Ryobi Miter Saw 12 Inch Reviews and Buying Tips

When it comes to miter saws, most of us it’s a challenge in getting the best type. The reason is that we have a lot of models of saws in the market.  This Ryobi miter saw 12 Inch review, has all that you need to ensure that you get a saw worth your money.

The buying guide features the best type of new miter saw you can purchase. The saw is of high-quality and features stainless steel construction for durability. Also, the machine is mighty when we compare to similar kinds in the market. For you to make the right decision when buying miter saws, take a step ahead and go through the guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you unlock the miter saw?

A: First, grasp the lock pin that is a small cylindrical button located on the right side of the arm. After that, press the lock pin gently downwards on the upper part of the miter saw arm. Ensure the pivot joint floats well and freely between the lower and upper limits. Push the lock towards the right, while the lock pin pulled back; ensure that you release the saw arm then the bolt.

Q: How do you change the 12 sliding miters saw cut?

A: First, plug the saw if the blade is still in the rest. After that, make the lower blade to rotate upward and expose the head screw. Push its lock button while turning the bolt until the spider lock engages.  Loosen the bold edge with a wrench. Slide the new blade saw up next to the lower blade guard. Press the new spindle lock pin in to close the spindle

Q: How wide can a 12-sliding miter saw cut?

A: The machine is capable of cutting up to a maximum of 7 ½ inches. The cut is wide enough to accommodate two by eight. Also, the saw can cut 3 ½ inches that can cut up to four by fours.

Things to Consider

The Type of Miter Saw

We have three different primary types of miter saws in the current market. They include: compound miter saw, sliding compound saw, and the dual compound miter saw. All of the miter saws are suitable and great to use.  If you wish to get a miter saw for every activity, then the sliding compound saw is the best.

Much like the dual compound miter saw and the compound miter saw, the sliding miter saw tilts right and left for standard cutting. Power source Most of the modern features a cord tools with 15, 12, or 10 amp motors.

A powerful engine will ensure cutting is faster and accurate and works without fail. However, if you intend to cut a thinner trim of composite or pine material.  The less powerful motor will be the best choice to make.

Crosscut and Blade Capacity

Miter saws have been made of 8-1/2, 8-1/4, ten as well as 12-inch diameter. You need to keep in mind that bigger blades always allow more extended and more significant cuts. Lastly, if you need to cut medium dimensional or molding lumbers, get the edge that exceeds the width.

Cut Guide

For an extended period, most of the miter saws have been using the laser beam. The laser beam is useful when it comes to making a blade’s path along with the material.  This cut guide is a crucial feature if you intend to get a quality miter saw. You need to note that not every miter saw has the laser beam.

Dust Collector or Extraction

The dust collector is another premium feature that determines whether a mite saw is excellent. The best miter saw should feature a dust collector to ensure your room is always clean. Therefore it helps in improving the overall performance of the machine.

TACKLIFE Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12 Inches

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TACKLIFE sliding compound miter saw 12 inches. This machine has a 40T blade and an extendable table for smooth wood, soft metal cut, and a plastic tube cut. TACKLIFE is a 12-inch miter saw that features a powerful motor as well as a laser guide. The 1700Wmotor provides a total of 3800rpm per minute, thus ensure efficient and effective cutting.

The engine features heavy-duty construction for durability. The laser guide features a single switch that makes the cutting line smooth and perfect. The 12-inch miter saw has a double bevel cutting design that gives the user a chance to adjust the head.

You can easily change the head at a range of 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right, therefore, meeting your different cutting requirements. The machine has an efficient and large dust collector that can store over 70% of the generated dust. The set includes two extension rod, 40 tooth TCT blades, miter saw, user manual, and a clamping system.


  • The miter saw is extremely easy to operate
  • This machine is more powerful
  • Features a sturdy and rust-resistant construction
  • The miter saw has a dust bag
  • Capable of cutting plastic, smooth woods, and metals


  • The device is not a bit heavy thus not portable
  • Requires a lot of care while handling the miter saw

Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best miter saw? If yes, then here comes a buying guide. The guide will ensure that you get the best type of miter saw. A good miter saw should be easy to use and secure in terms of the user’s security.

Also, other factors will determine the quality of the new miter saw.  They are the three main categories of miter saws that we have discussed above. The sliding compound miter saw is the best type that you should be aiming to get. Lastly, the price of the machine does not matter so much when it comes to quality.

Final Verdict

In this review, we have examined the best type of sliding compound miter saw available in the market. Also, the article features the common factors that you should consider to ensure that you get the right Ryobi miter saw 12 inches. If you need the best miter saw, the TACKLIFE sliding compound saw is the ideal saw.

The machine features a dust collector, which is not the case with the other types. TACKLIFE has all that is essential in a modern, and quality miter saw. Lastly, the miter saw stand wheels are suitable when you working; therefore, it gives you additional advantages.

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