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Top 10 Best Embossing Powder Reviews in 2021

Are you planning on gifting handmade greeting cards to your friends for Christmas? Why not use some of the best embossing powder to add some elegance while you are at it? Believe us, embossing can give your cards a finesse that no amount of painting can.

But what exactly is embossing powder? In simpler terms, it is just a finely grained, fast-melting plastic polymer particle. When sprayed on a surface and heated, it melts in seconds and adds texture over the paper’s surface. And that gives you excellent embossed paper crafts.

But be aware! Not all embossing powder choices found in the market are of the best quality.That is why, we are here to help you find some of the best possible choices from the existing options. Furthermore, we’ve prepared a resourceful buying guide here for you to understand the embossing powder’s quality.

Best Embossing Powder Reviews: Top 10 Selections

As mentioned earlier, not all products found in the market are of top quality. But it will be hard to refute that our selections are one of them. Here we analyzed the best embossing powders for you, based on their price, texture and quantity.

1. Wow Clear Gloss Embossing Powder

  • Item Weight: 16.91 lbs
  • Fine Powder
  • Package weight : 0.26 pounds
  • Package height : 3.25 inches; Package length : 0.25 inches; Package width : 2.5 inches

Clear gloss embossing powders are the best for texture to your crafts without adding any extra color. And the Wow clear Gloss Embossing Powder is one of the bests..

What sets this product apart from most of the embossing powders available in the market is its quantity. The Wow Clear Gloss comes in a container of 3.25-inch height, 0.25-inch length, and 2.5-inch width. Compared to regular embossing powder options, it offers embossing dust of a far higher quantity.

Key Features of Wow Clear Gloss Embossing Powder

More Quantity than Regular Amount

Most embossing powder options in the market have containers that hold near half an ounce, or if bigger, 1 ounce of powder. But the Wow Clear Gloss Embossing Powder is different. Its container weighs about 4lbs and contains about 5.33oz of top-quality embossing powder that will last you a long time.

Super-fine Texture

Detailed-focused embossers love WOW for their super-fine texture. It allows the powder to melt faster and blend easily with other colors.

Easily Adapts With Colors

Many prefer using transparent powders so that they can make their color at home. That’s why the manufacturers have made the product in such a way so that it can accommodate itself with different color pigments without any fuss.



2. Ranger Super Fine Clear Embossing Powder

  • Results achieved in the past only by professional printers are now easily attained in a vast array of colors
  • Embellish any paper craft with the elegance of this line
  • This package contains one 1oz jar of embossing powder
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Each sold separately

Another popular brand amongst emboss lovers is the Ranger. The Ranger embossing powders are the finest ones for precision works and they are easy to use.

Like the first product, the second selection of our embossing powder collection is also a clear gloss. The Ranger Super Fine Clear Embossing Powder comes in a 1oz clear jar and contains about 0.56 of embossing powder.

Key Features of Ranger Super Fine Clear Embossing Powder

Melts Faster

Do you dislike wasting time heating the embossing powder? Then the Ranger Super Fine Clear Embossing Powder is the one for you.The clear powder possesses a sand-like, super-fine texture. When you apply heat, it will start melting immediately in a uniform manner. And you’ll have a finished papercraft in no time.

Sticks Well to Any Paper

Ranger Super Fine Clear Embossing Powder works exceptionally well with precision line projects. Its fine-grain build allows it to stick to the thinnest of lines.


The Ranger Super Fine Clear embossing powder production process does not require any acidic elements.This means that there won’t be any fumes. So it is absolutely safe and non-toxic.



3. Stampendous Floral Garden Embossing Powder Set

  • Add low-level, glossy dimension to your scrapbook page, greeting card or paper craft
  • Coordinate it with glitter, flock, stickers and more! This package contains 14 containers of embossing powder in assorted colors
  • Total weight: 3. 30oz

If you like an assortment of colors in your mixed grade embossing craft, but don’t want to buy all the colors separately, this set is for you. The Stampendous Floral Garden Embossing Powder Set includes fourteen different colors that can add a touch of brightness to any crafting project. All these color tubes are placed inside a rectangular box that weighs 3.30oz.

