles to perform DIY projects. This one features an adjustable rip fence with a miter gauge, which will allow you to cut precisely no matter if you are a beginner or expert. Its water cooling system is more than enough to keep the blade cool as well as minimize dust particles.

How thick and long can you cut with this saw?

The VIYUKI wet tile saw can cut 1” thick and 12” wide. For performing simple household tile cutting, it is more than enough.

Can you angle cut with the VIYUKI tile saw?

Yes, you can. It will allow you to cut from 0 degree to 45 degree.

Who is this product for?

This one is perfect for those who want to cut tiles for DIY projects such as home renovation and maintenance. The tool perfectly combines quality, comfort, and performance. However, as the tool can cut 1” thick and 12” wide, I recommend it for beginners only.

Things to Consider to Pick the Right Tool for Cutting Tiles:

Here are some effective tips, which will help you to purchase a good one.

  • You should always purchase a wet tile saw depending on the type of tiles you want to cut.
  • Portability is really a vital factor in terms of choosing a wet tile saw. A portable model should be lightweight.
  • If portability is a main concern of yours, then you have to avoid heavy models. Our list includes super portable wet tile saws.
  • You should always put a special concentration on the cutting capacity. And the type of blade is also a crucial factor.
  • 4” to 7” tile saws are considered as portable options. However, it’s better to opt for the 7” model as it offers satisfactory cutting depth.
  • Accuracy is always a concern for beginners. So make sure the saw features a rip fence and a miter gauge as well.
  • You should always make sure that the tile saw comes with the water containment system before purchasing one.

Safety Tips

  • You should always keep your working area clean and well-lit. Working in cluttered or dark areas may lead to accidents.
  • Never use any power tools in explosive atmospheres, for example, where flammable liquids, and gasses are present. Usually, a power tool creates sparks that may ignite fumes or dust.
  • When you operate the power tool, you must keep your children and pets away from your work area.

Never lose concentration while operating power tools. Because a short distraction can even cause serious injury.

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