Key Features of Stampendous Floral Garden Embossing Powder Set

14 Vibrant Colors

We deem this Stampendous Embossing Powder Set unique amongst most of the embossing powder sets out there. And that is because it offers a wide range of colors. What color do you need? Blue? Green? Red? Pink? You’ll have it here. All the colors are vibrant and will bring a glossy finish to your artwork.

Fine-grained Texture

All containers of the set contain super-fine-grade embossing powders. Therefore, these powders can stick to thin lines and will allow you to make detailed crafts with ease. Additionally, this melts rather quickly.  

Suitable Amount for Many Projects

The Stampendous Embossing Powder set contains powders of various colors in small containers.  But it does not mean that the set won’t last you a while. After all, the set contains fourteen different colors. Thus, when added together, there is enough for a long list of craft projects.



4. Stamp A Mania 5 Essential Colors Embossing Powder Set

  • 1 oz jars are 2x the size of most bottles on Amazon - Essential Set contains 5 jars, 1 oz each by volume (6.5 ounces total weight)
  • Can be used in art rubber stamping, craft stamping, crafting, scrapbooking, paper crafts, and hand-lettering
  • World's Greatest Embossing Powder colors include Midnight Black, Clear High Gloss, Mirror Gold, Glacier White, and Silver Dollar
  • Works great for fine detail rubber stamp images and hand-lettering with embossing pens
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236 Approved Product - Non Toxic

Do you love rich and elegant colors over vibrant ones? Then this embossing powder set is the one for you. Instead of vibrant colors, Stamp A Mania 5 Essential Colors Embossing Powder Set focuses mostly on the popular colors.

Key Features of Stamp A Mania 5 Essential Colors Embossing Powder Set

Wide Range of Elegant Color Selection

This embossing powder set contains the most used colors in embossing projects instead of the vibrant ones.. The five colors you will find in the package are midnight black, glacier white, mirror gold, silver dollar, and clear high gloss. All of them, especially the white and black color options are the most-used ones in crafting projects. As a result, none will go to waste.

Versatile in Use

The powder can stick to any stamp as long as it has a sticky coating. You can use it for craft stamping, paper crafts, scrapbooking, and even calligraphy handwriting!


The Stamp A Mania manufacturers have put great focus on avoiding the use of materials that are harmful to human bodies. Therefore you need not worry about any adverse effects befalling your body while working with it.



5. American Crafts Zing! ZOE-27136 Opaque Embossing Powder

  • 1 one ounce bottle of embossing powder
  • For use with Zap! Heat Gun (sold separately)
  • Apricot opaque powder

Zing products are also famous amongst emboss crafters due to their quality. And this American Crafts Zing! ZOE-27136 Opaque Embossing Powder is quite popular because of its unique apricot color and fine quality. But American Crafts Zing also offers a wide variety of unique and stunning color choices.

Key Features of American Crafts Zing! ZOE-27136 Opaque Embossing Powder

Allows an Opaque Finish

Are you looking for an embossing powder with a rather fuzzy look than a glossy one? Time to try the ZOE-27136. After application and heating, it will provide you with a significantly raised surface and an opaque finish. It certainly will make your work stand out among others.

Comes in an One-Ounce Bottle

Most embossing powder options in the market offer about half an ounce of embossing powder for each purchase. But with the American Crafts Zing! ZOE-27136, you will have double the amount. Its one-ounce embossing powder will last you for a very long time even if you use it regularly.

Offers Exactly What it Shows

Many embossing powders don’t provide the exact color advertised. But with this product  you shouldn’t face this issue as the reviewers claim it offers the exact color and shade it says.



6. Ranger White Embossing Powder

  • Results achieved in the past only by professional printers are now easily attained in a vast array of colors
  • Embellish any paper craft with the elegance of this line
  • This package contains one 1oz jar of embossing powder
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Each sold separately

Next on our list is another high quality Ranger product, the Ranger White Embossing Powder. It is sold in a 1oz container that contains about .60oz of super-fine embossing powder of white color. According to the previous users, the Ranger products have very few negligible issues regarding their color and quality. So, you can buy it without any worries.

Key Features of Ranger White Embossing Powder

Consistently Fast Melting

It can be tiring to wait for the embossing powder to melt when applying heat.. That is why the manufacturers of the Ranger White Embossing Powder have designed it to have low heat resistance. In that way, it will start melting immediately when heat is applied And as a result, you’ll have a finished papercraft in no time.

Clings to the Thinnest Lines

Ranger Super Fine White Embossing Powder is ground to a super-fine texture. Therefore, it sticks easily to the thinnest stamp lines. As a result, it works exceptionally well with detail-oriented projects.

Free of Acid and Fumes

No matter how good an embossing powder is, it is not worth using if it contains acid. Because over time, the fumes will poison you. Luckily, this item does not require any acid during its production. Therefore, it won’t produce any fumes or toxic elements while using it. 



7. Lindy's Autumn Leaves Embossing Powder Set

  • Lindys embossing powder colors are two toned, (with a base color and a subtle 2nd shimmery color)
  • EP sets include 5, 0.5oz jars of embossing powder colors that coordinate with their spray set of the same name
  • Add it to wet ink, heat it and watch it create a whole new dimension
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • For use with heat gun. Not included

An autumn-themed collection color embossing can do wonders. That’s why when it comes to buying embossing powder of such colors, many prefer Lindy’s Autumn Leaves Embossing Powder Sets.

Key Features of Lindy's Autumn Leaves Embossing Powder Set

Pigmented, Pretty Colors

The Lindy’s Autumn Leaves Embossing Powder Set contains five well-picked colors of awesome tones. Each of these colors comes in a 0.5oz amount to last you a while. Each of them are unique and essential , heavily favoring autumn tones like red, copper, green, and teal.

Makes Use of Two-toned Colors

What sets this set apart from regular ones is its two-toned color scheme. The Lindy’s Stamp Gang 2-Tone Embossing Powders have a rich transparent base color and a subtle shimmering color. After your application, you’ll notice that its color will seem like two different ones when seen from different angles.

Comes at an Affordable Price

The Lindy’s Autumn Leaves Set altogether contains about 2.5oz of embossing powder and is available at a decent price. There are many brands in the market that price their 0.5oz powder containers at around five dollars each. In this sense, this powder set is quite cheap.



8. Ranger Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder

  • Use to fashion jewelry pieces, magnets, trinket boxes, frames, and craft embellishments
  • Contains 6-ounce/170grams
  • Made in USA

Clear gloss embossing powders are the best for adding a touch of transparent and raised texture to your crafts. And if it is an ultra-thick one? Well, the higher the dimension, the better!

Very few options are as good as the Ranger Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder in this regard. Its thick texture is perfect for bigger projects and offers you a nice, smooth, and glossy finish. What’s more is that at a price below $15, you’ll have a decent amount of powder to last you months.

Key Features of Ranger Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder

More Quantity Compared to its Competitors

Most embossing powder options in the market have containers that hold near half an ounce, or if more, one ounce of powder. But this product is different as it contains about 6oz of powder in one jar. One purchase is bound to last you for a very long time.

Has a Versatile Build

The Ranger Ultra thick Embossing Powder works well in detailed works.It is versatile enough while being a large particle dimensional medium.You can use this clear embossing powder for various craft projects like making thick paper crafts, fashioning jewelry pieces, designing trinket boxes, etc.

Easily Adapts with Colors

If you prefer making your colors at home, feel free to use the Ranger Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder. It can be easily mixed with other color pigments. You can even re-use it after drying it on craft mats.



If you are a fan of the silver and gold embossing powder combo, we suggest you go for a set rather than buying them separately. Ranger products will definitely be on top when it comes to super fine powders.. Although most Ranger colors are sold separately, some colors are sold in sets, such as this one. The Ranger Gold & Silver Embossing Powder Set offers two colors together at a cheaper price

Key Features of Ranger Gold & Silver Embossing Powder Set

Gold & Silver - 2-Pack

The Ranger Gold & Silver Embossing Powder Set contains both the gold embossing powder and the silver one. Both of them are eye-catching and they turn into a pretty shade after heating and cooling. We bet you’ll never get tired of using them.

Sold According to Powder Weight, Not Jar-Weight

Although the Ranger Gold & Silver Set comes in small quantities, its powder amount labeling system sets it apart from some embossing powder sets. What’s even better is that the company determines the powder weight according to the pigment weight. So you’ll know the exact amount of powder you are getting while buying it. 

In this set, one jar contains 0.50oz of gold embossing powder. The other one contains 0.56oz of silver embossing powder.

Professional Level Fineness

The powders offered in this set are of super-fine quality. The gold and silver pigments are ground to a super-fine texture to help them stick well to the thinnest wet lines. As a result, it works exceptionally well with detail-oriented projects. Therefore, the professionals love it.



10. Wow! Super Fine Metallic Bundle Embossing Powder Set

  • Bundle of 4 separate super fine metallic embossing powders: Metallic Gold Rich (WC045F), Metallic Silver (WC05SF), Metallic Platinum (WC06SF), Metallic Copper (WC02SF)
  • Embossing powder is the perfect way to add new life to your embossing projects
  • Each resealable container is 15ml
  • Embossing powder is the perfect way to add new life to your embossing projects

Aside from the Ranger, Wow also offers some pretty good embossing powder sets of unique colors. One such product is the Wow! Super Fine Metallic Bundle Embossing Powder Set. If you are a beginner and eager to work with shiny colors such as a  metallic gold embossing powder, this set is  for you.

Key Features of Wow! Super Fine Metallic Bundle Embossing Powder Set

Four Different Colors

Wow! Super Fine Metallic Bundle comes with four different metallic color options. Aside from the metallic gold, it also contains other metallic options such as silver, platinum and copper colors. Each of them is 0.5oz, an amount to last you a while.

A Finish with Sheen

Metallic embossing powder is different from regular ones. Because when you finish embossing with such powders, you will find that the work contains a noticeable sheen.

Reasonable Price

Wow! Embossing Powder Super Fine Metallic Set contains about 2oz of embossing powder altogether. And yet, it is not pricey at all. There are many brands in the market that price their 0.5oz powder containers around five dollars. In this sense, this powder set’s price is quite reasonable.



Best Embossing Powder Buying Guide

When purchasing embossing powder for your crafts, you should keep in mind that what you buy should fit your needs well. As the market is full of similar products with hard-to-discern differences, it can be tough for you to select the best option possible. 

Don’t worry; to help you in your venture, we have included a buying guide here. In this guideline, we have highlighted every point you need to keep in mind for when you buy your powder.

The Powder Color

You will find a wide range of color options in the market. But you should keep in mind what you want. 

If possible, ask the seller for a demonstration. Because after heating and cooling some colors tend to pale or get distorted. You can also try asking others in online communities for advice.

The Texture of the Finished Product

Are you going to use the powder for detailed crafts, or are you just looking for maximum raise? The answer to this question will determine the powder texture you need. Although regular embossing grinds work fine for most embossing projects, you’ll need super-fine powders for precision works. But for bigger projects requiring high dimensions, you can’t do without an ultra-thick powder.

Personal Needs and Expertise

Embossing powders are pricey. Therefore, you should consider your needs well before buying them. If you are a professional, you already know the market. But if you are a beginner, don’t waste your money buying expensive options. We advise you to opt for easy-to-use powders at a lower price. Try to get some standard colors and some colorful ones so that you can use them for multiple types of projects

What is Your Budget?

Embossing is good, but exceeding your budget limit is not. That’s why before you shop, determine exactly how much you are going to spend.

Although embossing powder is costly in general, many brands in the market offer the product at a reasonable price. Compare the quality and amount of the embossing powder to get a better judgment and price comparison, and then make your decision.

Embossing Powder Brands

Just because one color of the brand satisfies you, it doesn’t mean all products are of the same quality. Therefore, many professional embossers tend to use powders of multiple brands at the same time.. In general, Wow, Rangers, Hero Arts are the most loved embossing powder brands out there.


Of all the white color options available, Wow’s white embossing powder is known to be the brightest. Many white color options in the market turn yellowish after the finish, but you won’t face this issue here. Aside from white, Wow also offers cheap embossing powder of several options worth buying.


The Ranger products are also loved by the crafters because of their quality and a wide variety of color and texture choices. Its color range includes standard colors like black and white along with other vibrant colors.

Hero Arts

The same goes for Hero Arts. Hero Arts also provides emboss lovers with multiple cool color and texture options of high quality.

Aside from these brands, you’ll also find many others such as Gina K Design, Stampendous, and Zinc that offer high-quality embossing powders. So feel free to try them out and make your own choice regarding the one that appeals to you the most.

How to Use Embossing Powder

You can substitute several pieces of equipment for embossing, but you can’t do it without embossing powder sets. Also without knowing the proper procedure, you won’t be able to produce quality works regardless of the colors and equipment you have.. So before you begin, you better check out our guidelines on the method of using embossing dus

Items You’ll Need

To produce a quality embossed handicraft, you will require the following items.

  •         Embossing stamps
  •         An embossing stamp pad
  •         Embossing powder 
  •         An anti-static powder tool
  •         Paper or card
  •         Extra pieces of paper
  •         An embossing heat gun

Using Embossing Powder for Embossing: A Step-By-Step Guide

Once you’re done gathering all you need, let’s begin with the step-by-step procedure. Follow our directions carefully to avoid any mistakes.

  • First, take a piece of scrap paper that is bigger than the card you are going to emboss and place it on an even surface or a table.
  • Then place the card or paper you are planning on embossing over it.
  • Now ink the stamp and press it upon the card with gentle force until the image forms.
  •  Afterwards, cover the image by sprinkling embossing powder over it and wait for a while.

Note: the texture of embossing powder plays a significant role in your emboss quality. For most of the embossing projects, regular grade powders should do well. But if you are working on detail-oriented projects, super-fine powders are your best bet. Similarly, if you want your embossing to have a greater rise, you should use ultra-thick powder.

  •  After the powders stick to the image, gently flip the card to collect the stray powder from the paper underneath. Gently tap the paper’s opposite side several times to gather any excess. If necessary, use an anti-static powder tool.
  • Re-pour the remaining powder into the container and close its lid.
  • Now take a heat gun and position its nozzle a few inches over the powdered area.
  • Switch the embossing heat tool on to produce a hot airflow over the powder-coated surface. Keep directing the air over the powder until the powder completely melts.
  • Switch off the heat gun to prevent overheating and burning as soon as all the powder melts.
  • Wait a few seconds for the powder to cool. Meanwhile, don’t forget to place the heat gun on a heat-resistant surface to cool it off. 
  • Done cooling? Then now you have a perfectly embossed papercraft worthy of being shown off.

So, What is the Best Embossing Powder?

Did you find what you were looking for amongst our 10 top picks of the best embossing powder options? To be honest, we believe that none can claim to be the absolute best. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. That is why you should place top priority on your requirements. For example, if you need clear powders to enhance your work without embellishments, the Wow Clear Gloss Embossing Powder probably would be your best bet. If you are a beginner itching to play with shiny colors like the gold embossing powder, you need the Wow! Super Fine Metallic Bundle Set.

But you’ll know more about what you want and need than us. So set your priorities and make a decision. As long as you follow our buying guidelines, you shouldn’t make any mistakes.

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